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  1. Delabo

    Violin for id

    As an expert has yet to comment I will shoot something out there to get the ball rolling. I am not remotely an expert, so this is just to find out how far wide I am of the mark, but If I owned this violin I would hope that it was Milanese circa 1800. In reality its more likely to be 1800 German Mittenwald-ish, but its always nice to hope.
  2. Delabo

    Strad label

    Bohemian Srad copies have "Faciebad" instead of the usual "Faciebat".
  3. have you a scientific explanation as to why this happens to old wood? And can this be tested without taking the top off and holding the plate to a light?
  4. The one in your picture looks more like "sliding" bouts rather than open bouts. Castello bouts look almost hooked compared to yours.
  5. How easy it is to say this, but there is someone in the world who owns this cello which they purchased in 1967 believing it to be a rock solid investment. And why would they not be justified in feeling that way? They had certificates from the worlds best experts. And now we find that the certificates can be dismissed as not being worth the paper they were written on. I feel for the current owner of this Cello and am very sorry for his loss. How would any of us feel if we were in there shoes?
  6. The two certificates appear to be genuine and relate to the instrument in question, but the two experts appear to disagree on the wood used for the sides and scroll. Wurlitzer thinks that both the sides and the scroll are ashwood. Francais describes the sides and scroll as beechwood. Both look beech to me.
  7. Thanks for the explanation. I had noticed that the OPs cello has these same open C bouts. Did your instrument have beech linings? As regards whether the OPs cello is built around a mould or not, I found this comment from Alberto Giordano on his website interesting...... .................................................... The rib structure "The viola is made with an internal mould. This is not immediately evident as the ribs do not always run parallel to the edge contour. The upper and lower block slots were extremely large. Unlike the Cremonese mould that had nearly square centre block slots, this Genoese mould seems to have had slanted cut slots." ..................................................... I must confess that I do not fully understand what he is suggesting, but it appears that he might be saying that it is not easy to determine if a Castello instrument has been built around a mould just by external examination only. Does this sound correct?
  8. My apologies, I see now where you say that. I mistakenly thought that you had already identified that it was built without a mould, but it was not you, but Philip who said that.
  9. The experts have told us what the OP cello isn't, but have not yet suggested what it is is, so what is the OP cello? A point I would like clarifying is why the scroll seems to have become a major factor in identifying it when scrolls are a bit like labels and are often changed? Many times on this forum people have pointed out that there violin has a grafted scroll and have been told that it means nothing as scrolls are often changed, so what makes this cello any different? Are cello scrolls never changed?
  10. I realize that Tarisio do make mistakes and list things that are not right, but they have it listed as a Castello. Second from bottom in black and white................ https://tarisio.com/cozio-archive/browse-the-archive/makers/maker/?Maker_ID=114
  11. I would buy it yes, like I said, its very nice.
  12. The labels are similar but not exactly the same, notice the font spacing in the word "fecit". I have no idea if this matters or not, and I do not have a clue what the cello is, but whatever it is it looks a nice cello. The back is nice.
  13. I guess the OP is talking about pointed f-holes as seen on Brescian instruments and Derazey copied. Brescian top and Derazey bottom pics.
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