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  1. Its not fake screwdriver marks. Its violin graffiti. I am sure I can make out names and dates.
  2. I have proof that the Shoreditch college existed. This label is from an art and crafts style cabinet in my study made by one of the students there. I think the date is circa 1907 (its on there somewhere). Contempories of this student went on to make it big in the furniure world. Ercol furniture is one make that came out of the college via Lucian R Ercol, a student of that same year.
  3. I see that the sellers location is " Marseille". I think thatis the ebay seller that Martin Swan has warned about.
  4. Does forgetting to change the longer post cause splits to occur as the violin contracts ?
  5. Could over adjustment put a split in the top or bottom ?
  6. The absense of peghole bushes could be because the violin came out of the factory with a graft to make it look antique. Sometimes they did a graft and peghole bushings depending on the model and price.
  7. Should we go for the 1920s date ? They are much better corners than the usual BOB that we see here on late 1900s Marknirkirchen violins.
  8. I thought French and built around a mold.
  9. Does it have its original label ? And if it does has it always been there and never been removed ? And if not, why not ?
  10. Goodness, I shall have to learn how to export to Canada. These turn up at local auctions quite regularly for £10 - £20 , and personally I never bid on them anymore.
  11. Any reason that you have opted for Schoenbach rather than Markneukirchen ? The OP did not mention an integral bass bar or through neck usually associated with Schoenbach. Is it quality of construction ? shiny varnish ? wood ?
  12. Markneukirchen germany. late 19th - early 20th century.
  13. The corners blocks look to be feathered outer mould in the same shape as French ones.
  14. What length is the back ? My first reaction was French, but Martin is the expert on French violins so I would have thought he would have said something.