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  1. Wood Butcher

    Colin-Mezin post 1910 worth while?

    Come on now, you're making them sound as bad as a Walter Mayson.
  2. Wood Butcher

    Appraisal Help

    I hope that Sir Ian McKellen plays Charles Beare when they make this into a movie.
  3. Wood Butcher

    Colin-Mezin post 1910 worth while?

    I think they are still handmade, but the production increased as they became more successful, quite naturally. I may be wrong, but I believe right from the start they were a workshop product, with several hands involved, rather than being made by Mr Collin-Mezin. Why have you settled on post 1910 as not being good?
  4. Wood Butcher

    Buying violins from photographs.

    Not nil, but it depends how you look at it. As it stands, I doubt it can even be played, so no one can know the tonal potential at this point. The cost of a quality repair will be very expensive. With a back sound post crack there is no shortcut, because they are likely to reopen, so it has to be done very well. This means a large internal patch using a plaster cast, cleats, a lot of varnish retouching, a full set up. From that one picture who knows what the top is like, if the neck has been broken out etc. etc. Even with that work done, people will be very wary of buying it, so while it could be a useful instrument, it may not be possible to sell it for enough to cover the restoration costs. I think for a shop or dealer, unless it is a high quality instrument, made by a well regarded maker, it's not worth their time. For a player there are just too many gambles for it to make financial sense. Then again. everyone likes to think they got a bargain and somehow know it will sound like angels singing. If it turns out sounding like a cow mooing, they will still claim to love the tone, nobody likes to admit they embarked on a fools errand.
  5. Wood Butcher

    Buying violins from photographs.

    That is indeed a soundpost crack, and a very long one at that. You have dodged a bullet by not bidding
  6. Wood Butcher

    Beautiful mystery violin

    Concert Master sounds a great term, but master of what? Always in this case it's assumed a prestigious professional orchestra, but equally could be an amateur orchestra. Also even if owned by such a person, it may have not been their only violin, or even used much by them.
  7. Wood Butcher

    Experimenting with soundpost distance

    Is the cello full size?
  8. Wood Butcher

    Fake Italian?

    How many trained Italian makers do you think fill their days making 3/4 size violins?
  9. Wood Butcher

    Appraisal Help

    More than a good few years ago, I believe John Beare died in the 1920's. You would not have met Charles, he hadn't been born then.
  10. Wood Butcher

    Blind test in which Strads and del Gesus came out on top

    Indeed, I guess as long as it looks good in publicity photos, and can be lost at a train station, stardom is assured.
  11. Wood Butcher

    Blind test in which Strads and del Gesus came out on top

    Very true, if musicians didn't keep buying them at higher and higher prices, the dealers would not be able to sell them, so who is really to blame
  12. Wood Butcher

    Appraisal Help

    I think it's important to be realistic about appraisals. While any musicians instrument or bow is deeply personal and special to them, others may not value it's qualities in the same way, and these can become largely irrelevant at sale time anyway. Also condition is a difficult issue. Damage can really hammer down the value, regardless of whether any repairs have held well for 35 years or so. Everyone hopes their items will be worth a kings ransom, unfortunately very very few are in that position. I am sorry to hear that you are forced into selling your things, but wish you luck with their future sales. A starting point would be to take some pictures, and send them to several auctioneers in London.
  13. Wood Butcher

    Paganini's violins: Where are they now?

    Some are in my loft, I know this because one has Paganini stamped into the back under the button
  14. Wood Butcher

    Resizing images to specific measurements

    It won't help with printing, but if I was looking to make a scroll template of a specific instrument, | use my laptop to show the picture, and measure it with a plastic ruler held on the screen. I zoom in or out as necessary until it's the correct size, then tape a sheet of clear plastic to the screen, and carefully mark it out with a pen for writing on cd's. Same method can work for f holes too.
  15. Wood Butcher

    Pegbox crack

    I think it would be better to use wood instead.