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  1. Please stop acting like a child, this needs to end.
  2. What a shame that so much of the original wood has been replaced, looks to be only about 70% left.
  3. OP, sorry to hear about your Mother As others have pointed out, the violin & bow have little monetary value. Given the history of your great-grandfather, you could enjoy the sentimental value it has, and either put it away in the case, stored somewhere safely, or hang it on a wall in your home.
  4. 1. Yes, it’s the same now, as when it was first varnished. 2. It’s meant to imitate the wear which happens over centuries of use, and has nothing at all to do with rosin, so forget about rosin. 3. The violins were varnished by people who probably neither played violin, or had ever seen a genuine old one. Therefore, the pattern of shading they have gone for is somewhat comical on the top. The simulated wear is in the right kind of areas, but totally the wrong shape. 4. Certainly looks like the back seam separated, can’t say if it’s repaired or open from those pictures.
  5. I doubt a leather would increase the weight even that much, unless the cows were fed on lead, to make “leadther”. Its not recommended to feed cows on lead, they prefer grass.
  6. What rosin stains?, I can't see any. If, on the other hand, you are referring to the varnish, the lighter areas are part of the original varnish process. It was shaded to give a false impression of age.
  7. By the saddle, what they are talking about is the fret, which a traditional tailpiece would have. Tailpieces with four built in adjusters generally don't have a fret at all. I think frets would only buzz if they became loose over time, so read into that description what you will.
  8. Your name and shame effort, based on a shop's perceived incompetence, is quite disgraceful. You have shown yourself, that you have no idea how to measure a soundpost placement, and therefore your idea of what is correct is heavily flawed, showing incompetence also. All of this makes your original gripe a moot point, since you never measured the rental one correctly either, and then proceeded to have a fit of indignation. You should consider editing your post, and remove the name of the shop.
  9. Which is why I mentioned different ways strings can be constructed, it will alter the feel.
  10. How do you even come up with this stuff? Your uneducated guesses, for that is all they are, in this thread, and several others recently, aren't really helpful for those wishing to identify instruments, and are clearly just adding pointless confusion for the OP's.
  11. I don't think you can expect any string to play like another, just because the overall tension is the same. The construction will be fundamentally different from one to another, especially as Pirastro and Thomastik, seem to have come from different starting points for string manufacturing. One string could have a large core, with few outer wraps, another a thin core, with most of the mass coming from the outer wraps. They will not feel the same, and never could. The way string tensions are measured could be misleading, Pirastro always used to use kilopascal, and may not convert simply.
  12. Indeed, neither seem to be well done. This is what happens with amateur repairs, blundering through, with little quality at the end. That such work is applauded by others, who are even worse, is a sad state of affairs.
  13. It was common at one time to have an Ebony piece fitted to the rib. The tailgut rode over this, and the original low saddle. Here, the Ebony is replaced, and a newer saddle.
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