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  1. Dan2

    Bow hair is tight

    Thanks guys for the consideration and advice.
  2. Dan2

    Bow hair is tight

    Thanks Jerry, Unfortunately this happened this afternoon whilst the bow was being played. Caused quite a shock apparently! You can see there is a split of sorts in the white plastic stuff which I presume has caused the hair to come out. I can't actually figure out how the hair is supposed to hold in the slot? edit: ok so there is a little wooden wedge that has come out which I just found on the floor that explains how the hair is held into the slot. I'm guessing the stress of the hair pulling back on the plastic during playing (warm room) caused the plastic to split and the wedge to pop out?
  3. Dan2

    Bow hair is tight

    Hi Jerry, Yes, it will have to go back I'm afraid. I'm happy to pay again for it to be re-done because it was fine when I checked it 5 minutes after picking it up. On the day of the re-hair and at 9am when the relative humidity was 92%, the air temperature was 16.9 degrees c. I am unable to get records for the dew point going back unfortunately.
  4. Dan2

    Bow hair is tight

    Thanks Jerry, On the day of the re-hair the relative humidity at 9am was 92%. That was the highest of the month and the only really wet weather day we have had in a few months with about 13mm of rain. The 9am mean for the month is 66% and the lowest for the month at that time has been 47%.
  5. Dan2

    Bow hair is tight

    Thanks Jerry. It is over a week and a half since the re-hair and since the air was humid enough to take the pressure off the stick. I have checked the bow regularly and whilst it seems the humidity is fluctuating somewhat it must rarely go high enough to allow the hair to lengthen enough to take the tension off the stick with the frog still attached. My understanding is that, in addition to lengthening and shortening with changes in humidity, the horse hair on a bow will stretch permanently with use over time. Do you know or does anyone else know by how much the hair will stretch with use and over what period of time? Thanks
  6. Dan2

    Bow hair is tight

    Thanks Brad and Jerry. There is about a 5mm distance from the bow wood to the hair when the screw is fully unwound in the middle of the day and relative humidity about 37%. I tried to upload a photo but couldn't get it to work. Looking at it, I estimate that it is probably only a couple of mm in extra length in the bow hair that would allow the wood to relax. Perhaps the hair will stretch that far in a month or so? Have others found that a similar tight re-hair will stretch out ok with use in a month or so? First thing in the morning there was a little less of a gap as the humidity was and is usually higher then. I took the bow into the bathroom as an experiment and ran the hot shower. The water vapour in the air soon lengthened the hair enough. It is a pernambuco Seifert viola bow.
  7. Dan2

    Bow hair is tight

    Thanks Guido, Thanks for the extra step of the photo too. I take it that you tighten the hair with the screw once it is looped over the chopstick, and I guess the higher the tension the greater the chance of stretching it? I take it there is no issue with wetting the hair, in that it doesn't damage it in any way? The hair has been rosined and played on for about a week. Do you know if this procedure is sort of speeding up a stretching process that would happen with the ordinary use of the bow over say a 6-12 month period? Thanks.
  8. I'm looking for advice on a tight bow re-hair. The bow was re-haired recently during rainy (humid) weather. The bow hair was fine when I brought the bow home from the luthier, however now (during dry and lower humidity conditions) it it quite tight and it is not possible to allow the bow wood to relax without removing the screw and releasing the frog from the bow. Will the hair stretch over say the next few weeks as a result of being used? Can the hair be wetted on the bow whilst it is under tension in order to cause the hair to lengthen permanently or will it just shrink back when it dries? Thanks.
  9. Thanks everyone for the advice. Most helpful.
  10. Hi John - I wondered the same thing from time to time, particularly as the advice was near the beginning of the article where he talks of trimming down the top of the nut. However, going on some comments above (Torbjorn uses .6 on each and David B. goes higher to allow for wear), perhaps he really did mean the string height above the fingerboard at the nut? Surely it is a pretty big typo otherwise? It does appear to be roughly double the height I thought was usual however.
  11. Hi - hoping there might be advice on the gap under the strings at the nut. I have an article by Andrew Finnigan (Luthier based in Bremen, Germany) from the Strad magazine a few year back. He says, "How high the strings should be depends on the player, but I use the following measurements as a starting point. Violin 0.6 at the treble and 0.8 at the bass". I have found advice from older posts on Maestronet to suggest .3 mm gap under the E string and .4mm at the bass. I would be interested to know any current thoughts please. Thanks.
  12. Thanks Nathan - I must say have been surprised (pleasantly) by the responses to my question.
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