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  1. Thank you Jeffrey, but I think you misunderstood. I'm trying to sell the violin in the proper place on the site, but it's not allowing me to do so. I'll keep trying...
  2. Hello, has anyone had issues like this? I'm trying to sell an old French violin (authentic) on MN, however every time I try I'm told I entered the wrong password. Compu'er Says NO. I've just changed my password and still no luck. Can anyone help?
  3. Yes, absolutely full description and disclosure when I do.
  4. Now that this has been authenticated as labelled - and as soon as I can get better photos taken - I'll have this fiddle available on the MN sales listings page. Thanks for your input.
  5. Hello experts! I'm just seeking any opinions on this violin labelled 'Gand freres' Sorry the photos aren't great, taken with my phone. I'm told the date is 1861. The '61' is a little blurred. The ID number to the left of the label is blurred too, but looks like it could be '332' or '323'. I'm told there are other internal markings, one near the neck block? This was my dad's violin and I'm just trying to get an idea if I should try authenticating it further. Any thoughts are warmly welcomed. Thanks, Gary
  6. Thanks Jeffrey, yes I'm getting a little interest here, mainly on the better books with violin photos. I've also inherited a few violins (one Gand Freres 1861) and a pile of bows with brands. So I may be in touch with Tarisio for the lot!
  7. Thank you. I published on the Auction Scroll and attached a list of available books.
  8. Hello Maestronetters, I'm new to the forum. I'm a viola player and publisher. I recently inherited a large number of books on the violin from my father and I'm looking for advice as to how best to sell them to someone who could use them. Is Ebay the way to go? Some of the titles include: Les Archets Francais - 2 volumes, Luiteria Italiana - 4 volumes plus boxed edition, Les Luthiers Francais - 3 volumes, Violin Makers of the United States, Henley's Dictionary, Redbook, Antonio Stradivari 1987 Exhibition, Italian Violin Maker and many more. A complete list is available on request. If there is any interest or recommendations please feel free to get in touch. garydbeswick@aol.com Thanks, Gary
  9. Hi there, I wondering about the Bausch branding. What is authentic? "L. BAUSCH LEIPZIG" in all caps or "L. Bausch Leipzig" ? And should the brand be right side up (as in photo) or upside down? Thanks I've inherited about 50 branded bows from my dad, so this is going to be a process...
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