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  1. Guega

    Chello wanted

    Ok.. Spoke to the old guy today... He bought it 40 years ago from a cellist friend... And he had it for at least 20 years...
  2. Guega

    Chello wanted

    cant be new..bought it from an old cello player..85 years of age...hes stopped playing...played it all his life..sounds great it
  3. Guega

    Knots in Wood...

    my Cello has got a knot as wells
  4. hello there just bought a new old Cello..the Label says STELIO MAGLIA 1937. but he was born in 1925. could it be that his father was a luthier as well. cant find any Information...any ideas?
  5. Guega

    cello low angle of fingerboard

    i just found out that the baroque celli have a lower neck angle as well...why i dont maybe the maker did it on purpose? if i would put a 90 mm Bridge on it the strings would be to high up to play it. the Label says ist from 1936...if that is true i dont know.. seems to be ok for i leave it for now...cause i am not a professional Player :-)
  6. hi there is there pros and contras if the fingerboard has a low angle?.why is it that way?..when the bridge is only 6.5 cm...thank you
  7. Guega

    real or fake italian cello

    What about the age? any idea?
  8. Guega

    real or fake italian cello

    hello there i am new here..i am from ausrtia...europe..and i bought a cello from an old lady..her husband died..he was a cello player and teacher. i want to show u a couple of pics...please share thoughts ...