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  2. here is the guy , who said "Dear Friends:
  3. Thomastik Dominant strings are the top rating & best selling particularly suitable for old/vintage violin Dominant strings "G,D,A" are the best for the violin except E isn't working as you need for "E" string you can tray one of two different brands : 1. Goldbrokat "E" 2. jargar strings "E" medium gauge ====================================================================== there are two interesting articles : 1. (Personal Review of Strings) by the violinist : Christian Vachon ------------------------- 2. (Famous Violinist String Brand Choices) ========================================================================
  4. of course no one , i prefer to buy any modern or old "italian" instrument with certificate of authenticity from a reputable dealer only . or any master got a prize winner from italian competition of violin making , or a researcher with Scientific knowledge . would be more confidence to me instead of those mercenaries or who complaint from mania troubles .
  5. Heel
  6. what i know the dark rosin is suitable for the "gut strings" . also "Pirastro" have different rosins for there each different string set (here is the link) : by the way , in the book of "An Encyclopedia of the Violin" by : Alberto Bachmann , he mentioned something about the old rosin stuff , like they cook the pure rosin with some vinegar or so , and also mentioned something about gut strings some where else in the same book .
  7. dating Japanese violins : - Japan - A violin labeled : After WWII (1945 – 1952) , during the US occupation of Japan; items made for export were marked "Made in Occupied Japan" or perhaps "Occupied Japan" Labels with "Nippon" would be from (1891 – 1914) Labels with "Made in Nippon" would be from (1914 – 1921) Labels with "Made in Japan" would be from (1921 – present) Labels with "Occupied Japan" would be from (1945 – 1952)
  10. Liu Xi workshop / Yita music
  11. i'll choose all of them , (nice collection not so bad)
  12. my comment regarding to the topic means i'm answering the OP question So , if you have something to say about the bow would be better for you , rather to comment about my post
  13. Oh yeah , you are right my dear Jacob
  14. i know that my dear Martin , i'm one of his follower too , of course i respect him & appreciate him , but my previous post to the OP not to him