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  1. Not wishing to judge, but it seems like an odd thing to want to do to any bow. Sort of makes me wonder if they have been tempted to brand the sticks "pernambuco" too...
  2. For completeness, this group of marks is - I believe - called the "Full Traditional (UK) Hallmark", in which each individual mark contributes to the overall meaning. The last two, read from left to right, should be assay office and date letter. It is described properly here, in full, if you are interested:
  3. A few weeks ago, it seems as though the software on which Maestronet runs was updated to include a new feature - "post before registering". The docs here place this change at the end of Feb. 2019, which sounds about right based on my experience. Basically this new "feature" (...which is definitely not a "bug", by the way) means that anyone (including bots) can create a new topic the title for which will appear on the Maestronet home page, but the content of which will not be visible to anyone other than the original poster until it is either approved by a moderator (or banished forever). It sounds as though you and others are seeing the titles of these pending posts on the home page, while others may not be noticing (even though they are almost certainly there for everyone, if you care to go looking). I don't know how popular this particular software is, but I would imagine the phantom thread problem is likely to get worse as more automatic scripts get tweaked to exploit the bug feature, before anything changes and it improves.
  4. That's extremely helpful - thanks very much indeed.
  5. That's interesting: May I ask if you use them 'as-is' with a (presumably) straight edge, or cut / break them in some way? I ask as I have resorted to using snapped plate-glass, as I couldn't find a way to get a curved surface on disposable straight-edge blades without ruining the cutting edge. thanks,
  6. It's the same for me (from the UK) - the direct link works as it should, but a google search gets redirected...
  7. For me, this is a really interesting perspective: It sounds as though to Mr. Slobodkin the biggest concern isn't with a motor rather than human muscle generating the force to push a tool through the stock, but with the tools being pushed almost certainly being different. While Numerical Control of a router bit is obviously much simpler than a gouge, it is not inconceivable that gouges and scrub planes might also be controlled in the same way. I wonder if this would change the equation for anyone balking at the use of CNC in a violin workshop?
  8. Given this sentiment (which is obviously echoed throughout the thread), I wonder how this specific instrument came to with the "label lottery"? Is it likely to have been picked for rebranding just because it's approximately the right age, and has comensurate wear? Or are fake Poggi brands like hammers - when you have one, the whole world starts to look a certain way...?
  9. Does anyone happen to know what "Fry Scraping" looks like? I am curious if the image below fits the bill, or if it is another form of vandalism entirely... It isn't obvious from the image, but below the obvious scarification marks are others that run with the grain and that have somewhat softer edges - as if sanded - which had me wondering.
  10. These images appear to be indivdual frames grabbed from one of the 1715 Stradivari animations on - is that correct? If so, may I ask where the author of the animations states that these are be interpreted as time-series (I have scanned the page, but find no mention)? Also, have they been published anywhere (by which I mean peer-reviewed)? This is surely the best way to get to the underlying method, as well as any simplifications / limitations the author may have identified. Additionally, I also see no vertical scale in the animations indicating the absolute scale of deflection of either the top or bottom plate. Has the author stated anywhere that these are consistant (and dimensional)? In any case, given you are using these as data in your own calculations perhaps you would like to put an estimate of the actual physical lengths in your hand-calcs above, rather than leave them dimensionless numbers (i.e. 27 and 23 units, 23 and 31 units); what is the difference you are indicating in mm? And when you have this number, is it significant in terms of the precision of the instrumentation / surface reconstruction techniques used to generate these animations, or rotations that may or may not be occuring (given the vastly different scales in xy, z will cause significant dilation to appear in your measurement)?
  11. I found this interesting and thought I would post this here, in case anyone had missed it: As part of this Youtube channel, there is a fascinating video showing rib-garland construction without use of an inside form: The channel appears to be a research output from an interesting-sounding PhD being undertaken at University College Ghent, which is described at this page.
  12. I think that sums things up pretty neatly. And I imagine that behind most horror-story repairs is a crest-fallen musician, who thinks their cherished instrument is a gonner and fit only for the bin for the type of issue most maestronet members would take in their stride before their first coffee of the morning. hmm - I thought all bassoons were spare basoons...(just kidding).
  13. The webshop is at, but I can't ever remember seing the type of offer others have found via the facebook page (I've bought a few times from here). If you haven't seen this site before, you might want to make sure to have the "in stock" option selected if you are planning to place an order - you can spend a long time admiring the highly flamed backs, only to realise they are long-sold.
  14. ...particularly when targeting spherical chickens, in a vacuum.