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  1. Violin Book 1.pdf Roy Ehrhardt books "PDF" _ 3 volumes _ attached below : 1584552944_ViolinBook1.pdf 1450018781_ViolinBook2.pdf 1869108534_ViolinBook3.pdf
  2. wonderful topic that is a bait for "catching fish" thanks again
  3. Alex Gartsman https://agartsmanviolins.com/
  4. the master violins made by Ernst Heinrich Roth (catalog)
  5. here is the book you're looking for: "How Many Strads? Our Heritage from the Master; a Tribute to the Memory of a Great Genius"
  6. Roth, Ernst Heinrich I - Markneukirchen & Bubenreuth Ge. - 1902 to the 1930's - average to very high quality, the best being made by Roth, others by workers in his factory. 15 different models with the 120R as the lowest and the XVR the highest, these numbers do not appear on the labels, use the model name and date as the guide - hence a Guarneri 1734 is a IIR and thus on the lower end of the quality level. (comments after the models are taken from the 1924 book by R H Roth). E H Roth II came to the US in 1921 and worked for some other firms. In 1932, he established the Scherl and Roth firm with Max Scherl, they imported the E H Roth violins as well as others. In more recent years, the Roth brand has been distributed in the US by Glaesel and then Conn Selmer. The quality from the 1920's has never been repeated IMHO. 120R - Stradivari 1700 (made by Albert Roth) 130R - Stradivari (varnished by E. H. Roth) 140R - Amati (one piece backs and scrolls have blackened edges) IR (305) - The Professional - Stradivari 1714 IIR (316) - The Soloist - Guarneri 1734 IIIR - Amati 1670 (lacks volume but has other pleasant qualities) IVR (306) - The Soloist - Stradivari 1718 (brown varnish) VR - Ruggeri 1685 (ladies violin - slightly smaller) VIR (314) - The Concertmaster - Guarneri 1732 VIIR (304) - The Concertmaster - Stradivari 1724 (the VIIR and the VIIIR are reversed in the 1924 catalog, my models are as listed in the 1964 catalog) VIIIR - The Stradivarius - Stradivari 1722 (varnish style deviated from the Strad) IXR - The Guarnerius - Guarneri 1736 XR - Stradivari 1725 XIR - (custom made and signed by E. H. Roth in both Strad and Guarneri models) XVR - the finest made in various models - very rare Some additional Roth Label information observed and from trusted sources, it hasn't always been fully to these statements, so have it looked at in person and specifically with Roth's, the Roth firm in Germany will authenticate: Very Early Roth's sold under the Simson & Frey Virtuoso label No serial #'s prior to 1925, in 1925 serial numbers were 3 or 4 digit with no letter Before 1953, serial number was only on the label From 1954-59 the brand was a football shape Again in 53, serial numbers were 3 digits, then a star and three digits Late 50's letter than 4 digits In the early 70's, they started branding the upper block Germanic style lettering started on the labels in the 80's In the 1980's a number was added after the letter, so E1= 1981 1990's - F2 =1992 2000's - G2 = 2002 ------------------------------------------------------------------ * Source: https://violininformation.webs.com/tradeinstruments.htm
  7. Alemannic made Die alemannische Schule
  8. it is not fake you can see through f-hole it is real flamed maple %100
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/203584955523?hash=item2f669be483:g:kgQAAOSwpOFhJ5Im
  10. triple "S" trademark, refers to : SSS = Shinichi Suzuki School Labels with "Made in Nippon" would be made from (1914 – 1921) for more details: https://www.suzukiviolin.co.jp/
  11. https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?csid=2199502848&cpid=3741417472&filter_key=
  12. of course not wasting your time , i learned alot from your experience such as "cornerblockology", also i learned about the methods of violin making (in mold , out mold ,or No mold "back to back"), so i appreciate your knowledge. so i believe this is a "Vogtländisch violin"
  13. that's right, because i'm starting my research and some links are not working or deleted already , that's way i'm adding them a little bit late . i have to mention the link of the source as scientific integrity : http://vi.vipr.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=330703090882&t=1331945090000&seller=pahdah_hound&excSoj=1&excTrk=1&lsite=0&ittenable=false&domain=ebay.at&descgauge=1&cspheader=1&oneClk=2&secureDesc=0&oversion=9a327389 anyway, thanks for your post.
  14. for documentation, because some websites updating their sites, or removing some posts , so i'm trying to save them for the Maestronet members, for educational purpose
  15. stamped: "PENZEL" , ?????
  16. No, it is "Tortoise" , not Ebony have another look inside each file linked below Please: 1. Repairing a Broken Tortoise Shell Tongue https://indd.adobe.com/view/3934eaeb-4f31-475b-99d6-31d45444571f ------------ 2. Replacing Missing Tortoiseshell with Dyed Optical Epoxy https://indd.adobe.com/view/8a5c362a-0b04-411c-a772-81cc44e452a3
  17. https://indd.adobe.com/view/3934eaeb-4f31-475b-99d6-31d45444571f https://trianglestrings.com/cheval/ https://trianglestrings.com/tonguegraft/
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