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  1. "Legendary" and "iconic." They managed to include two of my least favorite words.
  2. Divorce it and find a younger one.
  3. I tried a Pirastro Gold e string today and the ball does fit over the prong. Good to know in an emergency. There are probably other brands where this will work. Thank you to those who have responded today.
  4. I'm taking the liberty to revive this old thread because it has some good info, and because I haven't been able to find any other discussion of this issue. I have four violins ranging in quality from pretty nice to real cheap and I've equipped each of them with the Hill-style tuners and all but one of them are causing my e strings to break. I've tried filing the edges, using those plastic protectors, and I just ordered a "genuine" Gotz fine tuner on line. Filing the edges hasn't prevented string breakage; the metal is really tough. The plastic protectors work but they're really hard to handle, especially if you break a string in a rehearsal or just before a concert. Gluing them on hasn't worked for me either, so I revived the thread in hope of finding good insights.
  5. Well, Sterne did provide us with his plot outlines, here and there; So, yes, there is a sort of resemblance to an MN thread.
  6. Those are only dangerous when someone has removed the lead counterweights to help balance cheap bows.
  7. Not too crazy about the elevator music backing up that video, though. I wonder who selected it.
  8. I think Sterne's Tristram Shandy should be added to the list of essential reading.
  9. That's good eyes. The photo angle almost hides it.
  10. When I play, my right thumb tends to contact the lower treble corner, so I'd prefer a three-cornered violin simply for my own convenience. But then what would I fasten my "strad pad" onto?
  11. Thanks for posting the viola cam. Laughed myself silly!
  12. Is this controller better than the Green Air THC-1 that I think you used to recommend? IT appears to be less than half as expensive. My THC-1 is still plugging away after several years' use, but I've never especially liked it. It seems pretty hard to set to a given humidity range.
  13. Can't be worse? What if she had an anchor tatoo on her arm?
  14. Also known as "acephalgic migraine" if there's no headache associated with it. Just as you described. Another term for it is "scintillating scotoma."
  15. Tranformers will step up or step down an AC waveform to a higher or lower voltage. Probably had nothing to do with the parking lot lights you saw flickering. Are you certain they were LED and not mercury vapor? WIFI? I have it disabled at my house. I only use wired connections, at least as far as I can have any control over it, but it's interesting that your wife can feel the WIFI emanations. I have an old oscilloscope here (left over from my ham radio days) and I'm considering trying Burgess' experiment to look at the waveforms. If I do, and if it's interesting, maybe I'll post photos.
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