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  1. you have to reset or replace the sound-post As Soon As Possible exactly , to prevent any crack could be caused by the strings tension/forces , be careful !!! good luck
  2. Forest fires : https://eco-intelligent.com/2018/02/15/what-can-tree-rings-us-tell-about-forest-fires/
  3. your violin made in Czechoslovakia , c. 1930's as per "violin identification and price guide book by Roy Ehrhardt"
  4. mood2000

    Violin id

    what i know about the "Old Saxon" violins by : - the upper bout is slightly angular . https://www.corilon.com/us/library/instruments/the-violin-provenance-value-and-appraisal - some buttons "heel" of the back plate angular . - the button is not round as the modern shape . - LOB is slightly less than 14" ===================== what i can see from your pictures : - inside the peg box is (inked/ebonized) means your violin probably made around mid 1900's . - the height of the ribs are same in the (Upper & lower Bouts) . IMO
  5. i agree with Guido . First violin is looked like Chinese workshop such as (Liuxi workshop, Ma Zhibin workshop, Xuxin workshop, ... ) it is European wood probably imported from Romania , which is better than a cheap factory made , nice antique varnish , nice work too , suitable for the intermediate level . The second violin is looked like Romanian violin may be made by (Gliga workshop) the back plate made from "ash maple wood" . Also suitable for the Beginner level . the first violin characteristics are better than the other , f-hole fluting , antique varnish , nice fitting for the pegs & nice setup . anyway each violin must be less than $200 for these levels . i prefer the old European cottage/factory made than the modern workshops , French , German & Czech workshops are better for the student level , also good if you want to sell your instrument back . IMO
  6. i have no idea about that system , for more information you can check the main website or Company Information Audio Excellence Az 940 East Cavalier Drive Phoenix, AZ 85014 Voice: (602) 277-0799 Fax: (602) 212-9800 E-mail: alan@audioexcellenceaz.com Website: www.audioexcellenceaz.com https://audioexcellenceaz.com/
  7. Violin ToneRite https://www.tonerite.com/products/violin-tonerite?variant=21039946374
  8. "IMO" Actually the pin caused that crack , it's seems to me that pin added later from non-professional collector for stupid idea . the tip of the pin is sharp and too hard for the spruce , the tip of the pin must be flatter to avoid that crack you can ask a carpenter about the technique of inserting pin in a thin wood .
  9. mood2000


    - The term Ges. Gesch is an abbreviation for "Gesetzlich Geschutzt" and is the German equivalent of a trademark, copyright or patent, as seen in the United States. The translation of Gesetzlich Geschutzt literally means legally protected. https://www.reference.com/beauty-fashion/term-ges-gesch-mean-jewelry-5cb8f5d55feb4537 ======================================== * History : On antiques of German origin, The earliest that the term Geschützt was used was 1899. Therefore, any number of authentic antiques of German origin may not have this mark its absence can suggest an even older age for the piece. Other Marks Indicating German Origin In addition to Geschützt or Ges. Gesch as an abbreviation of Gesetzlich Geschutzt, some several other markings or stamps can verify a piece as being of German origin: D.R.P. or D.R.: DPR is the German abbreviation for Deutsches Reich Patent. Older German items are often marked "D.R.P." or "DR" Ges. Mbh: This is an abbreviation of the German term for "company" or "corporation." Seeing this mark indicates a piece of German origin. Gebruder: The term is the German term for "brothers," as in Gebruders Resch ("Resch Brothers"). Fabrikmarke: This is the German term for "factory mark." Germany: Manufactured items were generally not labeled "Germany" before 1895. PIeces bearing this label generally date from 1895 or later. West Germany: Manufactured items were labeled with way from 1948 to 1991. Such items typically are not antiques. ============================================== https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/what-does-geschutzt-mean-on-antiques-149120
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sympathetic_string
  11. the original label must be printed on "laid paper" , if not as usual that is absolutely a mass production "Dutzendware" , most of them were made in Schönbach from (1880) to (1920) - the sample of laid paper is attached :
  12. you are right Philip , maybe they branded as "Roman" means so many things : 1. branded as a one of their different levels of the Werner's bows . 2. the bow was made to their firm . 3. Roman was a dealer . 4. fictitious name . but at least i guess the bow was made in Bohemia (Schönbach) IMO
  13. Werner family members from Schönbach (Bohemia)
  14. i have no idea whether a fake or not , maybe you are right . so , have a look to the "Thomastik" link : http://www.thomastik-infeld.com/bowed-instruments
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