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  1. Hi all, Can anyone help identify possible makers for this bow? It appears to be stamped SED????ON There is a sticker on the frog which reads made in France. Thanks
  2. If there's 40 total violins. Why not have a number generated from 1-40? There'd be more appeal and interest if they showed the potential violins being raffled. I'd like this concept more without the unknown info or pics of the violins.
  3. It's all about communication with the seller. The shopgoodwill site represents several different Goodwill stores. Each with their own return policies, managers, etc. Few have an 'absolutely no returns' policy. @l33tplaya How were you able to identify they weren't real Nurnberger bows? I suppose it would be easier to forge a bow mark vs a violin label. Scary thing about not seeing these items in person. Any other unique auction sites out there that carry violins?
  4. I was following this auction, and surprised to see it hit over $3600. For me it was the appeal the Nurnberger bow(s). Nurnberger bows can be found selling between $2000 - $6000+ Even if the bows were warped and no hair, they could be easily re-haired and the bow rechambered. The great thing about Goodwill site, is that the items can be returned. If the bows did have broken tips and the violin did have a saddle crack vs 'scratch' you'd likely be out the return cost. Return Policy: Returns will not be accepted without prior authorization from
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