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  1. Wow, wow! priceless info! Thank you a million!! yesterday I also realized that the bridge was 0.5 cm misplaced, so now I suppose that the soundpost also needs to be rearranged. I'll take good note of your points and the ones in that topic. Thank you again!!
  2. Hi! It's not a loud fiddle, a little bit muted (bad setting? no idea), the G and D have a nice color but A and E are not very bright.
  3. Hi! Thank you so so much for all your replies!! ufff, now I'm more curious about this fiddle, it was used for years and years in a small barn, conditioned for dancing. I really like the idea that this fiddle was used for years exactly for what was carved; I plan to continue with it that same legacy.
  4. I'm one of those first generation immigrants, in love completely with this country and culture.
  5. Hi! Thank you so much for your reply. Yep, it's not a Markie, but for some reason I can't explain, I really really like to play this violin; in fact, I practice more hours with the violin than with the clarinet now, this summer I had a lot of days of 7 hours of violin practice with that thing (with the clarinet I just practice 2 hours a day). Thanks!
  6. Hi all! My name is Alex, I'm an European pro clarinetist (and an avid amateur fiddler!) working in NY. I play classical music as a job with the clarinet but I always wanted to play violin, so a few years ago I just bought a cheapo violin in a pawn shop and began teaching myself (with the constant help of some of the colleagues in my orchestra) in order to play bluegrass (I super like that music!). First, thank you so much for this forum, I've spent so many hours reading you... I love it. Ok, let me go directly to the point of the question: Two years ago I found this violin in a garage sale in a farm in rural WA and bought it, I just like a lot the wood. For whatever reason that I can't fully explain, I really like this violin; I'm curious about its origins. any opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much again!!