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  1. Thanks Blank face - apologies I incorrectly thought the branding related to a family factory. The bow is silver mounted.
  2. Are all BAUSCH stamped bows factory produced student bows or did any makers work with Bausch before establishing themselves. I'm not saying this silver mounted bow is anything special but it is not as cheaply made (for want of a better word) as others I have seen. Just got me wondering as a general question whether any well regarded makers came through the ranks of the Bausch factory.
  3. Just wondering about this German bow and whether the adjuster collar points gives any clues stylistically to a maker or does it just immediately point to cheap trade bow? Appreciate any info - thanks.
  4. Great thank you - I will try to remember that in future. Much appreciated.
  5. I'm guessing as is usually my luck it is a factory copy - just felt the adjuster showed a bit more consideration than usual designwise. The adjuster is unpinned or else split where the pins were and only one pin on the one piece heel plate. Photos in better light added - plus a bit cleaner! I'd be interested to learn more about telling differences in chamfers re decent bows and factory finishes re blade and file marks etc..
  6. Hi Jacob thank you. That's the end of this post then . Thanks again!
  7. Maybe not. Some things make me think it's going one way but then other aspects pull me another way...a bit of a head scratcher for me at the moment!
  8. Thanks - I have added some better photos of the c bouts. The linings are quite high and rounded. I wasn't too sure if BOB too or just the edges being close to the corners..
  9. Thank you Violinjon.
  10. I am trying to figure out this violin. It is slightly on the large size at 14 1/8th inches but I don't think it is German or French. The f hole notches are curved slightly. It seems non-factory to me with the varnish/purfling so I am wondering if possibly English?
  11. Trying to work out this bow. It seems German trying to look like a French stick to me to me as it tapers past the lapping. I like the adjuster so I am interested to know whether that might help point towards a maker/workshop. Any info much appreciated - thank you.
  12. Thanks Peter - much appreciated!
  13. Thanks Martin - you know your wood!
  14. Hi Blank face - thank you and very much appreciated.