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  1. I’d guess it depends just how much of the wing is snapped off. Just the tip missing, not a lot. Entire sound hole wing missing, quite a lot.
  2. See it all the time on bows from Africa
  3. Sometimes people drilled a hole, and used a length of gut string to thread a cleat onto. After gluing the crack, apply glue to the cleat & quickly pull into place, keeping it tight until dry. The other end of the string can be pulled out, but it leaves an open hole to plug. Looks like in this case, all the small drills were missing that day
  4. Easy to catch a wing on a cleaning cloth, and break off the tip. These days, dampits can easily catch the wing tip when removing.
  5. Not in my experience. When the string is pinched or binds in the nut, the tension increases significantly between the nut and peg, when turning the peg. The string will then break around halfway between the nut and peg.
  6. You should lubricate the nut grooves with graphite, after checking that the groove is actually wide enough for the string. Breaking in the pegbox usually means the string was pinched in the nut.
  7. Yes, and this looks to be student grade with nickel mounts. Only question remaining is if it is brazilwood, or pernambuco. My guess is brazilwood with a dark varnish over, but could be wrong.
  8. It may have been better to have removed the old glue first, adjusted the fit & then carefully applied some new glue, and a cramp or two.
  9. I think it would have been made around 1900, give or take a few years.
  10. It is just a crack. That is what happens when something is cracked, the wood separates.
  11. I have not looked at the viola in question, but generally it would be preferable to repair the top well, which in the case of a long bass bar crack could be difficult and expensive. A replacement top almost always looks out of place, and though structurally sound, it would devalue the viola too. Lots of fine instruments have bass bar cracks, it does not "render the top all but useless".
  12. It looks like the woodworm tracks were filled in with tar, as though someone tried as hard as they could, to make them look really obvious by making the filler as black as possible. I doubt anyone would put their name to that.
  13. That ain't no woodworm effect. That there sir, is beaver gnaw.