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    What's the correct name?

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    baroque rosin

    what i know the dark rosin is suitable for the "gut strings" . also "Pirastro" have different rosins for there each different string set (here is the link) : by the way , in the book of "An Encyclopedia of the Violin" by : Alberto Bachmann , he mentioned something about the old rosin stuff , like they cook the pure rosin with some vinegar or so , and also mentioned something about gut strings some where else in the same book .
  3. mood2000

    Japanese violins and bows

    dating Japanese violins : - Japan - A violin labeled : After WWII (1945 – 1952) , during the US occupation of Japan; items made for export were marked "Made in Occupied Japan" or perhaps "Occupied Japan" Labels with "Nippon" would be from (1891 – 1914) Labels with "Made in Nippon" would be from (1914 – 1921) Labels with "Made in Japan" would be from (1921 – present) Labels with "Occupied Japan" would be from (1945 – 1952)
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    Another violin ID quiz

    Liu Xi workshop / Yita music
  7. mood2000

    Which violin to choose

    i'll choose all of them , (nice collection not so bad)
  8. mood2000

    Bow marked France

    my comment regarding to the topic means i'm answering the OP question So , if you have something to say about the bow would be better for you , rather to comment about my post
  9. mood2000

    Help with identification

    Oh yeah , you are right my dear Jacob
  10. mood2000

    Bow marked France

    i know that my dear Martin , i'm one of his follower too , of course i respect him & appreciate him , but my previous post to the OP not to him
  11. mood2000

    Bow marked France

    the bow looks made from rosewood . this is a commercial/trade bow low quality student bow looked like a Korean or Chinese factory made & stamped later (maybe not) because the picture is not clear to me if not , so possible to be made for french workshops but if you're a happy with that bow so , nice bow too
  12. mood2000

    Help with identification

  13. mood2000

    Help with identification

    exactly you have to stop me for that mistake , you are right , that's my mistake I mixed-up , sorry for that regarding the early Füssen School history : Caspar Tieffenbrucker was born in Tiefenbruck around 1514 and died in Lyon (France) around 1570–71. In 1544 we find him in Füssen and in 1553 he is documented in Lyon (France) So that was the relation BTW , i think Martin is coming soon to punish me for that mistake then will start to fight again
  14. mood2000

    Help with identification

    there is noway for other countries for the large body only France & "Füssen in Germany now" but Füssen is French school bucase Füssen was ruled by french . so to confirm is it French violin which i expected %99.9 of Füssen french school %0.1 a closeup photo for the back button to clarify that say hello to Mr Ben Hebberd with my regards just the button closeup picture could help both of you
  15. mood2000

    Help with identification

    may be French ? it seems to me a little bit large body . what about the Back Length ? less or more than 14"