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  1. My apologies if it came across that I was suggesting that he used handwritten labels. I am in no way suggesting that the label might be genuine, quite the opposite in fact. I hope I have not raised the OPs hopes as I am not an expert. My reference to his signature was from a printed label signed by him which I found in a decent violin shop which I have now lost the link too. Anyway, i did download a picture of the label and I will try to find the place where I found it..........
  2. If it is genuine, it is worth a lot of money. The signature looks pretty convincing. But they can be forged and need a hand writing expert to confirm. And at the end of the day it would need an expert to see it in real life to confirm its authenticity. Meanwhile post more and better photos as detailed in the sticky in this forum.
  3. Mainly the varnish treatment. The antiquing and artificial rosin buildup look.
  4. A question for the experts. The OP violin has a French "Caussin" look to it, but has been identified as German. What are the features that set it apart from a French violin ?
  5. Once the ribs have been shaped and glued to the back you are free to make the blocks any shape you wish as they do not have a bearing on the finished external appearance. But the built on the back French method with possibly asymmetrical block shapes would effect the external appearance. But I guess you already knew this.
  6. I have to admit I also am having difficulty in seeing the normal standard BOB construction in your violin. If it is BOB then I think one of the ribs on each corner might have been internally thinned before clamping them together to give more of the impression of being inside mold mitred construction. The internal blockwork and linings look nice quality. In fact it looks a nice violin whatever it is.
  7. Pretty common, I have one somewhere. They are roughly made with a through neck like yours has.
  8. Maybe if it went for the very bottom of the estimate it might be viable. The wood for the hole seems to all be there and just needs pulling back and re-gluing with some clever varnish touching up. Expensive to pay a luthier to do unless you feel competent to attempt it yourself. Is the fingerboard included in the auction ?
  9. Reaper is great. The best free DAW (digital audio workstion) is probably Cakewalk Sonar by Bandlab . It used to be $400 but now its free. It will do everything you want and much more, including basic score writing and viewing. Its Windows only though.
  10. So Amati got it right first time 400 hundred years ago. And made it an object of great beauty as well.
  11. In theory a pyramid shaped violin should be strong and help guard agaist the top bowing if that is left flat and thicker. You then end up with four straightish panels which will be need to be tuned to each other. Two side panels and top and bottom ones. The straight lines which intersect the four panels will tend to disrupt vibrations. Is this a good thing or bad ? Its like two bass panels and two treble panels. Where does the sound post go ? Does it have a bass bar ?
  12. LOL ! I assume you were joking ? Anyway, if a stupid person finally realises that they are actually stupid are they still stupid or now wise ?
  13. These are the five most fundamental differences between smart and stupid people, according to the experts. Stupid people blame others for their own mistakes. Stupid people always have to be right. Stupid people react to conflicts with anger and aggression. Stupid people ignore the needs and feelings of other people. Stupid people think they are better than everyone else
  14. Delabo

    Violin ID #6

    I was in no way questioning your expertise, I just wondered if you had missed the through neck which Bruce Carlson spotted, and might re-attribute it to something else like Salzkammergut ?
  15. Delabo

    Violin ID #6

    Good spot. So where does that put it ? And do the pegs give a clue or are they just a red herring ? I would love to know where the f-holes with the big bottom eyes point to as I have one that is similar.