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  1. Looks like it once had an unusual saddle ? Or is there a better explanation ?
  2. I can concur with some of what you say. I have an old violin that has a problem with the case that causes the violin edge to be knocked every time it is removed if a person is clumsy in removing it. But I am very careful how I take the violin out and have avoided any further damage. And I am quite sure that you also would have been a very careful previous owner if it had been your violin. I can understand what you are saying if the violin was cheap, people can be careless with cheap junk, but I would expect that someone who bought an expensive violin would know how to look after it at all times.
  3. Surely you meant very poorly executed screwdriver ageing ? Its hard to believe that anyone would be fooled by it. And anyway, why do these bodgers think that an old violin is going to be covered in that sort of abuse ? I have just looked at my 1820 violin and it has very few marks on it even though it has obviously been well used during its long life. Thats why violins come with cases.
  4. I can no longer browse without logging in first. Is this the same for everybody else ? On the other hand if we click on the "Online Users" box at the top it shows numerous "guests" who presumably are not registered users browsing content. How are they doing that ?
  5. If Maurice W Riley the musician and author is still with us I guess he must be very old now. He does mention David Burgess in the book "The history of the viola" on page 3. Its available to read for free at internet archive, David gets a mention on page 305 along with two other up and coming makers "David Wiebe and Otto Schenk". They are there called "three young American luthiers". Sounds a bit like the "three musketeers" or even better " The three Amigos". (Great film). https://archive.org/details/historyofviola01rile/page/304/mode/2up
  6. Keep it to yourself and don't let him know, but I think D.B. is quite good at this stringed instrument making thing. The scroll is pretty much perfect in every way. In fact the whole instrument is nigh on perfection. I can see why you want it. I think the estimate is going to prove to be on the low side. Its a beautiful instrument.
  7. My commiserations to you. Don't get down hearted and give up, just keep trying, you are sure to sell one eventually !
  8. I have never seen a check list for Italian violin ID. Most of that information is kept securely locked away in Charles Beares head. There is a rumoured book on Venetian violins that he was writing, but whether it will ever appear is another thing. The only way that I have half a hope of deciding if something is Italian or not is by eliminating everything else and what is left just might have a 10% chance of being Italian. I think the first step is to sort out German BOB from Italian BOB, there is a difference apparently.
  9. Is it really that easy to differentiate between a BOB construction German and a BOB construction Italian ? I sent very good photos of an unidentified violin to a London dealer and two auction houses. All were very interested in it and asked me to bring it to London. The dealer was sure it was 18th century Northern Italian. I was told to send photos to Charles Beare. Meanwhile I took it to my local luthier who puzzled over it for quite a while, including examining it internally with an endoscope, and said it was late 18th century and maybe English. I then took it to an Amati roadshow that travels the country, and the expert thought it was early 19th century German. In the end I got an email from Charles Beare that was non committal about country of origin but said it was circa 1820. I think the only thing they all agreed on about the violin is that it is BOB construction !
  10. I think the new suggestion of "master" is more likely. My apologies' for not reading your opening remarks and seeing that you already had "serial no 792". Where on earth I got "Landolfi 1792" from is anyone's guess. I need new glasses !
  11. Ok, agreed, it does sound improbable, So what is the better explanation ?
  12. I think it says.................. "model violin style 1 (landolfi ?) 1792" The fact that the writing is illegible and is written over the label indicates that it was probably inscribed through the f-hole with a pen after the violin was closed.
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