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  1. Vuillaume a Paris: Any good violin?

    If you were very lucky it might have the attributes of a fine violin 'by chance' , is what I have been told. Whether you could get significant recognition as a soloist with such, is another matter.............
  2. Cool old Violin

    @ VDA Mai oui, bien sur.......without seeing the instrument it could be anything "Odds are it is one of these labels at least" was as far as I would go
  3. Cool old Violin

    Rays or lines like this JTL ? .........who did a Deconeti label - thusly Odds are it is one of these labels at least. You could trawl Rolands site and find a Deconeti in a JTL 'cattledog' here perhaps.
  4. Michael Rabin plays Wieniawski Rondo, 1st conc., 1954

    I really, really, really like Rabin......I think it's his phrasing that appeals to me (although I am not familiar with this piece) There are some pretty unusual sounds coming from the violin on this recording, in places - I wonder if it is just the quality of the recording or his 'special effects' or the combination of both? Does anyone know what/whose instrument he is playing at this age?
  5. Stradivari's nightmare?!

    I accept absolutely no responsibility - didn't you read the disclaimer ?
  6. Stradivari's nightmare?!

    Whatever next ........Vibranium with a kryptonite bridge anyone? Anyhoo this one has a funky tailpiece.....and still using a wooden bridge. Disclaimer : he is playing Metallica! Some bows may have been hurt in the making of this movie.
  7. Zoom H6 recordings my last two violins

    I vote for no.2
  8. Carved violin

    Is it just me or is everyone seeing tiny lil' piccys?
  9. ID, possible set up and repair comments please.

    Thank you for your "scintillating analysis" Mr Saunders. Holding the instrument I certainly believe the varnish is not all original. But I sense that the screwdriver torture was applied before any other coating or finish - could this be so? I don't believe it has been stripped completely but embellished by VDA's psychopath. Unless this category of instrument came out of the workshop with factory button mutilation ? If we can rule out the original sale of the violin with such buttonly disfigurement........could somebody please speculate on some likely reasons why it has been vandalised ? I ask as I wonder if the neck has been 'replaced' (well, if that's what you call the work of a psychopath) - oddball measurements an' all ? It plays quite acceptably and I wondered whether I should "fix it" but didn't want to risk wreaking havoc on something that has already suffered enough, were it a member of the upper classes that I had failed to recognise; (the yellowy ground seems to be quite intimate with the wood and I have never observed the famous Cremonese ground up close and personal.........) In my hands the shape is distinctive, the top bout is quite 'square' or wide at the top, the c- bouts more long and open and the f's seem quite low as I mentioned - is this a copy of a particular school or a workshop or some regional influence ? Before anyone chides me for my laziness may I plead that I have read through plenty of material like this link (pasted below) and just end up more confused than ever . You may call me stupid but I categorically reject lazy! "The usual" someone it's European then?
  10. There is no label in this one and I suppose what is to be done with it, depends on what it is, eh?. I can see lower corner blocks and lining but it is extraordinarily difficult (for me) to see whether there are any upper blocks - the f's seem to be positioned lower than 'normal'. I am afraid my eyesight is not good enough to tell what the linings do where they hit the blocks but I think they butt up to them (rather than inserted). The measurements as you see it here are are 356mm body,138mm neck,198mm to inner f nick, 267mm fingerboard, D string 336mm nut to bridge,35mm bridge height with 4.5mm clearance under the G string and 2mm under the E; note the bridge is positioned slightly ahead of the nicks here and there is a join on the ribs at the tailpin.
  11. Dodd - German or something better?

    What would you say is the cause of that highly unorthodox dent in the stick just in front of the frog?
  12. Interesting Wood / Bow ID?

    Wow, tip looks like my hand after I annoy the cat.......
  13. J.Tournier Paris Bow

    Thanks for your esteemed reply FC. This one definitely says J Tournier Paris(in caps). Do you mean that the ones by Morizot pere and Ouchard pere are likely fine maker bows, Bazin or Nurnberger would leave the attribution much more wide open and JTL could be more or less anything? There were no visible numerals/scratches on stick or slide and the chamfers on the head were rather well cut I thought. Would photos allow you to go further? Thank you for your consideration
  14. J.Tournier Paris Bow

    Have encountered a bow yesterday stamped J TOURNIER PARIS. Henley says J Tournier made 20 violins - no mention of bows. Other web searching brought up information which made it seem that "he" was more of an instrument dealer than maker. I found references to Tournier wind instruments for instance........oh, and guitars. Can anyone fill out this picture a bit more? I'm sorry I don't have photos of the bow ( although I may be able to obtain some later -if they are of interest ). I know enough to see it is not junk, but my bow appreciation is still way too sketchy to know what I was actually looking at. Does anyone know whether Tournier was supplied by a known maker or workshop or factory.........?
  15. Base Clef, I fear you have become that which you loathe -detractor in chief, in fact! I am struggling to maintain my customary the face of the ultimate 'junk violin afficionado' put - down. I keep hearing it "VSO" rattling over and over; "VSO,VSO" "VSO" "VSO" " He actually said VSO" "I can't believe it, he said VSO......" How dare he I mutter, half - crazed with the anger, and the fear of the humiliation I might endure when I post pictures of "my treasure - post "photos of my thing" (your words, not mine.....and Martin, please join in at pg 4, obviously the insults are just starting to fly). The taunt "your worthless piece of junk Chinese factory VSO". Who are you to make such a judgement?(If I may be so bold as to quote a comment elsewhere in this thread). I had mistaken you for a brother - in - arms when in fact it would appear my "VSO" would have more respect from Jacob Saunders "how someone made the cheapest possible ΒΌ sized violin for parsimonous clients in about 10 hours from a solid lump of wood......... Anyone who thinks that this accomplishment or ability is to be despised, should try doing it". And wasn't it he who advised privately to consign your $35 violin to the rubbish skip? I'll have you know that my collectable cost me absolutely NUTHIN ' ! So there!!