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  1. If anyone is looking to sell on a set of L' Archet or knows a "cheap" source of the set I'd be interested. Thank you.
  2. Scroll commas

    Thanks very much. My photos were more to serve as a highlight (or rather low light) of how the comma was strangely placed. If you were to treat the scroll side as a clock face is there much variance in execution that would serve as a guide to particular Italian schools with regard to either the comma or turns.
  3. Scroll commas

    Yes... Made me wonder whether it was just what you take it to be on face value or whether it was copying a particular "style"....
  4. Scroll commas

    Hi looking at this scroll made me wonder about volute and scroll commas. Does the position of the commas point to particular schools - I know this violin will be nothing special. I would be interested to know more generally regarding comma positions on better instruments. Thanks.
  5. 18th Century Violin - any thoughts as to a maker?

    Better photos
  6. Hi - wondering if this violin is possible to i/d but I'm not sure if the scroll is original and assume it is German
  7. Anyone recognise this label?

    Great thanks Martin - that spidery writing for conservatoire was driving me nuts..
  8. Anyone recognise this label?

    Hi - I would be grateful if anyone can help me identify this label. Thanks.
  9. It is certainly a very good playing bow - I will send some photos to Klaus Gr√ľnke. Thank you all for your help and feedback.
  10. Thanks Blank Face & Martin. Here are some daylight shots.
  11. Thanks deans. Appreciated.
  12. This bow plays brilliantly and I'm assuming its German as Roman numerals on the frog. Any thoughts as to a maker would be great. Many thanks.
  13. Bow I/D help needed please

    Thanks Duane that's great. Much appreciated.
  14. Bow I/D help needed please

    Thanks duane88 that was my origin thought too. I couldn't see any of the usual stamps though and it seems less hacked than the ones I have seen before...