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  1. Mold Material

    I liked Peter K-G's idea from IKEA. I thought that Juan Tavira's would be more stable BUT most information I have read indicates the Mold material should be 12mm / 1/2". So won't these two suggestions be too thick?
  2. Mold Material

    Thanks to all for your comments and suggestions! For sure no Marble!
  3. Mold Material

    What is the consensus of material (MDF or Plywood) for the mold? Pros or Cons?
  4. Bending Iron

    Has anyone used this Bending Iron and what is your opinion. Is Digital better then Manual? It draws my attention because of the price. Others I have seen are well over $200 and being a first time builder I wanted something reasonable. Thanks for any comments! Digital Violin/VIola Bending Iron, 110 volt Product Number: T292 Your Price US$145.00 Full Size Image Digital Violin/Viola Bending Iron, 110V. The cast aluminum body is shaped exclusively for the Violin/Viola. Working height is 70mm. Heats up from 0-200 Celsius, no additional transformer is needed since this is now 110 Volt. 1/EACH US$145.00
  5. Stradivari Drawings

    I want to Thank every one that responded to my questions. Sure received a lot of information. I had found the web site "making the violin" although don't understand all of that either. The arching templates are a question as I don't know how much to enlarge the original drawing. Thanks to Frank Nichols & Carl 1961 for their thoughts of wood companies. I did however think I would get more opinions on the subject. Its hard for me to buy looking at a picture. Thanks again to all.
  6. Stradivari Drawings

    I post here because I have decided I want to make a Violin. I have been reading and watching video's of different people making violins for over a year now however I still have questions which have been unanswered. If at all possible, I hope these questions can be answered here. 1. Where can I get a drawing of a Stradivari Messiah 1716 ? I do have some information and a mold drawing but no dimensions, especially with the scroll. From watching some video's I see that the builder does have a set of drawings which is referred to numerous times. 2. The WOOD - Not wanting to buy wood for my first violin from Europe and pay an exorbitant amount, where can I get the wood in the states and from what company in particular? I understand the better the grade the higher the price, but I am a novice at this so therefore I wouldn't even consider buying expensive wood. However, I do want to have made a violin that can be played well and sounds well. 3. Would I be able to purchase all of the wood from one company with the ribs matching the back & neck? Or is this getting into the higher price range? 4. Can someone suggest the minimum gouges I should have on hand to start? 5. Lastly, has anyone built their own bending iron and if so do you have any drawings of it? Any help to the above questions would be greatly appreciated!