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  1. I’ve never seen any Mittenwald instruments made without corner blocks.
  2. That pic is so out of focus, it’s hard to tell anything much. Why is the top of the lining striped? Which way is the grain going?
  3. An Irish pub might be a fitting setting.
  4. I'm afraid that those must have passed me by!
  5. I don't think anyone can identify this, it looks like no violin I've ever seen. I guess it is made by a bad amateur, given the very unusual proportions. The fact that the sound-holes almost meet, is the stuff of nightmares....
  6. Can’t name a maker, but the scroll looks German or Bohemian to me.
  7. I’m not sure asking a bunch of random people on the internet, is really the right way to go about this.
  8. Depends where you live, as to what might be available. Brass tubing is the obvious choice, but finding the right internal and external diameter is very unlikely. I think if you know someone at a machine shop, they might be able to turn one out of some brass bar, to the specs you need.
  9. Is there any possibility you can get a refund?
  10. It depends how it is prepared. Done right it can be relatively good for a natural pigment, otherwise it will fade significantly.
  11. Like you’ve never made any outrageous claims.
  12. Perhaps it was removed, so you have to buy the book now.
  13. No, the construction is fundamentally different between the bows.
  14. I’d buy whichever feels best, after you have had some on trial. However, there is a danger in buying an expensive bow, when essentially still a beginner. You will not be able to get the best out of it for many years, and by then, what you look for in a bow could have totally changed. ‘’Upgrades” happen for many reasons…
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