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  1. I have a Stainer copy violin that I used when I was about 12-15 years old and I just pulled the instrument out of storage wanting to take up playing again. The instrument is not a family heirloom, so its only sentimental value is really the fact that it was my first and only full size violin. I would like the instrument to be useable, however, I do not believe it will be worth repairing and wanted to get some opinions on the topic. The issues I have detected are: a wing crack in each f hole; a crack under the tailpiece on the treble side; a possible crack under the chinrest however I am unsure if this extends beyond the purfling; the endpin is protruding at an upwards angle which I have concerns may be contributing to these issues; and  the pegs are difficult to keep in place when tuning (I haven't done much to try to remedy this in case it is just an issue with climate etc.); the bridge is leaning and likely warped. Does anyone have any opinions on how old the instrument might be and if the necessary repairs look costly and not worth it? 








  2. My dad recently purchased a violin at a used instrument store that primarily sells guitars. I am looking to learn what the violin might be (possible origin, age etc.) and if it is worth getting set up to play (the string spacing feels odd and the bridge is thick). If I missed any photographs that are crucial for identification, or if the photographs are too large to see, let me know what would be beneficial to add. 






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