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  1. I am retiring from this site after a shorter than expected duration. The level of pomposity of certain individuals is incredible. The name Swan comes to mind and the douchebag I sparred with this evening. Darnton can not be left out. As I said in one posting, his last line in postings should be, “Oz has spoken!”. Violin making and restoration are arts. They should be respected as such by all parties worthy enough to understand their value! The fact that egos plant themselves front and center and deteriorate what could be a pure exchange of ideas is unfortunate. But, I do love Violademore!
  2. I work with Alfons Vavra in Fort Lee NJ. He is 80 yrs old and one of the few world class makers/restorers still alive.
  3. That’s correct! Typically a linear or parabolic range gate pull-off. If it is a pulse Doppler Radar, then the range gate pull off must be coordinated with a change in frequency corresponding to the Doppler change in frequency.
  4. I would have enjoyed participating in intelligent discussions on the subject. Not possible! The level of pomposity on this site is incredible! Good Bye forever! I love you Violadamour!
  5. Almost all the great restorers are dead. Maestronet is composed of makers. I work under one of the remaining masters, Vavra. The rest are dead!
  6. I’m glad to see you get a real hardon calling me Dick!
  7. Show the violin restoration!!!!!!!!
  8. Answer the question, high school graduate!
  9. Post a violin restoration you did, not a flimsy ass modification to an edge of a bow!
  10. I can spot a douchebag a mile away! Rare talent!
  11. I had a great career in the defense industry designing Radar Warning Receivers and Radar Jammers for 30 years. A nice legacy! You are an unknown douchebag violin noodler! I hope you have a sense of accomplishment and inner warmth!
  12. Are you aware that after Jacques developed Parkinson’s, he closed his shop and opened one for a short time on West End Ave?
  13. A range gate is pulled outbound or inbound with a programmed linear or parabolic sweep. I love you!!