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  1. The Tecchler doesn’t have a square inch on the top without cracks or a previous smash. In order to fill the cracks, put clear over them and shave the filler down, there isn’t a lot of area left. Add to that the fact that the top had no original varnish. The back only has original varnish in the C bouts within 1/2” of the purfling. Due to cracks and massive restored destruction below the button, it becomes necessary to fan out the color. Extension of color in a darkened vein was extended to below the button, on the right side, significant color was added below the C bout to camouflage cracks. I have worked on many instruments where varnish additions were minimized. This is not one of them. But, it was reclaimed from 80 years in storage and shall live again!!!
  2. The top had no original varnish and barely any area without cracks or smashed regions. The back only has original varnish along the C bouts within 3/4” of the purfling.
  3. Post one of your restorations in progress like mine that follows.
  4. The before picture was before any touchup was done. This was after the cracks were glued and filled. Where lies the dilemma??!
  5. How old are you? By the way, I retired from my day job 8 years ago. I was the lead system designer and algorithm designer of the Radar Warning Receiver and Radar Jammer for the F16. What are your credentials?
  6. Strad O Various, I was going to pay you a compliment, but now I will withhold it until later(not forever, it is a good one). What do you think of the Hill?
  7. It is worthwhile to see the instrument before touchup.
  8. I haven’t polished out the extensive touchup yet. I have no problem with showing an instrument in the midst of restoration!!!
  9. If it has a lot of cracks and has been abused for 300 years. “Overvarnishing”” is inevitable!! Do you do restoration? You seem to rely on the Markneukirchen assessment quite often!
  10. I didn’t pay anything for the “Soffritti”. If I sell it, I get half. There is an interesting story behind it which I can’t divulge now. The body was made around the time of the date on the label.
  11. The tone of your post was somewhat accusatory!
  12. Look at my cheap restoration example under my Worst Repairs posting.
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