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  1. Ah, I see. So Mangenot could have used that medal in his violins right on into the 20th century ?
  2. I have just checked and Viaduct violins say that Mangenot bought the stamp in 1890. The OP violin is 1853 assuming it is genuine. So if the OP is still around does your have a back stamp inked or branded onto the wood ? A photo through the f-hole would be good. Also, a length of back measurement would help.
  3. Are there many fake Honor Derazey violins with the back stamp on the wood that could fool an expert ? I have seen what are obvious fake back stamps crudely printed or inked onto the wood but they are easy to spot. And is it possible to remove a violin top and replace it without an expert being able to detect this ?
  4. Thanks for that information about French through necks. With regard to the word "retabli" - it jogged some memory cells and I looked at a violin I own and took this picture through the f hole which seems similar........... it seems to say "retabli par Caufoin Neuchateau 1865" if this is any help with unlocking the mystery word ?
  5. It appears that the ribs are in a groove in the back so could this be French with a rare through neck ? Maybe the maker put the inscription in as a homage to Amati . Is it normal for a back groove construction violin to have a one piece bottom rib ? Do some of the pegs have a monogram on the end grain or is it just a trick of the light ? Are the rib ends mitered ?
  6. Just the one ? I am sure that Phillip has at least 50 stashed away and he keeps hyping the price up here awaiting the peak before cashing in .
  7. Good answer. I have had much the same experience as you.
  8. I absolutely agree with you. You professionals should stay in your workshops repairing stuff and never bother checking any of the local auctions (one less to bid against). And keep away from car boot sales and Gumtree - (Craiglist) , because I can absolutely without question assure you that its all just junk and not worth having. Personally, as an amateur I have never found anything of any value going this route and it was all a terrible waste of time financially.
  9. I have some of my parents cutlery that I used as a child. And big spoons that I helped my mum make cakes with when I helped her clean around the cake bowl. They are a bit bent and only nickel silver. The bone on the butter knives is battered and worn (I have learnt not to put them in the dishwasher) I use them every day and they are priceless.
  10. I clicked on your picture expecting to see a viola ! But its a very nice German violin with what appears to be an original label.
  11. Does it matter if the violin is as gorgeous as the one there ( Gadda) and for only $7000 - $10000 ? It will surely exceed that estimate.
  12. In my case all I need is two. A bit like a Les Paul and a Strat. One is quite thick and gives a mellow sound and is easy to play. The other has a very thin top and has a totally different tone and is much harder to play. But I have just counted the violins on the shelf behind me and there are 13 more that need setting up. I will get around to it one day. Promise.
  13. Yes I know Jules is a great coder I have owned various copies of his Tracktion DAW starting at version 1.4 but have stopped upgrading after I bought Cubase last year. So if you were in at the start of ROLI you must have had a hand in making the Seaboard on "La La Land" ?
  14. i am an eternal optimist and always hope when I click on one your posts that you have turned up a genuine Goffriller or Landolfi or even a beaten up old Tononi but its much more likely to be the "usual" with one of those labels stuck in.
  15. How interesting that you worked for ROLI. I have heard that they are going through some financial difficulties and have recently sold the JUCE framework to i-lok. So you must know Julian Storer ?