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  1. 12-20K Viola Suggestions

    Thanks. Funny.
  2. 12-20K Viola Suggestions

    I don't mean to steal the thread, but could you give a little more info on sales to the public at the VSA conference. I just took a quick look at the VSA website and didn't see this sort of info.
  3. April fools

    Good one!
  4. I've tried sticking small bits of childen's clay (from the toy dept) on various places on the bridge, just to hear the effect. Right now, however, I'm trying some different e-strings. If I had to guess what that was, I guess Gumby earmuffs.
  5. Restore your very own Amati!

    However, Slocum's "antiquated sloop," the Spray, was no Amati; more of an SSO (sloop shaped object). Slocum's book was a favorite of mine when I was young.
  6. Restore your very own Amati!

    "Partially restored in the Rene Morel workshop" according to the latest description added this morning, I think.
  7. Violin Making Schools

    An economical associates degree isn't a bad idea. When I was 50 (20 years ago) I dropped about $50,000 on a law degree and then hated the practice of law. I wished I'd spent that money on a violin making school instead.
  8. Violin Making Schools

    Given the reality of student debt, I wonder how practical this advice really is to get a degree just for the sake of a degree. Instead, I'd endorse Brad Dorsey's advice above.
  9. Best gadget for taking internal photos of violins etc.?

    I picked this one up from ebay for $16 but it looks as though they've lowered the price. I found that it works well with my PC but that the right angle mirror accessory that comes with it doesn't work for some reason.
  10. Merry Christmas

    Uh, not to be the Word Police, but shouldn't that be "prescribes" and not "proscribes"? aaaaaaand, thank you "Uncle Bob" for putting the X back in ..... our literally surreal, iconic, legendary and impactful holiday season.
  11. Deliberately Angled Soundpost

    "Also, for what it's worth, the instrument is a Czech cello made by Ladislav Prokop in 1933." That's from the OP's post. Nothing too colorful there.
  12. Deliberately Angled Soundpost

    I played a violin with a non-vertical soundpost at a local shop. The violin was made by a maker who posts or who used to post here. I would think that a slanted post would be more likely to fall or slip, and that it would be more difficult and thus more expensive to get a new sp fitted sometime later. Thus, for me, it would be a reason to avoid that violin.
  13. Turner violin Mittenwald imported

    I think the stamp on the bottom of the neck would make me crazy! Why did they do that?
  14. Dating Violin without Label

    The grain is authentic enough, but the flame or waviness on the outside is clearly painted on. See especially that photo of the ribs near the neck.

    Is that bridge made of balsa wood?