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  1. "ironwood" Bow _ similar wood texture (grains)
  2. i agree with martin, also check the height of the nut too
  3. you have to reset or replace the sound-post As Soon As Possible exactly , to prevent any crack could be caused by the strings tension/forces , be careful !!! good luck
  4. Forest fires :
  5. your violin made in Czechoslovakia , c. 1930's as per "violin identification and price guide book by Roy Ehrhardt"
  6. mood2000

    Violin id

    what i know about the "Old Saxon" violins by : - the upper bout is slightly angular . - some buttons "heel" of the back plate angular . - the button is not round as the modern shape . - LOB is slightly less than 14" ===================== what i can see from your pictures : - inside the peg box is (inked/ebonized) means your violin probably made around mid 1900's . - the height of the ribs are same in the (Upper & lower Bouts) . IMO
  7. i agree with Guido . First violin is looked like Chinese workshop such as (Liuxi workshop, Ma Zhibin workshop, Xuxin workshop, ... ) it is European wood probably imported from Romania , which is better than a cheap factory made , nice antique varnish , nice work too , suitable for the intermediate level . The second violin is looked like Romanian violin may be made by (Gliga workshop) the back plate made from "ash maple wood" . Also suitable for the Beginner level . the first violin characteristics are better than the other , f-hole fluting , antique varnish , nice fitting for the pegs & nice setup . anyway each violin must be less than $200 for these levels . i prefer the old European cottage/factory made than the modern workshops , French , German & Czech workshops are better for the student level , also good if you want to sell your instrument back . IMO
  8. i have no idea about that system , for more information you can check the main website or Company Information Audio Excellence Az 940 East Cavalier Drive Phoenix, AZ 85014 Voice: (602) 277-0799 Fax: (602) 212-9800 E-mail: Website: