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  1. Hello Frank, thank you for the feedback. Will pursue the approach recommended by you too, although, as you said, it will be a combination of luck and effort to find a luthier who accepts an apprentice.
  2. Hello Tong, thank you for your reply and for posing the right questions to me. I plan to pursue violin making as a hobby. I am in my early 40's and so age is not my side to pursue it as a profession. I am a software engineer by profession and learnt violin for 5 years in the US before moving back to India. I plan to take an extended break from my software job and learn violin making. That is where my question came from. :-) It will be great to hear suggestions and get guidance to pursue the above plan. thank you !
  3. I am located in India and would like to learn violin making. For various reasons, I will not be able to attend 3 year courses. Are 6 month courses good starting points ? I can follow up the 6 month course with summer workshops. Any recommendation of good schools that offer 6 month courses. Chapel violins in UK offer a 6 month course. Could anyone of you who attended a course recommend a school for 6 month program ? Thank you !