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  1. Can't remember the name of the company, but there are artists like Rich Robinson from the Black Crowes who had a lot of vintage Gibson, and Gretsch guitars damaged severely in floods, both acoustic, and hollow body electric that have been restored and he still plays. Could do a google search about it and come up with the company........just did, RS Guitarworks, talk to them and find out what they did. Good luck.
  2. Carl, yeah I've right clicked and saved to my folder made for it, but it saves as a Internet Explorer web page, not a svg, or other type of image file. It takes a few more steps to get it into print where I can adjust the scale, I can't get it exact, but withing .5mm per 10 cm. will have to keep playing or just accept it. thank you for the response.
  3. Hello all, being my first post I would like to say Hi, my name is Scott, I live in Ohio. I have been lurking, reading, and searching for answers to questions leading up to my first build. I have to say thank you all for your helpful posting of information, it has been much appreciated. However relating to the last few posts about the Making a Violin website, I have yet been able to save as, or print with much success, any of the templates from that website. When I try to save, it saves the entire website, not just the pic that I can then use in a program to print out. Don't know whats going on, I've been saving and resizing/scaling many projects for years from the internet, but this one is messing with me. Normally all I have to do is save image as, or copy, and then open in a program that I can manipulate the image with, and finally print out. I have downloaded the Inkscape program that was recommended, but still no success, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.