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  1. Amateur Dieudonne

    Infinity symbol stamped.

    I have recently looked at this violin in the current Tarisio T2 auction and noticed that it is stamped '8' or probably more likely ∞ (infinity symbol) on the inside back. Can anyone provide information on the significance of this mark? I am curious as we have a violin that has a 'standard' Nicolas Bertholini label, but also handwritten on it " D'apres une model de Januarius Gagliano 1 46 N. Bertholini " on the label and also stamped with the same '8' in what looks like black ink to the wood of the inside back. Never seen this mark referred to anywhere before this Tarisio example........
  2. Amateur Dieudonne

    Titanium Violin?

    Yeah, I thought the fixings of the back and the table were shabby too, Fox . I paid for some fine titanium welding once......ouch.
  3. Amateur Dieudonne

    Orange violin ID?

    Well yes, isn't the first rule of Maestronet ID to ignore the label ? I only posted the label as the question was asked......... Actually, it probably does say 1961 - in fact it looks just like the 1's that appear in Serge Blanc/George Enescu (famous Romanian!)penned on page 10 of this document - a long tail on the 1's at the start of the bar lines is the characteristic to note here Remember too, Europeans cross their figure 7s thusly IF it was true to label you'd think it would be the last violin made by Signor Gaibisso Thank you Martin for your pictures......I was actually struck by the weird similiarity of the buttons(considering the number of variants of this shape that there are) but I have noticed the lack of a border on the label of the Orange violin; I know there is/was a duplicate label available on ebay and I read somewhere that Gaibisso's (generally/often)have a brand. Does your example have a brand Martin? The orange violin is devoid of any markings. Question - can anyone describe the interior work of a 'Romanian' violin? A Swiss trained qualified luthier who stood up the soundpost once, said the interior work of the Orange violin was of a superior quality. Myself, I think it is a teeny little bit finer than a however I take your point....but I discounted Ton-Klar Dancla or Knilling from a brief look at them. The luthier didn't 'cane' the varnish either and this from a man who once told me another violin I showed him was "a grotesque piece of barbarian workmanship" (well, he had a point it's pretty awful but it is marked repaired in B.C and Hobart which seemed odd for junk to travel round the world) The Orange violin does seem to have a lot of visual commonality with Romanian violins as Barry and Reg opine, thank you Gentlemen. And Mood. Apparently Oistrach played a Romanian violin at the 1967 Enescu festival.
  4. Amateur Dieudonne

    Orange violin ID?

    Yes, it is the real colour. It is quite orange, but not objectionably so. It does have a label... but it doesn't say 'Contemporary Romanian work'
  5. Amateur Dieudonne

    Orange violin ID?

    Opinions on origin of pictured violin please
  6. Amateur Dieudonne

    Beautiful mystery violin

    @ classical music What work? Well, the scroll graft, the peg bushings and the button are probably not original maker on your violin which probably means someone put in the time to fit a new neck........ So, yeah, that work . Maybe I should not have used the word 'repair' @ John London The Alard del Gesu described thusly ‘Its remarkable architecture represents the summit of the experience and knowledge accumulated by generations of talented and passionate craftsmen. It is rough and abrupt, sometimes even heavy-handed,and yet is magnificently flowing and inspired; full of contrasts, it shows the great strength of its maker. This violin gives diverse and strange impressions of force and vigour, even brutality, yet also finesse and a respect for the traditions’ – Frédéric Chaudière in the June 2002 issue of The Strad I agree - rough looking doesn't damn the sound or value necessarily........but surely we are not looking at a Del Gesu here .
  7. Amateur Dieudonne

    Beautiful mystery violin

    So, quite a lot of repair work but some rough looking workmanship ( outline, F holes, upper treble c-bout rib joint, purfle stings). Are the motifs on the back drawn/painted/branded and then varnished over?
  8. Amateur Dieudonne

    Vuillaume a Paris: Any good violin?

    If you were very lucky it might have the attributes of a fine violin 'by chance' , is what I have been told. Whether you could get significant recognition as a soloist with such, is another matter.............
  9. Amateur Dieudonne

    Cool old Violin

    @ VDA Mai oui, bien sur.......without seeing the instrument it could be anything "Odds are it is one of these labels at least" was as far as I would go
  10. Amateur Dieudonne

    Cool old Violin

    Rays or lines like this JTL ? .........who did a Deconeti label - thusly Odds are it is one of these labels at least. You could trawl Rolands site and find a Deconeti in a JTL 'cattledog' here perhaps.
  11. Amateur Dieudonne

    Michael Rabin plays Wieniawski Rondo, 1st conc., 1954

    I really, really, really like Rabin......I think it's his phrasing that appeals to me (although I am not familiar with this piece) There are some pretty unusual sounds coming from the violin on this recording, in places - I wonder if it is just the quality of the recording or his 'special effects' or the combination of both? Does anyone know what/whose instrument he is playing at this age?
  12. Amateur Dieudonne

    Stradivari's nightmare?!

    I accept absolutely no responsibility - didn't you read the disclaimer ?
  13. Amateur Dieudonne

    Stradivari's nightmare?!

    Whatever next ........Vibranium with a kryptonite bridge anyone? Anyhoo this one has a funky tailpiece.....and still using a wooden bridge. Disclaimer : he is playing Metallica! Some bows may have been hurt in the making of this movie.
  14. Amateur Dieudonne

    Zoom H6 recordings my last two violins

    I vote for no.2
  15. Amateur Dieudonne

    Carved violin

    Is it just me or is everyone seeing tiny lil' piccys?