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  1. So apart from it needing £20,000 spent on it to bring it to retail whats the problem ? Its not a Carlo Giuseppe Testore ? Tarisio has one of his violins that sold in November 2019 for $240,000 which would seem a very reasonable profit can be made after the work is done. If we assume that its repaired condition brings it down to $150,000, its still not a bad days work is it ?
  2. Its not speculation that this little rural country auction has big ambitions and has an office in South Kensington London. Its also not speculation that all decent auction houses have a list that informs clients when they have something that they think might interest them and that there are a number of prestigious dealers in the South Kensington area who are likely to be on that list. Also, this violin was seen by a worldwide audience through an online auction broker which just requires a word search of "violin" to bring up all violins which are about to come under the hammer.
  3. You would need at least two bidders with too much money and no common sense to spend $47000 on a violin that you were not even sure was correct. And without knowing how the bidding went from £100 to £37000 its not even possible to know how many original bidders were in the game who dropped out at some point. If someone bid blind on a violin that they had not even inspected - and for such a large amount - then forget about getting a cert for the violin - it would be themselves that need certifying !
  4. Although its a small rural country auction its has some very impressive results in the art field of late including a pair of famille rose figures which made £68,000. You can pretty much guarantee that they will have a few violins in every sale at low estimates. I have noticed that they regularly have bundles of bows for sale which indicates a luthier or dealer offloading his junk. At the end of the day it only had a reserve of £100 so I guess they would have let it go for that if no other bids were forthcoming. As the amount was so large, and it takes an underbidder to achieve the figure it achieved, one wonders if they had not informed London dealers of the potential and who might have thought the 100 mile drive worth it to view and thoroughly inspect.
  5. What method of construction did Testore use ? This one does not look BOB from the poor pictures supplied so was some sort of mold used ?
  6. Surely the first step to identifying it after seeing a W.E.Hill case and a scroll with the back half done in Testore style would have been a simple phone call to the auctioneer and ask them if there is a 4 digit number stamped on the end of the fretboard which is lying there detached with the other stuff. Then it should be a case of phoning Beares and paying a fee to find out if the violin had been through there workshop at some point in the past. Mind you, it would still seem like a high risk strategy with such a very large sum involved. I think someone somewhere is having sleepless nights at the moment.
  7. And just a few months ago you told me that nothing turns up at local country auctions anymore ! And its only 25 miles from your doorstep !
  8. Its interesting to see a LOB of 36.2 cm on a Mittenwald violin. Is this relatively common ?
  9. Do you know if Albani build around a mold ?
  10. I am now pretty sure you have a sanded down Mittenwald violin just like Ratcliffidlles said. Kudos to him for identifying it without these extra pictures. I wonder if it was the exposed yellow ground that gave the game away ? Anyway, shame that the majority of its value has been "stripped" by removing the original varnish.
  11. That might account for the rounded edges around the button etc which made me mistakenly think it was autodidact. Someone got over zealous with the sandpaper. Another lesson learned.
  12. Lot 5: the "Fender Telecaster" will do me thanks. And throw in lot 853: the "Moog Polymoog" synthesizer and it will keep me occupied for a little while.
  13. I agree with Shelbow, these are not usually worth a lot. Over the years I have seen probably hundreds pass through local auctions and have yet to see one that made much. It might be worth a try at the Mandolin forum though ......
  14. Hi, welcome to the forum. I know next to nothing about bows, so I am giving this a bump to see if it gets a response. I can see that one way up yields "LUPOT", and the other way reads "CUNIOT". How curious.