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  1. Dominant Set + "E" Jargar Forte (Loop End) . https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dominant-Violin-String-Set-4-4-Jargar-Ball-E-Forte/191145815145?hash=item2c812dac69:g:gZIAAMXQxVZRCUes ==================== Or ======================= Dominant Set + "E" Jargar Forte (Ball End) . https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dominant-Violin-String-Set-4-4-Jargar-Loop-E-Forte/400698188164?hash=item5d4b792184:g:ppoAAMXQJWZRC6eq
  2. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0247/3799/files/sound_quality_glossary.pdf?1583
  3. Thomastik Dominant strings are the top rating & best selling particularly suitable for old/vintage violin Dominant strings "G,D,A" are the best for the violin except E isn't working as you need for "E" string you can tray one of two different brands : 1. Goldbrokat "E" 2. jargar strings "E" medium gauge ====================================================================== there are two interesting articles : 1. (Personal Review of Strings) by the violinist : Christian Vachon https://www.violinist.com/discussion/archive/6346/ ------------------------- 2. (Famous Violinist String Brand Choices) https://www.violin-strings.com/string_faq/famous-violinsts-string-brand-choices/ ========================================================================
  4. of course no one , i prefer to buy any modern or old "italian" instrument with certificate of authenticity from a reputable dealer only . or any master got a prize winner from italian competition of violin making , or a researcher with Scientific knowledge . would be more confidence to me instead of those mercenaries or who complaint from mania troubles .
  5. Heel https://www.acousticguitarforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=521796
  6. what i know the dark rosin is suitable for the "gut strings" . also "Pirastro" have different rosins for there each different string set (here is the link) : https://www.pirastro.com/public_pirastro/pages/en/Rosin/ by the way , in the book of "An Encyclopedia of the Violin" by : Alberto Bachmann , he mentioned something about the old rosin stuff , like they cook the pure rosin with some vinegar or so , and also mentioned something about gut strings some where else in the same book .
  7. dating Japanese violins : - Japan - A violin labeled : After WWII (1945 – 1952) , during the US occupation of Japan; items made for export were marked "Made in Occupied Japan" or perhaps "Occupied Japan" Labels with "Nippon" would be from (1891 – 1914) Labels with "Made in Nippon" would be from (1914 – 1921) Labels with "Made in Japan" would be from (1921 – present) Labels with "Occupied Japan" would be from (1945 – 1952)
  8. https://www.ebay.com/sch/Musical-Instruments-Gear/619/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=Ladislav+F.+Prokop&_sop=15
  9. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/antike-4-4-geige-ladislav-f-prokop-1933-geigenkasten-bogen/870962024-240-9299
  10. Liu Xi workshop / Yita music
  11. i'll choose all of them , (nice collection not so bad)
  12. my comment regarding to the topic means i'm answering the OP question So , if you have something to say about the bow would be better for you , rather to comment about my post
  13. Oh yeah , you are right my dear Jacob
  14. i know that my dear Martin , i'm one of his follower too , of course i respect him & appreciate him , but my previous post to the OP not to him
  15. the bow looks made from rosewood . this is a commercial/trade bow low quality student bow looked like a Korean or Chinese factory made & stamped later (maybe not) because the picture is not clear to me if not , so possible to be made for french workshops but if you're a happy with that bow so , nice bow too
  16. exactly you have to stop me for that mistake , you are right , that's my mistake I mixed-up , sorry for that regarding the early Füssen School history : Caspar Tieffenbrucker was born in Tiefenbruck around 1514 and died in Lyon (France) around 1570–71. In 1544 we find him in Füssen and in 1553 he is documented in Lyon (France) So that was the relation BTW , i think Martin is coming soon to punish me for that mistake then will start to fight again https://tarisio.com/cozio-archive/cozio-carteggio/fussen-part-1/
  17. there is noway for other countries for the large body only France & "Füssen in Germany now" but Füssen is French school bucase Füssen was ruled by french . so to confirm is it French violin which i expected %99.9 of Füssen french school %0.1 a closeup photo for the back button to clarify that say hello to Mr Ben Hebberd with my regards just the button closeup picture could help both of you
  18. may be French ? it seems to me a little bit large body . what about the Back Length ? less or more than 14"
  19. i'm sorry for that , but i don't mean it , just a misunderstanding my apology for all of you guys
  20. my dear Michael , i know you have a good experience more than me ,i have to admit that , but add to your experience one thing , that is a secret or trick for you is make every thing simple as much as you can to reach the top of the mountain , means i don't like to talk maybe this or that , another meaning it could be a violin or viola bow , there is pictures and start to compare with your database,thin analyze that with what you believe or thought in a supported with a scientific background . BTY i'm one of your follower because i know you are a well trained , also i'm looking to learn something from your knowledge . So , i'm not here to fight but the way of speech is less than what i expected , don't be angry with me my friend , but just i want to share with you & the others my idea , if i'm wrong just correct me . sorry for disturbing you again .
  21. also you can play with a cello bow if you wish rather than a violin or a viola bow too , if you wish .
  22. unfortunately your straight answer is wrong to me (IMHO) . to me that OP Bow for violin Not for viola , just check the thickness or diameter of the stick , compare that with the thickness of the other bow which attributed to L. Tourte , (both in same era) to me with ignorance for the shape of the frog or the bow weight & length if you just compare between the diameter for both stick that easy can tell the difference . i know from the picture & online appraising is harder than if you check it by hand , i'm telling from what i can see .
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