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  1. The violin does have the pegs, sound post, tail-piece, and the bridge.
  2. It is just a song that was found in there. I can't read it clearly but the song was probably written by my grandpa's grandmother. I would ask him about it, but he passed about 20 years ago.
  3. So a few days ago I was given a Nicolaus Amatus fecit in Cremona 1640 violin. I want to get it repaired but it is so old I don't know whether it is a safe idea to do so. I looked some information about it because the 40 part of the number is clearly handwritten and it said the if a part of the number is handwritten then it would have to be made around the 1920s. I am very confused and would like some help to see if it is safe to repair and play.
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