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  1. Thanks Blank face.
  2. Thank you Blank face and Jacob.
  3. Trying to work out if this is worth repairing or not as it has been eaten away at some point in its life on top of any dings it has had repaired.. Certainly old and has a linen label I think inside the top upper back near the centre seam that I just can't make out... dated 1789. Also has an old Strad labelling it too but enough said about that!.. Trying to work out if its English, French or German...not sure of the lining wood as it is doesn't seem like to spruce to me..
  4. Thank you Blank face. I will try that - I found it a bit perplexing as some parts look better than others and I think it may have been hacked at a bit on the nose unfortunately..what wood do you think it is?
  5. Interested to hear thoughts on this bow...can't see any obvious pins in the adjuster or possibly some very small ones...although it could be my imagination. Thanks
  6. Thanks very much Blank face. This is the first time I have seen this. Much appreciated!
  7. I assume this is not very good bow given the adjuster - has anyone seen a frog like this with deep set pearl/abalone eyes?
  8. El Duce

    Back Cleats

    I would be interested to know more about back reinforcements and cleats. Recently I have had a few 19thC violins with slightly convex wooden strip reinforcements running almost all the way along the back seam. Also intrigued with cleats to know if certain shapes - pyramidal, rectangular, sharply defined or round edged etc point to certain areas of violin making. Thanks
  9. Hi vathek Brad is right it is nickel mounted for the reasons he mentions. Silver has more of a whiteness to it but it is hard to tell..unless they are tarnished then it gets a bit easier!
  10. El Duce

    Label help

    Thanks - I need the shade in this heat! Just given it a bit of a clean inside and the label also shows 1886 in pencil in one corner ..however I will take the appropriate view re labels... Shame to see a good instrument with no attribution but it plays well despite needing a better set up! Thanks for your help at least I can discount JTL...
  11. Thanks everyone. I find this bow interesting as you rightly point out with the adjuster being so different from what I have seen before. The wood is also nicely flamed and it seems a thoughtfully made bow. There is a production number in Roman numerals on the underslide but I cannot see it on the stick. It doesn't strike me as a newer bow - more photos..
  12. El Duce

    Label help

    Thanks. It is definitely seems like a French violin and to my eye nicely made. I'll post up some photos tomorrow if I can.
  13. El Duce

    Label help

    Wondering if this label looks familiar - the violin plays very well and has a JTL bridge. I can't see any brands/marks elsewhere. Will post photos of the violin in the next few days .