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  1. phutatorius

    Stupid violinist questions

    I don't think that's quite it: The binding on a classical guitar makes a sharper corner, if anything, than the rounded overhang on a violin. Back when I played classical guitar, I think it was the way the guitar was held, between the player's legs, that avoided discomfort due to the edge cutting in to my arm. For other acoustic guitar styles, the edge can get uncomfortable. The edge of a Fender Telecaster can be uncomfy, but it's still less sharp than the rounded edge of a violin. I think the answer is simply that guitars and violins evolved separately with differing methods of construction.
  2. phutatorius

    Violin shop bankruptcy in Chicago

    My understanding is that filing a UCC-1 form, in the event of a bankruptcy, makes you a "secured creditor" rather than an "unsecured creditor." Thus if the instrument has not been sold, you can get it back, and if it has been sold you enjoy a higher payment priority than the unsecured creditors, who are typically going to get pennies on the dollar, if that. It costs $15 and is a simple form, easy to file online. The value of the UCC-1 is that it puts creditors "on notice" that your consignment instrument is not an asset of the business that is filing bankruptcy.
  3. phutatorius

    Violin ID? 18th Century?

    I agree with Delabo. I get better photos than that with my cheap endoscope and a luthier light (see previous threads on endoscopes and luthier lights). Maybe it just takes a little practice.
  4. phutatorius

    New ebay policy?

    Are you sure of this? I logged on just now and did an advanced search for "completed listings" on violins and there were lots of hits.
  5. phutatorius

    ethical question about deposits

    You might want to keep a separate account for client funds "not yet earned" so that you don't come up short some time later. Lawyers are required to do this by their state bars.
  6. phutatorius

    1916 Carlo Oddone violin??

    Perhaps it's just an odd one.
  7. phutatorius

    Luigi Fabris (Fabrio) violin? Venice?

    Right up until you opened the box.
  8. phutatorius

    Anyone buy from YM Music?

    You'll find discussions of this and other Chinese sellers such as Joyee on violinist dot com if you look. I've bought one from YM and two from Joyee. The YM violin needed the fingerboard planed because there was a hump near the nut. I paid for that and a new setup and sold it, breaking even at least. Tonally, I prefer the two I bought from Joyee. I sold the first one for a small profit, and I still have the second one, a "Ron Slam" Guarneri copy.
  9. phutatorius

    Unusual, Possibly Unique, Violin by Hoel Hinman, Vermont

    How much does it weigh?
  10. phutatorius

    Community orchestra

    I, too, grew up in one of those "marching band" towns, so at least I could read treble clef with ease when I first picked up violin in my 20s. Our community orchestra plays about five concerts/season. It's a "no audition" orchestra, but they can still sound pretty good with some ambitious programs. Last year, which was my first with this orchestra, I played just one concert cycle (the Halloween program) and sat out the rest of the season. I had to do a lot of "silent bowing" where I was unable to keep up in the fast passages, and tended to devote most of my practice time to orchestra material, much of which I didn't really care for; eg. "Phantom of the Opera." All-in-all it was not very satisfying. However, I attended their final concert this Spring and really enjoyed that program, thinking, "if all their programs were like that one I'd definitely rejoin." So I'm considering making another attempt next Fall. Good luck, Pawsplus, in getting back to playing, and if you're as opinionated about musical selections as I am, be prepared to compromise.
  11. phutatorius

    Stefano Scarampella Fake quality

    Not to be a wise guy or anything, but if I remember the Vonnegut novel correctly it was "chronosynclastic infundibulum."
  12. phutatorius

    PLEASE Help Me Find a Fine Tuner!

    I agree. Nice, Hill style fine tuners - plus since it's coming from Johnson Strings, per the link, you'll also start getting their catalog. There'll be lots of tempting eye candy to enjoy.
  13. phutatorius

    funniest pieces for violin in the classical repertoire?

    "The Mousetrap" by Anonymous.
  14. phutatorius

    why does workmanship matter?

    This is interesting because I own one of those "Toyotas." I think "cold an lifeless" is even harder to define than "workmanship" but, then again, this is why I follow Maestronet - to educate myself about those things.
  15. phutatorius

    Case humidifier

    I just bought a new violin case that came with a double "vapor jar" humidifier. I hadn't seen one of these before and I'm not sure how safe it is, but I suppose I have about 3-6 months here in Michigan to figure all that out before I'll need to use it. I don't like that it is positioned above the violin, when the case is being carried by its handle, but maybe this type is perfectly safe. I have tossed out all my dampit types. I have a Stretto that I think is safe, but I have to locate my supply of stretto bags that I've put away someplace. I like the idea of using a plastic soap case with a damp sponge inside, or a film canister with a sponge. Cheap, practical and safe - I think.