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  2. the original label must be printed on "laid paper" , if not as usual that is absolutely a mass production "Dutzendware" , most of them were made in Schönbach from (1880) to (1920) - the sample of laid paper is attached :
  3. you are right Philip , maybe they branded as "Roman" means so many things : 1. branded as a one of their different levels of the Werner's bows . 2. the bow was made to their firm . 3. Roman was a dealer . 4. fictitious name . but at least i guess the bow was made in Bohemia (Schönbach) IMO
  4. Werner family members from Schönbach (Bohemia)
  5. i have no idea whether a fake or not , maybe you are right . so , have a look to the "Thomastik" link :
  6. Dominant Set + "E" Jargar Forte (Loop End) . ==================== Or ======================= Dominant Set + "E" Jargar Forte (Ball End) .
  8. here is the guy , who said "Dear Friends:
  9. Thomastik Dominant strings are the top rating & best selling particularly suitable for old/vintage violin Dominant strings "G,D,A" are the best for the violin except E isn't working as you need for "E" string you can tray one of two different brands : 1. Goldbrokat "E" 2. jargar strings "E" medium gauge ====================================================================== there are two interesting articles : 1. (Personal Review of Strings) by the violinist : Christian Vachon ------------------------- 2. (Famous Violinist String Brand Choices) ========================================================================