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  1. Looks like a German bow, possibly nickel mounted but it's hard to tell from those photos.
  2. What did you think of the sound when you first played it? Has anyone else said the same about this instrument?
  3. I’ll vote for none at all. As these measurements appear to differ from Sacconi measurements and others published, therefore they must seem “wrong” to some, and need correcting immediately. Otherwise a black hole will appear and swallow the sun...
  4. It seems the classic situation, in the eyes of many players only Italian or one with a tenuous Italian connection can be any good. Anything from elsewhere must be second class, but I guess players don’t understand that most makers learn in the same few schools now, and make equal or better quality no matter where they are based.
  5. Are you sure it’s 360g, that is more the weight you’d expect for a full size violin.
  6. My guess is pale dewaxed shellac. I've seen this done by other workshops, but am not personally a fan of glossy necks, which can have a feeling of grip compared to sealed & burnished wood.
  7. Probably was the easiest way for someone without the necessary skills to get the instrument going again. Bit of slab cut pine form the diy shop, sand it to shape, finish with ronseal window frame stain.
  8. https://www.simonettiviolins.com/about
  9. No credit to the actual maker(s) of the violin for the amazing sound? Looks like the whoever did the bushings had no varnish to complete the job, an odd thing to do.
  10. Seems she doesn't understand all E strings are like this, only the G, D, & A strings will have the silking between peg and nut. Look at any violins in your shop and you will see this is the case.
  11. Are you sure they were cracks along the length? It seems a very shallow cut you have taken to remove them. Could it have been bad scoring marks from machinery or sliding over a storage rack?
  12. How certain can you be that the purfling is really beech? On such thin pieces it can be very difficult to tell what was used.
  13. Wood Butcher

    Yamaha V5?

    To be sure, clear photos of the whole instrument will be needed, not the label.
  14. Alcohol is not good news for any varnishes, it will soften them very quickly, and then burn through. As your violin is a standard type of workshop instrument, it is unlikely to have an oil varnish. I expect the varnish will be spirit based.