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  1. Thanks, everyone. I'm going to ask my instructor on Saturday about it too, and get her take. I'm finding more and more that learning the cello isn't just mastering technique, but also learning the ins and outs of the physical instrument, and the subtleties of maintenance.
  2. Thanks! Getting different perspectives on stuff like this helps me get a clearer understanding on what criteria I should be considering. Is it 100% safe to wipe the rosin off the hair with a cloth like you said? Does it damage the hair's texture at all, or spread oils or residue on the hair? I'd like to do that so I can test the new rosin by itself, and in smaller increments than "the entire top layer of the rosin cake on the bow all at once."
  3. Thanks for your information. But how would one go about "shwinging" a bow?
  4. I'm a beginning Cello player, and I'm usually able to get a clear and consistent tone on all the strings with 1st position fingerings. However today, I've suddenly had bad problems with squeaking. Details - Open A and D stings sound fine. A string is completely fine. - The D string is 100% squeaky with any fingering. It's impossible to get an acceptable sound. - The G and C strings squeak a little bit open OR fingered. - It definitely feels like the bow isn't catching the strings enough, but I could be wrong because it catches just fine on open A and D. Things that have changed between yesterday and today I lost my old rosin (which was 6 years old but worked fine) and got a new, cheap one (light, soft) as a replacement. I might have used too much rosin trying to break it in, because the lightest bow touch on the string coats the string in rosin, and I've done this 400+ times and it still coats the same amount. I've practically never touched the bow hairs with my fingers, though I did wipe them gently with a clean, dry washcloth after the squeaking, trying to get some of the rosin off (didn't work). I can't imagine the cheapness of the rosin being the culprit, because the seller is a reputable small business that I deal with a lot and they're trustworthy and wouldn't carry bogus products. Maybe I shouldn't have combined the two types of rosin? Did I use too much? I'm really antsy because I'm afraid I might have ruined the instrument or the bow. What am I doing wrong?
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