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  1. Hi vathek Brad is right it is nickel mounted for the reasons he mentions. Silver has more of a whiteness to it but it is hard to tell..unless they are tarnished then it gets a bit easier!
  2. El Duce

    Label help

    Thanks - I need the shade in this heat! Just given it a bit of a clean inside and the label also shows 1886 in pencil in one corner ..however I will take the appropriate view re labels... Shame to see a good instrument with no attribution but it plays well despite needing a better set up! Thanks for your help at least I can discount JTL...
  3. Thanks everyone. I find this bow interesting as you rightly point out with the adjuster being so different from what I have seen before. The wood is also nicely flamed and it seems a thoughtfully made bow. There is a production number in Roman numerals on the underslide but I cannot see it on the stick. It doesn't strike me as a newer bow - more photos..
  4. El Duce

    Label help

    Thanks. It is definitely seems like a French violin and to my eye nicely made. I'll post up some photos tomorrow if I can.
  5. El Duce

    Label help

    Wondering if this label looks familiar - the violin plays very well and has a JTL bridge. I can't see any brands/marks elsewhere. Will post photos of the violin in the next few days .
  6. Here are some photos of the stick - the octagonal seems to fade out about 6.5 cms beyond the lapping
  7. Hi I assume this is probably a Markneukirchen factory bow but wanted to check in case it is anything better as it seems like a nice bow although a little light at 57 grams... It plays very well
  8. Thank you Blank face - some better photos and a cleaner bow..
  9. Interested to hear any thoughts on this bow. The adjuster is seized so I cannot see the underside.
  10. El Duce

    Bow Stamp I/D

    That looks right. Top man - Thank you Nathan.
  11. El Duce

    Bow Stamp I/D

    Hi I'm trying to figure out a stamp on a gold mounted bow - its not worth a photo as too illegible but it seems to have a * at the start and at the end of the name. Looks like it starts with a LO ..but ends with ERT...although I could be wrong... not sure on how many letters in the brand...Any clues much appreciated. Thanks
  12. Thanks very much for the feedback and the varnish does look good - just a pity I don't know how it sounds...
  13. I read that Paul Bailly worked in London for a short period so I assume this chap could have worked with him at some stage but I cannot find anything in my reference books under Charles Bird. Any thoughts on the violin itself?