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  1. Similar violin here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/293873452697?hash=item446c390699:g:T60AAOSwRaFcb0TL The varnish is nice(r) on this one
  2. If you are looking to search Maestronet from Google, I think this is what you are looking for: site:maestronet.com type here
  3. Hi everyone, I am currently working on my first violin repair and just finished cleaning a pretty filthy violin! I bought it thinking it could help me learn a few repair techniques. Cleaning it has revealed many spots that require some varnish touch-ups (once I repair the sides). I was wondering what pre-made varnishes you would recommend, or some varnish touch-up kits. Could different shades of "Joha oil varnish" do the job? I've read on many threads that spirit varnish is usually more preferred for touch-ups though. Also, I don't really need huge quantities of varnish. (https://www.internationalviolin.com/Shop/varnish-supplies/oil-varnish-extracts) Thanks in advance for your advice!
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/9-Piece-Beautiful-Violin-Collection-With-Bows-In-Custom-Collectors-Case/114507191828?hash=item1aa9291614%3Ag%3Av8oAAOSwrEJfqC1B&LH_ItemCondition=3000|10|2500 Very cool, but also a strange concept... Curious of your thoughts
  5. Thanks everyone! Really appreciate this
  6. Hi everyone, Does anyone know what programs and setup Amati uses for the 3D rotation of the instruments (or what can be used to get a similar result)? It seems that this tool is very useful now given less people are able to try and inspect the instruments in person because of the pandemic. Thanks!
  7. Here is a more detailed picture of the possible notch:
  8. Thanks for all the information everyone. Here is a picture of the front
  9. It seems to be a small impact dent that happens to be well placed.
  10. Hi everyone, I play on an 18th century Mirecourt violin ca.1780 that has a one-piece lower rib. I know that this construction method was quite common in Mittenwald around the same time, but do know how prevalent this was in Mirecourt (and France in general) in the 1700s. Looking forward to your thoughts -
  11. I'm mostly looking for people to buy from/sell to nice violins and people to have a nice conversation with, so the normal wheeling and dealing. I'm quite unfamiliar with this market as opposed to the North American one.
  12. Hi everyone, Who are the main fine violin dealers/shops in China/Hong Kong and Japan? Very few are listed in the "Makers and Dealers" directory of Maestronet and it seems difficult to find the most relevant ones with a simple Google search. Many thanks!
  13. A youth orchestra in my area is considering doing in-person concerts with a reduced capacity but also a paid live stream at a reduced cost to still have access to the live concert and support the orchestra. Does not sound too bad to me. They say the repertoire is set to change too.
  14. I tried one out just for the fun of it a few months ago, and I'm pretty convinced that they are fakes. They sound pretty good but the colours do not match the classic Dominant set (slightly different tint and thread material). Also, for some reason, the thread part of the string is way too long and goes over the nut (tried it on multiple violins). I would stay away from them.
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