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  1. Thank you, Davide. Watching that, your skills are very impressive indeed. If I may ask one more thing, please. At the tip, how much is the purfling moved over? I know it is only a small amount, so my guess is 1mm or less. Is this right? I find it hard to tell from studying, as the corners are usually heavily worn, and in some cases (on the belly) replacements anyway.
  2. In order to achieve the correct marking out for deflected purfling, which tool should be used?
  3. Agreed. For a low price, you get what you get. It's not cheaper to have something done twice.
  4. What are all the dots on the outside of the belly?
  5. Well, all the makers in France, Italy, Germany, England, Austria, Poland, Bohemia, and other parts of America etc. It would be a cripplingly long list to compile, of all the makers who worked outside of Louisiana, in the 19th century.
  6. I hope it wasn’t J.T. Thornton, from Brewton, Alabama
  7. Is it possible there will be access to any other posters? When it comes to violas, I'm not sure a Stradivari model is one of the best choices.
  8. It would be useful to know, and this applies to any reviews, if the reviewer(s) gained financially, or received gifts, as a result of their review. I would have read their reviews, but the website does not seem to be working correctly. Seems a lot of trouble to put a kazoo in your violin.
  9. My apologies, James, if this has caused everyone there a lot of hassle. In the cold light of day, it would seem to have been more appropriate, to have sent you a private message.
  10. An often overlooked point, when discussing restoration costs, is who will do the restoration? A world-class restorer is going to charge a very different rate, to your local violin shop, which will be different again, to Billy-Bob's backwood fiddle shack. The end result you get, will vary accordingly. It seems that restorers often get lumped together, as though they are all the same, and have similar abilities. This is patently not the case, and quite a few, have no place working on anything over €1,000. So it isn't simply about the amount of work required. The skill of the restorer is going to be a massive factor too. Therefore, I don't think anyone can provide an accurate price to your question.
  11. Looks to be an error, rather than a misattribution. https://app.amati.com/en/auction/1099-amati-specialist-29th-march/112-a-violin-by-ch-j-b-collin-mezin-fils-paris-1923
  12. Considering it is for an 8-year-old girl, a 1/2 might be the most appropriate size now
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