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  1. Wood Butcher

    Install bridge or sound post first ??

    What method will you use to accurately find the correct bridge position?
  2. Wood Butcher

    Choosing an outline for my violin

    Because that would be too easy
  3. Wood Butcher

    Neck set measuring tool

    Thanks for all the replies, especially those who took the time to post pictures and links.
  4. Wood Butcher

    Neck set measuring tool

    No, the position of the nut in relation to the gluing surface of the ribs.
  5. Wood Butcher

    Neck set measuring tool

    What are tools people using to check the position of the nut, relative to the plane of the ribs when setting a neck? I'm sure most people have made their own, as I have, but interested to know about the variations out there.
  6. Wood Butcher

    So who makes cellos?

    But does your dog like him?
  7. Wood Butcher

    So...Why didn't the Italians make good violin bows, too?

    So bow makers were failed violin makers?
  8. Wood Butcher

    PEGS - Are the collars purely decorative?

    No. Old scrolls do not show evidence of the peg collars grinding into the sides of the pegbox
  9. Wood Butcher

    Ivory frogs

    Exactly that
  10. Wood Butcher

    Ivory frogs

    Usually, these bows have a very decorative oval shaped button with a finial at the end, not the standard 3 piece button in the pic.
  11. Wood Butcher

    Ivory frogs

    Would anyone have wanted it before? This style of frog was used to dress up dreadful quality sticks in most cases, usually something painted to resemble snakewood. Looks like yours has lost its adjuster too. Have you tried playing on it yet? I'm sure someone will want it, if only because the frog looks like the end of a Turkish slipper.
  12. Wood Butcher

    Ivory frogs

    It’s an antique bow, why is there a need to do anything to it.
  13. Wood Butcher

    Slab-cut maple with pronounced flaming

    Would that apply if you had a soft, low density quartered back?
  14. Wood Butcher

    Optimism in England

    This may not be possible in the future, if no trade deal can be agreed.
  15. Wood Butcher

    Optimism in England

    Get your chequebooks at the ready. Due to Brexit, the English are having to sell off their stuff at bargain prices... Old strad copy with sound files Viennese whirl One red rib