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  1. Just wondering if there is a record of wax seal marks and whether there is any significant association with the impressions on them?
  2. Thank you both very much and also of course to Jacob for his guide...finally got there..this time at least
  3. Hi Trying to work out which camp of the "usual" this violin falls into...I have looked at Jacob's guidelines for a steer and trying to decide whether I am in the right area if I say Markneukirchen ....Thanks
  4. Thanks again. The lack of a one piece bottom rib and notch threw me as well as the size being 35.3 cms.
  5. Thanks Jacob. Some more photos the scroll seems a bit more refined and tapers away towards the pegbox. Is this a Hills neck graft? It had a Hills bridge which I know doesn't mean anything necessarily.
  6. Hi, Interested to learn more or hear thoughts on this violin. It has a 35.3 cms LOB and has had a bit of wear. Excuse the backdrop I thought that was the easiest way to see the worn corners.. Thanks very much
  7. Thanks very much Blank face. I see what you mean with the slide now - sorry I misunderstood before. Everything had tarnished very dark black so I assume it is silver. Really appreciate your insight and help.
  8. Sorry for the delay I was affected by the website issues. More photos
  9. Thank you Jacob I wasn't aware of that about the bows and stamps - good to know. Much appreciated.
  10. Thank you for your help Blank face much appreciated. Interesting re the adjuster I will bear that in mind in future. Great info and help as ever!
  11. All great to know. Many thanks!
  12. Thanks for that Martin. Much appreciated.
  13. Thanks very much I'm used to seeing the newer ones you mention with a sharper edge and thinner body. Thanks Strad O Various Jr.
  14. Think the slide is ok - narrower than usual metal edging to the pearl slide. The nipple looks okay but for some reason it looks as if the stick has been planed thinner on the the bottom facet so there is less wood from the nipple compared to the top.
  15. The usual factory bow then ...
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