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  1. Thanks for all the insight. For the number of antiques I have seen I am still not quite there on violins. Must study!
  2. Thanks for your input Duane. Would you expect such a bow to hold much value?
  3. Thanks for the responses! I figure I'll find something everyone likes sometime..
  4. Is there a way to fast track to "I'm not a robot" status?
  5. My friend sent me photos of this bow yesterday. Any strong indications for or against it be authentic? What should I look for in person and how can I help him sell it? Thank you!
  6. Thanks, Nik. Any idea of age/maker/value in current condition?
  7. Do I need to do anything else to get the content approved?
  8. Hoping to get some opinions on this 4/4 violin. It came with the Vuillaume Bow shown.
  9. Here is another violin I was hoping to get some more experienced eyes on. It needs some work, but not too bad. Looks 1860-1880 to me. Hoping for region it was made and general opinion of quality/rarity. 23" end to end.
  10. See photos of a labeled antique violin. The handwritten label appears to read Nicolo Gagliano Fecit ad Milano 1807. Looking for opinions on age, quality, and potential maker. Thank you.
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