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  1. Conservationist contention is some of the continued illegal trade in tortoise shells stems from the capability of the newly harvested shell to be laundered into the seemingly never dwindling supply of preban material in some places and sold on as finished goods (based on seizure numbers most of this is not bow frogs). Voluntary consumer action depends on good information for consumers to make a decision and information is problematic. Bans are, in part, a response to the poor ability to properly document trade.
  2. The SCMP is owned by Alibaba group which while “private” is not “independent”, loyalty is pledged to a higher power in Zhongnanhai. This story seems to fit with the aggressive wolf warrior style that pleases those masters.
  3. Isinglass is a traditional fining agent for beer & wine made from the swim bladders of fish and widely available.
  4. Last year I noticed Old World had exited the fretted market, which became American Tonewood, who’s owner is listed as Tracy Pence https://americantonewood.com/about/
  5. If you are interested in the contents, it’s free from archive.org https://archive.org/details/cu31924022320216 the atmosphere of the physical copy is superior however.
  6. Job lots of tools from the UK or Japan seem to be the best value per edge at the moment, if the seller has the right shipping available. Japan post could take months. Hopefully as covid19 passes garage sales will resume en masse and supply will increase.
  7. From a manufacturer https://blog.lddavis.com/glue-101-gram-strength
  8. I’ve made a simple brown stain from black wulnut husks, or husks and hulls, simply by maceration* and letting a large amount in the gallons steep in a sealed 5 gallon bucket for months. *maceration being drive over with a car, or hit with a hammer to get to the nuts, then a little bit more once in the bucket.
  9. The Lie-Nielsen 102 & 103 use the same blades and have the same overall dimensions. The 102 has a 12-degree frog, the 103 has a 20 degree frog angle. The #103 was discontinued several years back and commands a premium on eBay. The #102 is backordered at LN. There is also the Veritas Apron plane which is a similar sized blade, cheaper, and perhaps available sooner (supposedly in stock Friday). There’s also a Luban/Qiangsheng plane who make a bronze #102 & 103, available from Aliexpress. This is the same place that makes Woodriver planes for woodcraft.
  10. This is often compounded by the practice of chilling ethanol which freezes at -113C. Regarding Everclear, there are at least 3 versions for sale depending on state law in the US. 120 proof, 151 proof and 190 proof. 190 is what you want and their not quite accurate tool can allow you to find one sorta near you https://makeityourown.com/find-us/
  11. Fred LaBarre wrote a dissertation on making a Treble Viol, you can download it here https://ccrma.stanford.edu/marl/CASL/documents/LaBarre_Dissertation.pdf There’s a drawing for a treble that’s unfortunately not at that link, I will try and find a pdf I have and add it.
  12. That’s a romantic notion but since not long after their deaths the masters violins were expensive pieces of portable property (they inventoried instruments in the French aristocrats Homes in 1791) and if it was important enough to bring along would likely have been sold (“Romanov” Amati) or played (others). Someone who purchased a masters violin on “grand tour” almost surely would have played it amongst friends, and that would likely be traceable, and so Instruments with uncontested provenance like the Clark “Kreutzer” Strad might disappear from public performance but were never “lost” - it was with the same owner just in a closet. I’d think by now a diligent scholar with a nose for violins would hav3 followed up on all these leads, and if it’s still “unpublic” it’s because that’s the way the owner wants it. You need a war to break the chain of custody & destroy records, then you need secrecy & lack of outside contact& secrecy & fear. Or you need knowing theft/looting which makes the possessor unwilling to show or play it, so it’s forgotten.
  13. “Streichbogen” by Hopfner has a drawing & measurements of a mid18th century Austrian/German gamba/cello bow.
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