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About Me

I have been a luthier since 2002. My initial training was with Lisbeth Nelson Butler. I have also studied with Hans Nebel and Marilyn Wallin. I have also taken the varnishing course with Marilyn Wallin, Joe Robson, Roman Barnas, and Philip Kass. All great courses, and highly recommended.

I have worked in several repair shops over the years, and started working part time in my home shop making instruments in 2012. In 2017 I’m in the process of shifting to do more of my work in my home shop.

For the most part I am a traditionalist, but I do try to understand the reasons behind things rather than just doing it because it is how I was taught. To that end I try to understand the science, and seek ways to quantify and objectify some aspects of instrument making and adjustment. 

I believe that even in a field that has not changed dramatically in hundreds of years it’s important to keep investing in education. There is such a great wealth of knowledge out there among great luthiers willing to share and collaborate, and out of that collaboration seems to come the best work.