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  1. Thank you Jacob - great photos - especially the interior shots. The contrast between the superb Stainer and crude Steiger is very interesting. Love the lions head, which stands in stark contrast to later inferior copies.
  2. Delabo

    Domenico Busan?

    They are "crooked" if they are pretending to be original
  3. I am always puzzled as to why you take a plaster cast of a deformed top ? Would it not be better to un-glue and correctly realign everything before taking a cast ?
  4. Delabo

    Domenico Busan?

    I just noticed: Brompton footnote: "The later Italian scroll."
  5. Assuming he takes your advice, should he saw through the plate pin first ?
  6. Delabo

    Domenico Busan?

    The photo is not quite square on, so its hard to tell. The eyes do not look level, and maybe the scroll was soaked in water overnight to carve more easily which can cause things to go lopsided. Which begs the question, did Italians soak their scrolls ?
  7. Delabo

    Domenico Busan?

    Bromptons have a violin labelled as ....... Domenico Busan, Venice 1783 In their current auction.
  8. Or more likely it was antiqued that way when it came out of the workshop. The back could be Honore Derazey, but the scroll is not quite right unless he was copying someone else. Maybe a bit of Francois Caussin in the front.
  9. Delabo

    Neck attachment

    For reference it would be interesting to know what wood the dowels were originally made from - beech ? Its possible that when the neck was lengthened that the original dowel was removed and a longer ebony one inserted in the hole. Pictures of the violin would help to determine if it is British. Is it BOB construction ? two piece bottom rib ? native British wood ? Was the neck mortise straight or dovetailed ? From what you have described it must be straight to allow an angled dowel to be inserted. Benjamin Hebbert or John Dilworth could perhaps tell you more.
  10. Would that be "Schonbach" Dutzendarbeit ? Thru neck and integral bass bar ?
  11. So the plate outlines were just roughed out at this stage. The neck nailed to the ribs. The top locating pin inserted into the top block through the back plate. The neck swiveled to a straight position. The bottom pin inserted through the back plate. The plate outlines finished to the now asymmetric rib outline ?
  12. The plate outlines themselves were deliberately made asymmetric ? I thought we were talking about the ribs on the back plate not being put on straight ?
  13. So someone noticed the asymmetry of the ribs on the back plate and then reversed engineered to determine the working method ?
  14. To mend the peace, and keep our American cousins happy, perhaps a compromise could be reached. The offending joint could be renamed along an American theme in honor of someone or something ? dove - bell - joint - (liberty bell) dove - gal " (Gals n Dolls) dove - Al " ( Gore) politics -ouch. dove - dell " (computers) dove - jail " (jail house rock) dove - mail " (You've Got Mail) - great film. etc -etc -etc
  15. You won then. Go collect your winnings. A dovetail template