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  1. @FromBassToViolaI've enjoyed reading this thread. That's good to hear that you have been able to resolve some of the issues you were having with the 4th finger. As someone with what others have noted are child-size hands, my modestly sized viola is quite a challenge (approx. 36.7 cm string length) to play as an amateur violinist and newly amateur violist. I also have the Karen Tuttle book, and while it's really interesting to read, I am finding it challenging to decide which of the advice in the book to incorporate into my practice. There is just so much content.
  2. At what instrument/bow value generally do people here feel insurance is important? I know the OP is asking about presumably rather valuable instruments where insurance is likely a very good idea.
  3. There’s not much obvious flame on the inside. Maybe just a little. I don’t know exactly what this technique of enhancement that Martin Swan found the French description for in the Laberte catalog, but there is definitely some wood enhancement via a varnish procedure on my violin.
  4. This is such an interesting description of enhanced flame.
  5. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I also did not know about “rouge brun entre les ondes.” Thanks Martin for sharing your expertise. GeorgeH, I am not completely sure what work my violin needs, but the fingerboard has some problems. It looks really wavy which I attributed to wear, but my teacher thought someone did a bad job trying to plane it. Other than the fingerboard, I hope it doesn’t need more than a few adjustments. I might try to get a photo of the fingerboard in case some of you here have some ideas. I really hope everything is ok with the neck set. Someone did work and retouched the heel of the neck and scroll, and the state of the fingerboard makes me a little nervous about the quality of any other repairs Additionally, the neck has been varnished with a clear, shiny varnish. I can see some of the clear and brown retouch varnish on the sides of the fingerboard so this appears to be a recent addition. Yoshiki, I also had seen that reverb listing. There are actually two active ones on that site currently, one from the same shop as in your link and another from what appears to be a private seller.
  6. You could try practicing exclusively in front of a mirror, putting all your focus on the position of your wrist. I’d imagine that during the process of trying to change this habit, you might also need to change what you are playing so it allows you to put all your focus into this new hand shape.
  7. I agree that the flaming on the back and ribs is really weird looking. The flame on the neck and scroll looks natural but I also believe the back has some enhancements. I’m not sure it’s totally fake flame, but it is possible. Where the varnish on the back has chipped off it does look like there is some natural flame underneath whatever has been done via varnish.
  8. Thanks for your response. While I know this is not a fine violin, I'm partially asking about its quality because I'm considering having some work done. I want to start considering whether it might be worth it. I'm looking forward to hearing if people have opinions on my violin, as I've read through some other threads on French trade violins that were quite interesting.
  9. After reading quite a few older threads here on French violins, and perusing the luthiers-mirecourt website, I am curious as to what those of you on this forum will say about my violin. The primary question is, is my violin actually French? If it is, how are Laberte workshop violins, and this particular model generally regarded? Here are some initial photos. I can take additional photos if key features are not pictured or if anything is too difficult to see. If the photos are too large, let me know and I can reduce the size. I believe the pegs to be original to the violin, or at least look very similar to what I'd expect on this violin. The tailpiece and chin rest that came with the violin were also rosewood and were both stamped "Germany" on the underside. I tried to measure the length of the back and am not sure I am getting very accurate measurements, but it appears to be somewhere around 35.7cm
  10. Now I’m wishing I had started a thread about my violin and not my viola, as these questions about setup as well as information on string tension are quite interesting. I think some people on this forum would have some great thoughts as to what ails my violin. @Hierony now I’m going to be tempted to make changes to the setup of my viola, however that could lead to more problems due to amateur setup attempt failures. I probably couldn’t really describe a lot of elements of the setup in writing but I notice some interesting things when I look at it. The viola is a Carlo Lamberti Tertis model. It looks like the bridge used to be about 3mm closer to the tailpiece based on an imprint in the varnish. It has four screw in type fine tuners, three of which appear to be titanium. The string after length is only about 4.4cm. The bridge is about 3.8cm tall however I was having difficulty figuring out exactly how to measure it, so that’s only an estimate. I made an error regarding the A string in my original post. It’s a Jargar, not a Warchal Amber. I also notice that the bridge protector may be a little too far over the bridge.
  11. Thank you to those of you who responded to my post. I was locked out of the site for a full day because of a password mix up so wasn’t able to reply when I intended. I was hoping to hear a little bit about string tension and why violin strings may or may not be ideal for my tiny viola. It’s interesting to hear more about the specific string tension. I wonder if the higher tension has anything to do with why the core is exposed between the winding on the D string near the bridge. It sounds like it would be worth trying some real fractional viola strings sometime to see if the work better than the current mix.
  12. Are there any key differences between the A,D,G strings intended for a 14" viola and 4/4 violin strings? I have read some older threads about viola strings and finding the right combination for particular instruments, and have seen some potentially good suggestions for short scale viola strings. I am asking because my 14" viola is strung with violin A,D, G strings and a regular viola C. The A is a violin Jargar. the A,D,G are violin Warchal Amber. The C is a viola Warchal Amber (the shorter of the two Warchal viola sizes). I feel like my viola sounds a bit harsh which may be just a factor of its small size, its make and my playing ability. Would short scale viola strings have any benefits over violin strings? The vibrating string length of my viola is 33.9cm with the way that the bridge is currently positioned. I only rarely get out the viola to attempt playing through some movements of Bach Cello Suites and that probably won't change any time soon since I'm currently trying to improve enough on the violin to play in amateur groups once the pandemic subsides.
  13. Mendicus, would you be willing to share the process you used to design your Linarol viola? How did you create the outline/template? Did you have detailed measurements of the original to work from?
  14. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I will consider these possibilities.
  15. I was given an old, unlabeled, violin that would like to use to start learning how to do some repairs. Someone put small pins/nails (maybe sewing pins?) into the fingerboard to serve as finger placement markers, and I am looking for tips on how to remove these pins, then fill in the holes if the fingerboard still looks usable (it does have wear). I removed the fingerboard, which was not attached very solidly, and the nails do not go all the way through. Does anyone have any tips on how to remove the nails and what to use to fill in the holes? I can get more, better photos of the instrument this evening.
  16. Guido, the pins on the back don't cut into the purfling at all. I think the purfling is real but it is harder to see this than on my older stainer copy so I am not sure about this. The lower rib is not one piece. There is a seam at the endpin. I am going to take it to a luthier soon for evaluation and setup.
  17. Thanks for taking a look at my photos and providing some insight. I have a feeling that my dad paid more for this instrument than it may be worth. WorksAsIntended, as long as I am using the instrument, it does look like getting a new bridge may be worth it.
  18. Thank you all for the feedback. I have an appointment with a luthier in about a week for an evaluation. Alma, do you have any string recommendations based on your experience with your Stainer copy?
  19. I have a Stainer copy violin that I used when I was about 12-15 years old and I just pulled the instrument out of storage wanting to take up playing again. The instrument is not a family heirloom, so its only sentimental value is really the fact that it was my first and only full size violin. I would like the instrument to be useable, however, I do not believe it will be worth repairing and wanted to get some opinions on the topic. The issues I have detected are: a wing crack in each f hole; a crack under the tailpiece on the treble side; a possible crack under the chinrest however I am unsure if this extends beyond the purfling; the endpin is protruding at an upwards angle which I have concerns may be contributing to these issues; and the pegs are difficult to keep in place when tuning (I haven't done much to try to remedy this in case it is just an issue with climate etc.); the bridge is leaning and likely warped. Does anyone have any opinions on how old the instrument might be and if the necessary repairs look costly and not worth it?
  20. My dad recently purchased a violin at a used instrument store that primarily sells guitars. I am looking to learn what the violin might be (possible origin, age etc.) and if it is worth getting set up to play (the string spacing feels odd and the bridge is thick). If I missed any photographs that are crucial for identification, or if the photographs are too large to see, let me know what would be beneficial to add.
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