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  1. hody

    Who is Pietro Antonius?

    Thanks very much Quadibloc. She does play so very nicely and fancy that, she is playing the violin under discussion. Thanks again for the keen eye.
  2. hody

    Who is Pietro Antonius?

    Thank you for the advice. I will set about taking the photos. Regards, Don. See photos at the bottom of the page - 'How to photograph an instrument of identification purpose' (Link below). Thanks.
  3. hody

    Who is Pietro Antonius?

    I have the same fiddle here with the label inside "Pietro Antonius dalla Costa fecit in treviso anno 1760", although it is a bit hard to read due to age. How do I know if it is the real thing, or a copy? When I brought it 23 years ago I was told it had been stored in an atic for about the previous 60 years. I am in Tasmania, Australia. I am no violin expert and have definately not mastered playing it, tried for several years; but time or lack of time has got the better of me Any help or advice appreciated, and I not the above comments. Thanks. Don