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  1. Taylor

    The Local Hacks

    I think I know who you're talking about, actually. Any time his listings pop up on Marketplace, I snarl, scroll away (pun intended), and move on. Especially as someone who's NOT a dealer, I don't know what more I could do.
  2. Their shop page is https://bannersmusic.com/ and their email is banners@jagdish.com.
  3. I see "Thorval K Foúxenberg", which is almost as interesting as that varnish to me. Thorval is VERY Scandinavian (being from the Old Norse "Þórvaldr", though the dropping the ultimate "d" is more common in Denmark and Greenland), but Foúxenberg is VERY Flemish/Belgian (the accented "u" existing for syllabic emphasis right up until the Flemish spelling reform in the 60s/70s.)
  4. https://www.amazon.com/Mercurius-Blackboard-Chalk-White-pcs/dp/B01E09QRYO/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=mercurius+chalk&qid=1570202809&sr=8-3 Not to intrude; but this is the nearest analogue to the old Pelikan chalk in both form and formula. Soft enough to lay on top of the wood without packing down the fibres like the more common, excessively-hard gypsum chalks; but densely pigmented enough to actually stay visible long enough to be useful.
  5. From my limited experience; dealers and auction houses won't frown upon or admonish (or, for that matter even notice) a well-applied spirit varnish, but most will shy away from any obvious spray jobs.
  6. Taylor


    I volunteer as a Santa every December, and from one year to the next, maybe 1% of kids maintain their interests in whatever film-inspired trend took root the last year. That seems dreadfully low, but if that 1% had never hopped aboard the "trend" to begin with, perhaps they'd have never found their passion at all.
  7. My first workshop (before I migrated towards electric guitars) was 6'x8'x8', and I got by with this HEPA filter on an open-back shelf over my workbench, this nearly-silent window fan and a Shop-Vac ash vacuum I got at my local Rona, but which you should be able to find at a Lowe's or Home Depot near you. The ash vacuums have a 2-stage filtration system, and a REALLY good gasket seal, so I prefer them to the regular Shop-Vacs---if just because they won't get fussy and spew the fine dust back out if you forget to empty it.
  8. I've been dabbling with making silicone-impregnated braided kevlar as of late. All the flexibility and durability of kevlar, but not as "slippery". (Plus it looks quite a bit like proper sheepgut from even a short distance, which I enjoy.)
  9. Paring down the violin portion of my business to focus on electric guitars. (Tragic, I know.) So, I've got 2 backs of loose-flamed Canadian rock maple--cut from the same log, wedged in September of 2002, and 2 wedges of tight-flamed Balkan maple--cut from the same tree, wedged in July of 2004. Hoping for ~ $55CAD/$45USD per back plus actual shipping, but I'm always open to offers for pairs or the lot. Better pics incoming soon, but I'll answer any questions you've got in the meantime!
  10. I think you've got it! Waiting on my cousin to get a photocopy to me, but there was a Professor Maurice Ménard who retired from McGill University at age 60 in 1880, which lines up perfectly with this Maurice Ménard (Maynard) Jr's father. (https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Menard-620). Rouville's between Sherbrooke and Montréal, which lines up with the George B Reitz & Co theory, and if the scribbles under that are indeed "May ?? 1879", that would line up with this case being a retirement gift for M. Ménard Sr., possibly passed on to the son who took it to Massachusetts.
  11. Half of my mom's family still lives between Sherbrooke and Montréal, so I'll pester some cousins to check the archives for Bishop's University (founded 1843, Sherbrooke) and McGill University (founded 1821, Montréal) to see if they can find records for a Prof. M Ménard OR J Jénard. (Though they look like 'M's to me.)
  12. Just ran over my glasses this afternoon, but could that say "Geo B Reitz & Co"? There was a cabinetmaker "George Ballantyne Reitz and company" operating out of Sherbrooke, Quebec from circa 1840 to 1891 that's not TOO far on my side of the border from Maine. Might not be the maker, and might not be any help identifying the owner, but it's all I could find that may be pertinent and could fit the timeline.
  13. That's what came to mind for me, too. I think I have an old plastic Christmas ornament with exactly this same silhouette.
  14. Taylor

    Mystery Wood?

    My gut instinct was Sweet Gum/Alligatorwood too-- possibly riftsawn.
  15. Found a box of old lutherie odds and ends at a local antiques shop, and bought it almost-exclusively for the reamer and form it contained. There was an old Czech factory neck in there, and this slightly-unusual scroll, especially the eye. What do you guys think, folk fiddle, lousy attempt at customization, or something else entirely?