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    Is that bridge made of balsa wood?
  2. How do you play fifths on high positions

    I'd say experiment and find out what works for you. Maybe a flatter finger to cover both strings, or if you can manage it, use two fingers.
  3. Perpendicular does not exist on violin tops...

    According to Wikipedia, screws as we know 'em, especially wood screws, didn't come along until after Strad was dead - mid to late 18th century. Of course you might have been making a "joak."
  4. String Shelf Life

    Nope. Wasn't you. I generally use Dominants from Shar so I guess I'm safe buying a set or two in advance.
  5. String Shelf Life

    I don't know whether it's preferable to revive an old thread or begin a new one. I looked at several threads regarding violin string shelf life: Two years ago I visited the shop of a Michigan violin maker, who rather dogmatically insisted that if you buy your strings six months in advance, when you put them on you are installing "old strings" so he recommended against it. I questioned him about whether it was exposure to moisture or to light or to air or to something else that was aging the strings. He became a little defensive and couldn't give any specific answer. But it's made me hesitant, since then, to buy strings in advance. But it appears from the threads I've viewed this morning that the consensus is that there is little problem with storing strings in a climate and humidity controlled place, away from excessive heat and light for six months to a year. Sort of like where I store my violin anyway.
  6. Assuming that you are serious about your ulnar nerve, etc, I've been dealing with similar for at least 20 years. Both arms. It doesn't help my playing of fast passages. I try to sleep with my arms as straight as possible, which helps. Sorry about the drift away from the main topic.
  7. Violin wood "undulations"?

    I like the ripple effect, and assumed it was deliberate, unlike the billiard ball violins referenced above. Both of my Bubenreuth-era Roths have it to some extent and several Heberleins I've seen have it to an extreme. Maybe it's a German thing.
  8. Violins are so cute...

    Its end pin won't develop much until its about 13 years old.
  9. Just when you think that you have seen everything.

    My theory on the original post is that someone didn't realize that bows were actually meant to be rehaired, and, being the frugal sort, thought they could invent a way to reuse the stick after the original hair was gone instead of just throwing it away and getting a new one.
  10. Is this authentic Ch.J.B. Collin-Mezin violin ?

    None of the photos give any indication of the fingerboard projection. I'd sure want to know about that, though I'm no expert.
  11. When have you 'arrived'?

    So we most assuredly have not arrived. We play for free at the hospice. If we play the same program a few months later, no problem!
  12. Homemade Spool Clamps

    Those look as good as the ones I bought and have never used. The ones I purchased didn't have anything covering the threads either. A design improvement would seem to be a ratchet affair so that the clamps could be applied more rapidly, before the hide glue sets up. I think I purchased 33 of them.
  13. Would you sell him a violin - you made?

    I saw him play once at Northwind Farms in East Lansing. Quite a show & I was a fan. I read that he had drug issues for a while. He was hard on bows, but the fiddle seemed to survive.
  14. Tonewood Auction from Hargrave Collection

    Maybe it's Stradivari's Secret!