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  1. I decided to do something a bit different and it worked pretty well. I used hide glue for my joint so I didn't want to put too much water or steam on it. I ended up clamping the flat side and putting some hot water in the channel (avoiding the joint) and wedging the bent side. I let it sit overnight and it had plenty of bend the next day.
  2. Thank you for the responses! In the Roger Hargrave post he mentions using a v shaped router. I think my biggest issue is coming from the shape of my scraper creating that channel. He also mentions using an iron for steaming. I assumed he meant a bending iron but am now wondering if a clothing iron would work.
  3. I am currently making a viola d'Amore but have been daunted by the bend in the flat back. Today I spent most of the day practicing it with maple but had limited success. Any advice would be appreciated! The process I've been trying is scoring an initial line with a knife and then using a v- shaped scraper made from an old band saw blade to deepen the channel. The wood thickness is about 4.5 mm and I've tried leaving between 1-2 mm of material under the channel. I then wet cotton or paper towel on the channel and put it against a cello bending iron. The issues I've been having are mostly delami
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