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  1. Across the center of teh back it is 360mm. The rest is pretty canonical w 195 and 130 (if I understand your question right)
  2. I have made a violin that has a length of (measured w a tape across the top) 362mm. I think this is a tat too big. But there is nothing that I can change for now. However, I remember that someone told me that some modern 4/4s would be even larger. What do you think of my 362mm? Will that fit a standard 4/4 case or does it need a viola case?
  3. Is the fingerboard already glued to the neck by the time you fit the neck? I see on the fitos that this maybe the case. However, in my book ,they glue on the fingerboard _after_ varnishing?!?
  4. Does not sound like a procedure suitable for beginners
  5. My question is: Is that serious (look link). Can/should I do it this way?
  6. How do you _only_ wet it? I mean, I believe there is a lot that can go wrong. I.e. I could accidentally soak it :-(
  7. I still do not understand how this is used. Sorry.
  8. Never heard about ' equisetum'. Does it refer to the plant? Can you send me a link showing eg a picture of what you mean?
  9. I get conflicting information on how to finish a spruce top. Some say that the last tool that the wood should have seen should be a scraper. OK, that works for my maple back. However, for my spruce top I always get these few patches where -- no matter what you do -- the grain seems to have been rubbed in the wrong direction. Then I saw on youtube that quite a few people sand the spruce tops w very fine grain sand paper. So I am now undecided what I should do.
  10. Thanks everyone! Very helpful as always. I wish I could correct the 'enter' in the subject line also but there seems to be no way for mere mortals to do so.
  11. My endbutton turns out to be 1mm off center. I hsve read other freds here where the end button was 4mm+ off center. Although I assume the 1mm is not too much of an issue, I wonder hopw could I get this 'nice'. Are there any easy repairs considering it is 1mm only?
  12. Thanks everyone. Thanks for the tip w the tester piece. No idea why I never think about the most obvious.
  13. Sorry, to push this old fred one moree time to the top. Sorry. How would I matrch the shaver to the reamer? I cannot find anything written anywhere.
  14. Yes, that was my backup plan. Go to a general music store and buy a 80 EUR 1/4 chinese violin there - but I managed to do the scroll today. The depth of the campher is not quite what I envisioned but I will look after this tonorrow or so.