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  1. Hi, I have a Violin that says Imported From Germany, Regraduated and Adjusted, V.C. Squire, Battle Creek, Mich. 1897

    Any contacts that you may suggest for a value.  It is in excellent condition and sounds sweet.  Thanks.

  2. Interesting! I do not see the PDF attachment, Perhaps I am not looking in correct area. Also, this V.C. Squire Violin does not have a number on it like I believe V.C and his father J.B. put a number on violins made in the U.S., yet this one does not have one I think because it was imported from Germany as perhaps a complete violin? I also believe that the violin was hand made, but I am by far no expert.
  3. You brought up a good point. It says "Battle Creek, Mich." Thanks, my mistake in original post.
  4. I am pretty sure this violin is older than 1897... that date is the mandatory importation date that V.C. Squire had to put on the label.
  5. Thomastik Rhondo Steel Strings are being played on them now, but I have the original Squires Steel set that came with the violin. Thanks, and yes I hope I can get some more info about the Violin.
  6. I recently aquired a 4/4 violin with a label in it: Imported German Violin, Regraduated and Adjusted, V.C. Squire, Battle Creek MI, 1897. It is in excellent condition and has a sweet sound. I wanted to know if anyone has an idea where in Germany it may have originated from? Thanks!