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  2. sycamore wood
  3. to insert the end of the wire lapping in the hole as an old German school . So, that pin closed the hole of the lapping end by someone else
  4. I agree with all , and I will add some other reasons : - integral bassbar (as attached image) - short bassbar . - re-graduation the top plate for correct thickness . - if the bassbar in wrong position (toward the center) or so . - changing the material / the type of the wood it self ; (spruce or wollow ...) .
  5. violin bridges book by Gerard V. Kilbride
  7. Snakewood with black hair (for baroque chamber music)
  8. you can buy it from auction houses or reputable dealers
  9. "ironwood" Bow _ similar wood texture (grains)
  10. i agree with martin, also check the height of the nut too