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  1. Delabo

    Mittenwald, what about this label please?

    Not sure what you are trying to say, but the violin is definitely not Mittenwald. In the past Jacob has described this type of violin as from "salzkammergut". Integral bass bar, no linings or corner blocks, and probably a though neck, which is why the wooden pin was put in later as a bodge to hold the neck in position.
  2. Delabo

    Who can read and recognize this NAME?

    I have no idea what the name says, but the construction seems unconventional. Mitres to the upper and lower bouts,strange top and bottom blocks. I guess it all adds up to autodidact (amateur) made. The fingerboard looks to be rosewood,so maybe that's a clue to its country of origin ? maybe it has a through neck ?
  3. Delabo

    Violin I/D help please

    The good news is that Jacob called your violin "good". That's quite a compliment.
  4. Delabo

    Electrical question. !ZAP!

    Italy voltage is 230volts, USA is 110 volts. Bang - Flash !!!!!!@@@!!! surely ?
  5. Delabo

    Samuel Zygmuntowicz Violin

    He would hunt them all down and burn them all !
  6. Delabo

    Samuel Zygmuntowicz Violin

    Violadamore, I am quite sure you are the worlds leading "Markie" enthusiast, and so, with the authority I invest in myself, I hereby confer you the honorary title of president of the "Markie" appreciation society if you so wish to accept. "Markie" needs an acronym, any ideas ? Musical - appreciation - resource - ? ? ?
  7. Delabo

    Opinions on this label

    For me, the reason I believed that grafted scrolls were special, is because googling "what is a good violin", or something like that, brings up lots of results that tells you its an old violin if it has a grafted scroll. I did that for the first violin that I bought very cheaply at auction, and because it had a grafted scroll I took it to my local luthier who confirmed it was late 18th century and worth much more than I paid for it. This first fortunate violin find aroused my interest in violins. Out of interest, how much would a luthier charge to graft a scroll toady ?
  8. Delabo

    Dating a "Sebastien Kloz An 1700"

    Quite a few schools have grooves in the back for the ribs to sit in, including Dutch, English, and French. As yours has already been identified as probably French, then I think it may put its date back to early 19th century as I believe the practice faded out from that time on. I am not sure the best way to dissolve the glue in the grooves, but small drops of hot water should help to remove it a bit at a time. How hot, and how much, is best answered by the skilled luthiers on this forum.
  9. Delabo

    Repair query attic find!

    On top of everything else the front plate appears to have been half edged...........................
  10. Delabo

    Repair query attic find!

    The rib cage does not belong to the top and back plates ? If the rib cage is original, then the plates must have overhung the ribs by more than usual.
  11. Delabo

    Repair query attic find!

    Well spotted. That explains why the old saddle was filled in and a wider one added. A composite ? New back ?
  12. Delabo

    Repair query attic find!

    Filed and sharpened BOB.
  13. Delabo

    Repair query attic find!

    I always suspected that she was super human with x-ray vision
  14. Delabo

    Repair query attic find!

    Yes,you see those step saddles on Mittenwald, but you also see them on Markies as well. There have been a few on here in the last few months that look to be Mittenwald saddles, but Jacob and BF have said they are Markies or Saxon or something. Also, Mittenwald would have a one piece rib, which this one does not appear to have. The photos are bad, but look at the bottom ribs and they seem to be a bad mismatch and were probably never joined.
  15. Delabo

    Repair query attic find!

    Snap ! I edited my photo to post and then thought best about questioning BF's ID of the violin. I am still developing my skill at spotting how to ID corners without looking inside though. Kudos to you if you can do that. Also, does that purfling look your normal standard Markie stuff ?