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  1. Selling all my luthier equipments

    Hi Brandon, I am happy that you are satisfied! Regards, Pierre
  2. Selling all my luthier equipments

    Hello, One is 800 and the Other is finer, I think if I remember well 1200 A+ Pierre
  3. Selling all my luthier equipments

    Hello, Albert, Sorry, this book is now sold. Regards, Pierre
  4. Selling all my luthier equipments

    Updated list, many items already sold! Disregards, please see first post up here, it is more simple to see what's left this way.
  5. Selling all my luthier equipments

    I sent you a private message at fbkliengaard@gmail.com
  6. Selling all my luthier equipments

    Hello Mike, I am sorry, for the moment I prefer not to share, because it is a custom concept where I want to protect my rights, I maybe interested developing a market with it. Regards, Pierre
  7. Selling all my luthier equipments

    Hello Ch. Dequincey, I have already answered to you into a private email. Thanks ! Pierre
  8. Selling all my luthier equipments

    Hello to everyone! I started to build the violins in 2009 under the supervision of Peter Mach that is well renowned with over 35 years of experience. I bought everything then to have my own luthier shop. I sold many violins to advanced musicians and professionals. I am taking now the decision to sell all my equipment because I have a 45 hours per week permanent job in Ottawa and I do not have anymore the time to build violins. If Interested people into the Ottawa and Gatineau erea (Qubec, Canada), then let's set an appointment to visit my place. Everything is in excellent condition. Updated list, many items already sold! Left to be sold: • Herdim violin/viola bridge fitter; ($35.00);• Herdim string lifter, violin/viola; ($20.00); • Bending Iron, made by Morassi famous family in Italy ($250.00); • Dial Graduating Caliper; ($200.00); • 16'' Bend-A-Light Pro; ($20.00); • Complete set of scraper blades; ($25.00); • Herdim violin/viola clamp set, 32 clamps, ($400.00); • IBEX, set of 5 planes, Silicon Bronze, from 25 mm to 90 mm, including extra blades, ($400.00);• Bloc Plane Veritas de Lee Valley; ($120.00) http://www.leevalley.com/en/Wood/page.aspx?p=47881&cat=1,41182,48942• Many high quality blades of all kind ($120.00);• Work Sharp sharpening system with glass flat wheels ($135.00); • King Industrial bandsaw, Including resaw guide, 17" neck's clearance ($1200.00);• Delta 30-XL press drill, extra large platform ($500.00); • Many stainless steel patterns and templates base upon de Stradivari 1721 et Guarneri 1742, laser cut and water jet cut ($2000.00); • Home made system to reduce very accurately the rib's thickness, save up to 85% of the time ($300.00); • 2 water Japanese sharpening stones ($35.00); • 15 Pfeil Chisels (Swiss made) ($300.00); — SOLD • Ibex bending Iron ($220.00) — SOLD • Bending Strap; ($20.00); — SOLD • Violin/viola peg reamers; ($45.00); — SOLD • Rigid spindle sander ($135.00); — SOLD• Japanese saw ($20); — SOLD• 2 Herdim peg shapers for violin/violas ($300.00); — SOLD• Levelling stone ($40.00); — SOLD• Many technical and very valuable books like: - the Strad best of trade secrets ($30.00), — SOLD - 6 books from Henry A. Strobel ($100.00), Art & Method of the Violin Maker, Violin Making Step by Step, How to Improve the Resonnance Conditions of Musical Instruments by Vibration-Dedamping, Practical Acoustic of Instruments of the Violin Family, The Health of the Violin and the Viola and Cello, Useful Meaurements for Violin Makers A Reference for Shop Use. - Violin Restoration (a manual for violin makers, by Hans Weisshaar and Margaret Shipman, this latter is a value of $390.00, I let it go for ($300.00); — SOLD • I have nice trade tricks and surprises too for anyone interested! • Etc. I am selling too a violin ($4500.00), it includes the Case and a Coda Bow Diamond series. You can hear the sound of one violin I made in 2012 here: Regards, Pierre BellefeuilleGatineau (12 km near downtown Ottawa) And finally, I use my free time to do professional photography on the side: http://www.bellefeuille-photo.ca