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  1. Angles between corners and belly/back plates

    Fascinating. Previous to reading this explanation I thought there was a slope on Cremonese instruments from top block to bottom block, but it sounds like you are saying any slope is only above the C bout neck end, unless I have misunderstood. On a completely unrelated point, I have watched your superb videos, and noticed that you make the bottom rib in two parts (albeit matched very perfectly). Is this just your personal preference, or do we see this on some Cremonese instruments ?
  2. Guns and violin making

    Unless you compete with another human being to see which one has the better skill set, it is not within the definition of "sport". The British aristocracy like to go out and shoot pheasants and the winner of this "sport" is the one who bags the most. I have read accounts of three thousand plus bagged in one days shoot in the area where I live. Thats one big dinner.
  3. Guns and violin making

    Many forums have a seperate "off topic" area where this sort of thing can be discussed,but as this forum lacks that facility this is what happens.
  4. Guns and violin making

    Al Capone owned a violin case but he rarely turned up for lessons.
  5. Guns and violin making

    As an Englishman who was raised in a country where even the police did not carry weapons other than a truncheon, it is pretty much impossible for me to understand the culture you were raised in. Suffice it to say,I had read some of the quotes,which were written at a time of great unrest on the American continent,and hardly pertain to the times we now live in. The summation of the quotes seem to amount to the idea of "freedom".
  6. Angles between corners and belly/back plates

    What is the purpose of the slope ? Visual appeal ?
  7. Guns and violin making

    The majority of those quotes are from the 18th century. Sort of clashes with the rallying cry we hear today that "after all this is the 21st century"". The implication being that the ways and morals of former times are past there sell by date. Except,of course, when it comes to old golden period violins.
  8. Guns and violin making

    Because the ownership of guns is often justified by using them for the "sport" of killing animals. I guess the next main reason stated for owning a gun which involves animals is for shooting Grizzlys and wolves and Rattlesnakes etc.
  9. Guns and violin making

    In the UK we call that clay pigeon shooting. Pretty easy to connect the dots and see how the "sport" of skeet shooting can morphe into the "sport" of shooting warm blooded animals for fun.
  10. Guns and violin making

    I bet you go "hunting" for wild mushrooms and berries and nuts.
  11. Guns and violin making

    Why the need to kill them at all ?
  12. Guns and violin making

    Why do you use the word "sport" ? The defensless animal is shot from a distance by a person with a gun. Where is the "Sport" in that ?
  13. Circa 1750 German Violin

    The bit thats not in the checklist is your experienced eye of a lifetime of looking at violins. My guess is that a cursory glance at the varnish and patina tells you all you need to know so as to dismiss it as not worthy of your further attention. In other words, the innate and instinctive ability to know what it is not, rather than what it is.
  14. I have just been out to the workshop and taken the wheel off my Tormek,and after a quick clean it appears to be stainless steel. The Wheel has a plastic insert in it,which would help to stop the wheel from splitting.
  15. I do not make violins,so my opinion is purely if I was ever in the financial position to afford a good hand made master violin, and I would like it to be sans powertool . This old film,about a truly traditional luthier,which has been posted here before, sums up the violin I would like to own.....