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  1. Good advice, Jerry.... thank you
  2. So, for me... (an amateur rehairer) what is the mechanical method used to vary the hair tension from side-to-side? Is it done prior to tying-off the knot, or is it somehow achieved afterwards?
  3. On the bench is a violin (maker unk) made in 1904, according to the marks inside the box. One of the jobs is replacing the cracked & worn fingerboard. But, as I was removing the old board, it became obvious that it was (a). not ebony... and (b). a veneer over a soft "core". Someone went to a lot of trouble to oh-so-carefully veneer the core (top, sides and ends) but didn't bother to use ebony itself as the veneer! No idea what the veneer is but it's a relatively light wood, stained black. The core itself may be a pine. Was this ever an accepted practice for old factory fiddles? Hard to fathom that even a mediocre ebony was all that difficult to come-by in 1904? Curious what the consensus is....
  4. Thank you, Mark! Yes, your Arcus gauge clearly shows the 1mm2 designation and I agree that it wouldn't have hurt Herdim to clarify the same. By the way, I'm living in the greater Portland, OR area these days but grew up in SF and spent many years on the peninusula.... (having lived in Belmont, San Carlos, Redwood City, La Honda, San Mateo, etc) so it's nice to see someone from my old stomping grounds! Happy holidays and thank you for your response.
  5. I'm guessing that most rehairers will use a Herdim gauge (or something similar) so I'm curious to see where others may have "marked their gauge" for a ballpark average amount of hair. Here's a shot of mine and that particular mark has become the minimum amount I'll use for an average 4/4 stick, and usually a little more. Of course, viola or bass sticks would get more and I'll just try to 'eyeball' that, but perhaps you've arrived-at a set of markings on the Herdim that have worked well for you? I'd also be curious to know what the heck those little lines are actually supposed-to represent... like, maybe 10 hairs per-line or something?Thanks for reading