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  1. Delabo

    Asymmetry; Character or poor craftsmanship?

    I find the exact opposite to be true. Perhaps its the influence of the industrial revolution with its machined perfection that has that has produced this feeling in modern people. What sort of world would it be if everything was symmetrical ? Who would want to walk through a park with trees - bushes - flowers and plants that are perfectly symmetrical ? Symmetrical clouds anyone ?
  2. Delabo

    Help With Violin Identification Please

    Is the scroll original, or has someone bought a scroll in the white and crudely grafted and varnished it without a ground. The varnish seems to come off very easily.
  3. Delabo

    Rejoice with me!

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, it much appreciated. I must admit I failed to view the pegbox which would normally be at the top of the tick list list for Gagliano violins. So they had the same 2x2 arrangement for cellos as well, although one wonders why, as the usual explanation given is to access the strings better and a cello seems much less restricted. Could you clear up the construction method as those corners look to be feathered and I thought Gaglianos were BOB ?
  4. Delabo

    Help With Violin Identification Please

    Just to upset Jacob, and because the scroll has no delta to the back and the scroll eye shown is oval, I will suggest the mythical "Tyrolean". But seriously, it would be of personal interest to know where these scrolls with oval eyes derive from. Although this one is only slightly oval.
  5. Delabo

    Rejoice with me!

    Do you draw that conclusion mainly from the varnish ? Or more specifically the ground ? How about the purfling ? Or is it a myth that all Neapolitan purfling is thin and made of paper ? Or does this apply only to violins and not cello's.
  6. Delabo

    Seized frog screw

    How do you know if the bow is playable if it has no hair ? I have about 20 bows in a drawer that need rehairing. That's 20x £60 = £1200. ($2,017 Canadian dollars). Nah, i'll pass
  7. Delabo

    Seized frog screw

    Of course you are right. I guess its just a bit of OCD in my case to keep the hair. On the other hand I have no idea if the bow is worth rehairing as my knowledge of bows is practically nil. In the UK a rehair is £60 GB and that could be a more than the bow is worth.
  8. Delabo

    Development of Taste

    Do you admire admire Picasso ?
  9. Delabo

    Seized frog screw

    Just an update on my seized frog screw. I tried coca cola for ten minutes, then 20, then an hour,but it remained seized. Although I could not remove the screw, it did loosen the mother of pearl which was also very stuck. I removed the slide, and with careful bending of the bow, which has full hair, managed to remove the bow hair wedge. Now that I had access to the frog interior I could drill a small hole large enough to insert the WD40 red tube. So I squirted some in and waited a few hours, no joy. Another squirt and left it to the morning. Next day It was still seized, so I put in some more WD40 and left it a few days, but no movement. I checked back every few days. I tried each time to see if there was any movement,but no, it was very truly stuck. Anyway, the days turned into weeks, until this morning I happened to go into the workshop and saw the bow lying there. It still would not move with gentle hand movements, so I carefully wrapped the silver with cardboard and applied a little turning pressure while holding it gently in a vice. Success ! So the moral of this story is patience.
  10. Delabo

    "Balestrieri" violin identification

    This is a very good 1 hour video that includes quite a bit about the Machold scandal.Its well worth the watch, especially if you cast the video from your device to watch on the TV rather than viewing it on a PC screen or phone ........................
  11. "Up Jack got, And home did trot As fast as he could caper; To old Dame Dob, Who patched his nob With vinegar and brown paper " So it was broke but now its mended.
  12. Delabo

    Can you help appraise my violin?

    I made that post after Ratcliffidles more or less said that it was Chinese. If he has run his flux capacitor time machine over it and pronounced it is not old who are we mere mortals to disagree ! That was my "consensus"
  13. Delabo

    Can you help appraise my violin?

    Looks like the consensus here thinks its a made yesterday Chinese antiqued violin. Maybe the French bridge is a faked Chinese one. The other fittings look similar to the ones on the better quality Gliga violins.
  14. Delabo

    Can you help appraise my violin?

    These 20th century violins always look generic to me. They could be Markneukirchen, French or Italian. How on earth do you pick them apart by photo ? Without a clear picture of the end rib how can you tell if its inner or outer mould ? Varnish ? For no other reason than its currently got a French bridge on, I will say French. But the f-holes look Italian or maybe 1920 's German LOL