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  1. Well, guess who's just bought them self an Inova for Christmas C'est moi
  2. Okay, well I guess I should just go for Inova if it's good enough for Melv and yourself This is a good read thanks! Wow, who wouldn't want to have something like those? But I think for now, I'll be happy with what I can afford. Not gonna lie, I started to read one of those sentences quite differently . You're right though, the tiniest of Vis light can throw it off. I do admit that it being Winter is quite helpful right now Thank god for new technology right? Cheers Ben!
  3. Cool. I'd love to hear how it goes!
  4. It's in dots. I don't know the size but they are extremely small
  5. Good viewpoints, now I've read them I agree with you. I definitely recommend getting a NEJE regardless of bridges
  6. I need a UV torch which is intense in light (low VS compared to UV as well) and can ideally cover back lengths of a violin. Melvin introduced me to the wonders of UV with varnish and I love it. I've used an Inova before but have told it could be better. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks!
  7. What I've wondered is, will lasered bridges stand the test of time visibly as well as stamped bridges do. What do you think about that?
  8. I'm glad this topic popped up, I was hoping it would at some point I purchased this same Neje burner probably in April. Not for bridges or anything specific but why not? I've been quite happy with it. The laser is a bit shaky, as mentioned earlier, but once you get over that the sky is your limit. Needless to say, with all the fonts available and the ability to import any reasonably sized designs, I didn't hesitate to try it out on my bridges. I have scraps of cardboard just for testing each burn before the real thing. I haven't made a jig for bridges, like others, but I seem to get by with just leaving the beam unfocused, lining it up by eye where I want it and then focusing it sharp only when it's ready to go. Even adjusting the bridge whilst focused can leave lines noticeable at certain angles. It's very good, I've even personalise my tools, e.g. I burnt my motif and initials onto my flush saw handle. Now I love it more
  9. OMG, the bridge is so beautifully made and has a Gio Caressi stamp, such provenance.. No but really, I remember seeing this a little while ago and I couldn't help but say "**** right off" (Can anyone else relate). I really do worry for buyers on Ebay. Somehow all it takes is a label, the laziest fitted bridge in HISTORY (they have the cheek to put a fake name on it) , and a BS background story in the description for people to bid away with hope. This looks worse than my first playing violin I can't wait to see the photos of the other master violins and bows that the seller mentions is in his collection.
  10. I don't think i'm the right person for giving you advice about that. All the best
  11. How big an order is big enough? I've been looking to bulk buy
  12. Well, I use Hidersol/Hill cleaner and polish (basically the same thing by the same people) and it's good enough for lifting most dirt from the varnish coat. I've never removed any varnish when using it for any of the violins I have received - it's so safe. I have heard of some luthiers using a cutting compound and mineral oil to cut through dirt on varnish, in which case it will remove varnish ( Not a fan of that though). I'm a bit suspicious about what the luthier said about scratch lines being unearthed when removing a layer varnish. A scratch underneath implies you would be able see it on the surface coat, and maybe be able to feel it? Might it be possible that the lines were made when your luthier was doing the cleaning? I say this 'cause I remember seeing an orchestra friend wipe her violin with a microfibre cloth and the small tag that you find on the corner ran along the varnish and left a similar light trail, I have a feeling this is what happened.
  13. Personally, I don't think that's true. That being said, I don't know what your luthier uses to clean violins
  14. I actually got lost when visiting Venice with some friends, I strayed inland and thought I was just in some random and insignificant square - then I saw the outline of a violin through the doors of this building. I went in and did not expect to see so many of the best old instruments on display; took me by surprise. Good times... And thanks to you, I now know the name of the building and their website
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