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  1. I am finally going to cut my first Neck/Scroll but I have a question before I begin and mess things up. I am going to attempt to build a Messiah 1716 because I have the drawing for that. The drawing that I have was done by a gentleman whose name is Frank Nichols. I remember there was a discussion about the placement (on this forum) of the Peg Holes/Peg being too high and would interfere with the string above. I know that Frank had some errors (said by a few on this forum) in his drawing. My question is can anyone refer me to this post of being too high or if Franks drawing does have an error in this area direct me to another drawing which is correct. OR at least explain to me how much I have to move the Peg Hole (which ever one was in question) so it won't interfere with any other. Please don't get the idea that I am knocking Frank's drawing because that is the last thing I want to do. I know it is MUCH more then I could ever draw! I'm just wanting to make sure what I have is correct and not ruin the first one that I ever make. I do understand that I can't expect perfection with the first one or even tenth (if that ever has been obtained on anyone's violin) but sure would like to try! I hope that I have explained myself well enough to understand the problem.
  2. Some time ago I remember reading an article written by ? which said to drill the “G” peg hole lower or higher so as not to interfere with the “D” or “A” strings when tightening? Is this a common practice?
  3. So here is my back plate (I hope). I would like to cut from the left side of the piece of maple on the same angle as it is now toward the vertical line just to the right of the date stamp and take off about 5mm. My determination is that I will have maybe 12mm left and the other side I would have maybe 7 - 8mm left. At the vertical line I should have 19-20mm left. So the question is: What is the minimum I need at both sides of this piece and what is the minimum height I need at the vertical line? One other question is should that high spot at the vertical line been in more of the center of the wood? Thanks to all again that have been trying to understand my question/questions.
  4. Thanks for all the responses! I presently have two benches, one at 35 1/2" X 6' and one at 39 1/4" X 15'. I have never worked at either for any great length of time like I anticipate will be needed during the construction of a violin. I'm not far off from what Michael Darnton suggested so hopefully it will wok out! Thanks to all again!
  5. Is there such a dimension for a ultimate workbench height while making violins? And if so how is this determined for the user? Thanks for any input!
  6. I guess I should have asked what is the minimum thickness needed at the center of the rear plate and also at the area of the purfling BEFORE carving? Then I would know how much, if any at all, I would be able to cut from the plate to make matching ribs.
  7. I'm pretty sure the above questions should have been in the "Pegbox" rather then here in the "Contemporary Maker's Gallery" but don't know how to move or delete is. I'm sorry!
  8. I am new to this hobby and surely don't want to make a mistake concerning the cutting of a one piece rear plates. What I would like to do is cut approx. 5 mm off the top of my plate on both sides. The present dimensions are 21 1/2 mm wide. It is 20 mm thick on one side and 13 mm thick on the other. The thickest part of the plate is approx. 26 mm thick. If I cut off two slabs (one on each side of the high point) will that still leave me with enough wood? Thanks for any responses!
  9. Is there such a dimension for a ultimate workbench height while making violins? And if so how is this determined for the user? Thanks for any input!
  10. I you can get past building a "Titian" on your very first try here is an alternate to build a violin. Have a look!
  11. After reading all of the responses in this thread I come to the conclusion that most makers don't use templates BUT of course MOST have a lot of experience while others have minimal experience. My question is: wouldn't someone like myself who has never made a violin benefit from templates when I do my first? At least it would be a guide for me to get some experience on approx. has to be taken off the plates?
  12. Speaking of Tool Organizer Racks some time ago there was a picture of one where each gouge was laid in. Best description I can remember. Can anyone help? Thanks
  13. How do I find the drawing that David Sora posted maybe a month ago?
  14. Last June you PM'd me about Frank Nichols scroll drawing and stated you "kept his best printing of a scroll and neck". I have since bought from "The Strad" a poster of Stradivari's "Messiah". Looking at Nichols's drawing and comparing it to "The Strad" poster I see numerous differences between the two. I am looking to making my FIRST violin BUT want to try and do it right but which one do I follow for measurements? I have written Frank about the differences but have not gotten a response. The only great problem is that "The Strad" does not have a complete drawing of the scroll and neck while Frank's does have this. Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated!