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  1. And if you heat from 20°C to 80°C, what kind of pressure do you get? Of course it gets relevant (even if simplified), as you need to surpase the atmospheric pressure (or in this case the significant higher one) for vaporation. Of course you are right about the cooker and the radiation. The point is, that the standard assumptions done for the relativ humidity fail here.
  2. (p×V)/T = n R Start from there and you will see in an air tight system (I have no idea if those cases actually are) the relativ humidity can increase with the temperatur rising. Of course this is not true for open systems.
  3. Assuming it is what the label tells, its one of the category VII, today called Master, which are available at around $4000 when purchased new. I would not go for the risk to buy a label in a different violin (those scratches could be caused in the attempt to remove it) in this case. It is not one of the instruments he made himself but a workshop violin, already cleated. Why spent the same with all the risk and not being able to play before? Oh, and this guy should have a look at Fiorillos score again, this was not only shortend but even played with many wrong notes.
  4. I know a luthier (Hodap senior, forgot the surname) going beyond a milimeter. I always felt this beeing nice for left hand pizz but bad for the general playing.
  5. The evah a is very high tension and thin, also hard. This does have a major influence.
  6. Not only enough but the right amount. To much pressure kills the sound too.
  7. Your fingers simply damp the strings. Its common to a certain point. Try to curve your fingers adequatly.
  8. There are a lot of violins that are a kind of soft copy, accurate outlines but archings, scroll and varnish planed by the luthier building it. Of course one could argue if those are copys or not.
  9. No long weekend in Germany Looks like the floor in my living room. This guy would have loved CF.
  10. I do appreciate this. I had my Gütter with great setup at a luthier that changed the soundpost position to "normal" and adjusted the post. Never sounded the same later on...
  11. As a player I like to have those information. For example I can tell one of my violins beeing a Guarneri copy but still cant decide between ill cannone and Ysay to be the model.
  12. Do you commenly use the Guseto model?
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