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  1. Great gadget - up until now I had never realised how bad atrociously bad some of my violins were ...it opens up a whole new world of old and poor repairs! But apart from that aspect it is brilliant to have a good root around with - certainly gives another viewpoint. I'm finding that the image on screen is better than the snapshots I capture but perhaps I have downloaded a bad app and there are better resolutions out there for image capture. Does anyone have any app recommendations?
  2. Picked up this as a cheap starting point - need to experiment with the lighting still.. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Endoscope-Borescope-Inspection-Waterproof-Smartphone/dp/B01IQMPITG
  3. Bernard ..? London labelled violin

    Internal shots with new gadget. Not the greatest resolution!
  4. I suppose spending up to £50. I have ordered a cheaper one off Amazon for £14 so I will see how that performs.
  5. Hi looking for recommendations of a cheap but decent inspection camera/gadget for internal photo shots. Thanks
  6. Bernard ..? London labelled violin

    Hi - thank you all for the feedback. Internally I can only grab a shot of the lower block. It has upper blocks and I assume the linings are spruce. I have tried to take some photos showing the true colour of the varnish but I'm still not fully capturing it as it has a more yellow colour tone to it. Violadamore - it looks more like cracks than a brick under the button and the scroll almost looks like it has be worn down. I'll get a view on how it plays soon. Peter is there a particular shot I could get to help determine your point? The ribs are slightly pushed out and I have tried to capture that.
  7. Hi - interested to hear any thoughts on this violin? I'm guessing it is an amateur maker given the label - although that is something I know I shouldn't go on...
  8. Violin I/d help please

    Thank you very much Jacob - much appreciated. I have improved on the original photos with some daylight photos .
  9. Violin I/d help please

    Trying to determine the country of origin - I'm assuming it is probably Czech. Lower blocks but no upper ones. Seems better than some other Czech instruments I have seen and certainly neater inside plus the edging. It has 1927 scribbled in pencil inside it but I'm ignoring that as it seems fresher than that to me... Interested to hear if it could be from somewhere else. Will try to get better pictures up later.
  10. Viola service in Norwich England

    Jonathan Woolston in Cambridge.
  11. Bow I/D - German or just the adjuster?

    A few more pics if any use with a close up of the adjuster.
  12. Bow I/D - Is this ironwood?

    Thanks very much fiddlecollector. Does the small pearl insert in the button have any significance?
  13. Violin I/d - possibly English?

    Taken some more photos - I don't think the f holes have been widen but potentially there has been some damage when the soundpost has been inserted
  14. Bow I/D - Is this ironwood?

    Thank you fiddlecollector - I will try to get some better photos if I can. Much appreciated if you have any view as to a possible maker?