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  1. I am 10% normal hearing in both ears and I wear bilateral cochlear implants. I play the violin and piano, and I have gotten very good at them. However, I have pitch problems and habits in the violin because my implants adjust sound automatically to be slightly in tune. Determination and practicing with a tuner helps me break habits. If you need to talk to some one with hearing loss who wants to learn music, then tell them anything's possible if someone else could do it. Music is a like a blessing in my life. It gave me joy in a hobby. It was somehing I could learn with a teacher. Music should not be an obstacle to a curious deaf or severly hearing impaired person. Listen to me please. (Sorry the choppy sentences :p) This comment is a remark that is not relevant. This shouldn't even be spoken of if you want to help someone... Please don't talk like this. You don't know what silence sounds like. Playing violin for enjoyment does not require ears. Someone could be playing to please someone for fun. Don't be rude.
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