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  1. This thread is quickly descending into a load of old "codswallop" ! Did @Martin Swan start this with his reference to "cod French" ? I took that remark of his to be a sideswipe at the Brexit cod war with the French and nothing to do with a slang use of the word "cod". I was born and raised in the south of England and have never heard this word used as slang other than joined to "swallop".
  2. Is the varnish redder in real life than the photos are showing ?
  3. I find it very surprising that you do not issue a certificate. Personally I would very much like to have one with your genuine signature. Maybe a simple thumbprint that could be checked against a known legit one of yours would help. Your signature could be witnessed by someone else which would also add to the proof. And if your certificate is not worth having then whats the point of having any certificate ?
  4. Would how far the fluting goes into the scroll throat help in the Identification of this violin ?
  5. Thanks for the information, much appreciated.
  6. I have a mystery violin that puzzles me as to the construction method used. The C-bout mitres are mixed. The bottom C-bout rib corner mitre is internal, inside the C-bout, just like inside mold construction. But the top C-bout rib mitre is on the outside of the rib corner facing the top of the violin. I have scratched my head trying to work out what construction method would end up looking like this. Any ideas please ?
  7. How do you tell outside rib and inside rib construction apart just by viewing externally ? They both have a C-bout mitre. Are outside mold ribs likely to end up being a bit thicker looking ? And if it was outside mold, is it possible to make it with a single bottom rib like this appears to have ? (Although there is a very faint line which might be a very carefully made join)
  8. So now the top is off is it Salzkammergut or British ?
  9. Are your referring to the man in the picture David Rizzio ? He was Italian, not Scottish. He came from Italy to live in Scotland.
  10. Ok, for no other reason than it being interesting. I found this picture of "David Rizzio" holding a violin with f-holes that strongly resemble the OPs. The painting is in Hollyroodhouse in Scotland. It at least shows that this style of f-hole was known in Scotland in the 16th century. Perhaps an amateur maker in the late 19th century saw the picture and decided to copy it as best he could ?
  11. Could someone knowledgeable ID the wood used for the front. Where is the most likely place it originated from ? And is the back Maple or Sycamore , and how do you tell them apart ?
  12. Unusual. Its stamped D.Stirrat so maybe it is one of his. Perhaps an early experimental copy or something ? It has that British look about it. But what do I know. Is the neck original ? And how is it fixed ? Is it straight baroque or angled ? Maybe send pictures to Martin Swan or Ben Hebbert.
  13. Does anyone know what the notch in the scroll was for ? It looks deliberate.
  14. Ah ! good points, keep them coming.