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  1. phutatorius

    Store bought varnish? I think I've found the right stuff?

    What is wrong with tung oil?
  2. Mostly CD but some vinyl, and some youtube videos for specific performances/performers or things I don't have at all. Classical vinyl (used) seems like a bargain these days, but not many brick and mortar stores carry it.
  3. phutatorius

    Something I've NEVER had happen on eBay........

    Inherent vice!
  4. phutatorius

    Juzek 1938 Master Art - Where to Auction/Sell

    I'd second the advice to go to Elderly in Lansing. If it shows up there, I'll even go down and give it a look myself. Elderly will want 20% as a commission, I believe. Brian, who runs the violin shop is quite knowledgeable. I have sold instruments there successfully over the years. If you visit Elderly with your violin, go on Thursday afternoon. Craigslist, Skinner's and T2 are other options.
  5. This is good. It seems like there are no end of attempts to take absolute music and make it programatic in one way or another. And, as for the out-of-tuneness attributed to the piano recording, it's probably an equal temperament issue. A violinist adjusts the double and triple stops to sound right but this obviously can't be done on a piano.
  6. I thought the opening (at least) of the piano version sounded bombastic. I'm afraid to listen to the massed cello version, suspecting that it might be like those orchestrations of Bach organ works. But what a wonderful piece of music it is! I first encountered it in a classical guitar transcription by Segovia, back before I switched to violin. My guitar teacher, when he gave it to me to work on nearly 50 years ago, said "there's enough music in this one piece for a whole lifetime."
  7. Yes he did. The video is the second concert of two that he did at the Cook Recital Hall at Michigan State Univ on two very cold January nights two or three years ago. The first night, which I attended, he offered an intermission half way through, but the second night he went non-stop. All from memory, of course. I think the two concerts at MSU were about the 4th and 5th on the tour.
  8. phutatorius

    Interesting violin with Strad label

    Maybe it's someone trying to score some points against "the yahoos at Maestronet." It's interesting that some of the most expert "yahoos" here have avoided responding to this thread.
  9. phutatorius

    Opinions on this label

  10. phutatorius

    Hardcore job

    Maybe $2500, based on the same Roth model from 1968. The Bubenreuth Roths don't get the prices the pre-war ones do, as you're probably aware. On the other hand check, Amazon for "Roth violin" and you may see a 1724 Strad from 1958 priced at $19,999 plus $3.99 for shipping - if it's still listed there.
  11. phutatorius

    Violin shop bankruptcy in Chicago

    Regarding the filing of a UCC-1 form, here's a further complication that I just discovered. Once the consigned instrument is sold, the UCC-1 form does not, apparently, go away automatically, but hangs around for years and may interfere with the violin shop's ability to get new financing. I had done a UCC-1 form for a consigned violin that was subsequently sold and thought that was the end of it. Wrong! So I just filed a UCC-3 form terminating my UCC-1, so the shop I was dealing with could get new credit! Another $15 filing fee! The shop's owner told me that it was the first time in their 44 years in business that anyone had filed a UCC-1 on them! So I guess I'm a little bit embarrassed.
  12. phutatorius


    I know someone who plays one. I call it her hurdy-gurdy without the crank. A real pain to tune and to buy strings for.
  13. phutatorius

    Rogue Wave

    A nail driven into the tree and later pulled out?
  14. phutatorius

    Old leather violin case

    Thinking uke? (They're quite popular now, near where I live for reasons I don't quite understand.) I think the clasp is more like Zippy the Pinhead than a smileyface, actually. (Zippy was an American comic done by Bill Griffith, which sometimes even mentioned people like John Ruskin.) And the violin inside looks a lot like a Mittenwald violin I once owned, if it's possible to tell from the photo.
  15. phutatorius

    Did MN just disappear for a couple of days?

    Thanks. So it wasn't just my computer. Good to know.