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  1. How would the 'in Brag' be written? Has nobody seen a label from this period and from Prague with the annotation, 'aus Brag?'
  2. From the looks...did this instrument ever have purfling?
  3. So with this 'case study' what is your opinions on this violin moving forward? Worth reviving?
  4. No, Colorado repair from the early 1900s
  5. the wood grain is beautiful still....
  6. It was very much damaged in a move in the early 20th century; here are more pictures for your review: Please tell me your thoughts.....
  7. This comes from a violin with a Guarnerius label; having supposedly been in an old Italian family's collection.....
  8. I think its easier to see this way...
  9. Andreas thanks! Very is another view ...... any thoughts?
  10. Michael to my eye the picture is as you describe...,,,,,,"...have a life in a different space than the top's. That's what scoop does, when it's well done."
  11. Michael what are your thoughts on these:
  12. Deans that exactly what I wanted to know; I guess thus far all I've see in the 'cheaper' end of things haven't had fluting - so I too was under the impression that it was an indication of higher level quality build ( or something special).
  13. I see what you mean Martin; but even still these aren't 'lower' end market violins. Do you ever see such on bottom or lower end violins?
  14. Thanks Martin; I see exactly what you mean..... they look very 'mechanically carved' I mean in the sense that their is no subtlety to the design like the famous old masters we all know....