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  1. What I can tell you there is an saddle crack that seems to be open, the neck looks varnished (yikes) and you will need new pegs. So keep those investments in mind when calculating your budget. Maybe ask for better pictures of the bow. Neglecting the bows, I am not sure if I would pay $1000 for that violin.
  2. "So magical is the sound of the Antares it can easily be mistaken for a Del Jesu." If I only ever heard a violin from Jesu (s?) I could compare it.
  3. That should be one of the most ugly contemporary instruments I have seen.
  4. With a well fittet cork it should be possible to get it on that viola too.
  5. I dont know how they are today, but when I was a child I feared they would pull out my teeth when removing. They were very very sticky. If they are not sticky there is maybe a shrinking problem which will false the outcome. Actually I dont have a spontanious idea what could work instead, so its not really helpfull. Maybe use something that is only flexible under a strong magnetic field or under something different you can provide and set off quickly. I will think through a few magnetoplasts and stuff.
  6. As I said, that is a customer not ErgoVio itself.
  7. Cooked to death: There was severe damage to the varnish and open seams. There was also humidity damage to the wood, very noticeable at the f holes. Scenario: warm, windy and sunny day. Starting point: climated room, 30 min walk in the sun. The case was not black btw. It is not only about where it gets absorbed. Wood laminate can get a lot of energy distributed over the whole outside structure. While current cases like gewa air always brake at the direct point of impact a wooden laminated one often brakes at totally diffefent positions. Heating in the sun is by far not only dependend on the surface colour. Another positive effect of wood are its buffering capabilities when it comes to humidity.
  8. If you harden the mouth a bit you have a very nice bottle opener!
  9. I dont think so, but the variaty of weight seems to be a bit higher than today.
  10. Mr Musafia is not a scientist, but his goal was to build a cf case which he dropped after testing, with the help of scientists. I dont say that cf is inferiour, that is certainly not true, but on the current market there is no case that can compete with the wooden ones when it comes to security. This might very well change in the future. The problem starts very early, I think some builders are msitaken in the construction goal. The case needs to absorb energy, not just be as durable as possible in the case of an impact. Many take that wrong. Mr. Bergner showed me some results from his testings too. Cheap cases of wood (not made by him) scored significantly better than any artificial material case he looked at. He never published this, it was just his personal approach on building a good case. Again, this is no general rule, only for the current cases. Riboni also tried to build one, that never actually hit the market afaik. Maybe they are finally on the track to build a good wooden case alternative.
  11. The senza system is a customer of him, yes.
  12. I have all my fittings made by him, "my" violin maker only uses them. I also know other premium fitters and ErgoVio can compete quite well, in wood choosen and in crafting. I talked to the owner a couple of months ago, he is still active and I think its going well enough that he will be there the next years. I know Rittwagen and if I remember correctly Radke use his fittings, both are quite nice on the phone and speak a bit of English, if you want to talk to them.
  13. I remember my first "Oh my god it can be so easy" moment when trying a bow of a teacher. I got a couple of good bows, basically to cover exactly the same differences you descripe. If I had to choose only one of my bows I would actually go for playability, assuming differences are small in sound and playability. I cannot tell you what to do. Maybe the following thought: You get home after tireing long day but want to play that one piece shortly. Not testing bows, not working on technicd, just that small piece for fun. Which one will you grap?
  14. Thats pernambuco of good quality. I like the carving of the head too.
  15. At the beginning of the 20th centrury there were a few metal bows on the market (Vuillaume built one too if I remember correctly) and there were also classical players convinced by them. So I am not to suprised that its worn. I own a Arcus Cadenza Gold that is worn quite a lot, alltough I dont use it much any more. It is about the same weight and it is refreshing to play such a light bow on long days. I never found it to be too light, on the other hand I own a 61g Grünke I never find to heavy.
  16. In general not a problem, of course you should decide for the right one.
  17. I had (luckily a cheaper) violin I use as my outdoor and travel fiddle at my lucal luthier for general overworking, mainly because the strings digged that far into the fingerboard it was a plane when the strings were pushed down (it was as clean is it could be before btw). She "cleaned" it with something oily (by the smell I guess viol), I had to polish it of for hours until I could touch it again without leaving marks on it.... On a very very dirty cheap fiddle I once used this stuff: The fiddle got clean, but I think I took of half the varnish with it xD
  18. The technical comment was about the vid. Neither Carl (I think) nor I do such work. The weapon of choice is a piece of chalk or a pen.
  19. Way to technical I could think of that soundpost as a nice tool to test out a violin before making a final one.
  20. From the pictures I saw with great success. My wife called them surreal looking, when I showed her.
  21. Propably because they can make it flatter this way?
  22. It was damn early in the morning where I live
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