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  1. Thanks Jacob for that link, that is very helpful to me. Much appreciated!
  2. Thank you Martin, BF, and Jacobsaunders for your input. I was hoping that Martin would give his opinion since he has experience with this violin maker. The "Utoda" translation makes sense to me, from what I was reading it appears that Barany had up to 20 people working for him and it is not unlikely some of these people may have continued marketing violins in his name for some period of time. He apparently died suddenly in 1942 and his shop was still producing at that time. If you don't mind, What are the features of this violin that indicate it may have originated in Schönbach?
  3. Hello all, I acquired this violin at auction in a lot of violins all of which needed some repair. I would love to get some input from the experts and any thoughts you may have on it: It's in better shape then the others and is labeled as follows: "Barany Dezso" UTODA, MU HANGSZER KESZITO, BUDAPEST VIII . KEREPESU UT. 5 The nut appears to be a poorly done repair and I am not sure if the fingerboard is original or not, it is not ebony. It does have real purling. Overall, the violin does not appear as nicely done as other violins I see online labeled Barany Dezso. For example, Martin Swan has one on his site for comparison: http://www.martinswanviolins.com/sales/dezso-barany-violin/ Note the marked difference in the labels. Martin's is dated 1936, I would assume that my label is from a later period. He died in 1942. Any thoughts? Amusingly, from what I've read online, Barany Dezso was a noted counterfeiter of lesser-known Italian makers. I'm assuming the label is genuine, but the thought of a counterfeit of a counterfeiter is pretty amusing. Your input is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  4. I was surprised by the selling price but I do think that the points that George mentioned are pertinent. When this got close to the $1000 budget I had set I decided that worst case scenario I would donate it back to Goodwill and take the purchase price as a tax deduction (which is a helpful feature of the current US tax code). Thank you all for your comments and input on this item.
  5. My son plays and has a number of violins. I unfortunately do not have any musical ability, although I find the violin a beautiful instrument. When I find an interesting one that appeals to me on an auction site I'll buy it as a gift for him and get it repaired and set up at our local shop -- sometimes this turns out well, other times not so well. The one piece back of this particular violin is lovely.
  6. Correct, I am bidding on it which is why I posted it in the auctions section looking for input on it. My budget for this is 1000 currently and although I expect to get it at that price I was hoping someone would be able to provide assistance in identifying the maker prior to the auction close in the event that I am outbid.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, thats all I have for pictures at the moment. I will try to get more professional ones done in a week or so when I have access to the instrument.
  8. Hello, I am looking for some input on this violin. The label is not clear to say the least but the instrument appeals to me for some reason. Any thoughts on where and when it was produced? I am thinking it is based on an Amati or Amatus 1634? Any thoughts on it it are greatly appreciated. thank you.
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