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  1. Does anyone have knowledge of the production numbers of cellos for Klingenthal, broken down by each year for the period 1790-1820 ? According to Corilon's website: In the 1801 “Geography of the electoral and ducal Saxonian state,” Friedrich Gottlob Leonhardi documented the year's remarkable production figures: “117 basses and 4282 violins at a value of 2416 reichsthaler and 12 groschen without the harps, zithers, lutes, etc.”
  2. Would a closer examination confirm that or only dendro?
  3. Shelbow that sounds more torturous then letting it go!
  4. Too buy or not to buy...that is the million $ question ....
  5. You probably should be putting that in you car instead of your body...
  6. I understand your thoughts; I notice that most comments on here are from European enthusiast, but given for a minute that it might be an 'early' American made cello- might that not make the effort worth it(?).
  7. Interesting Jacob; would you set this one up as a baroque?