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  1. Thanks for the response. Please let me know what other information I need to provide. 2" above the center of the A string length is the least concavity. It is a high spot of the fingerboard. The string height at the center of the length is 3.5mm. Maybe the .9mm you gave is for the nut height? Am confused. And it is 6mm at the end of the fingerboard. I can't take this to a shop because I can't drive for a while because of my health and meds. Just would like to figure this out while I am stuck home.
  2. I have a cello I just bought used. It was hardly played. Probably because of the buzzing. Have not played since High School and trying it again. I have played guitar for years and work on my own instruments. Familiar with basic guitar setup. On this cello it does not buzz on open strings. When fretting the A and somewhat D string in first or second position it buzzes very bad. I attached two pictures. In the first I used a straight edge and there is light between the straight edge & fingerboard from just below the nut to the top of the body. In the second picture my finger is where the straight edge again makes full contact with the fingerboard. This leads me to believe the neck or fingerboard is warped? Or is scooped wrong? Or something else? Or bridge is too low? I didn't pay much for this cello (though I found it was close to its new price) and don't want to put much money into it as I don't know if I will play it much. Just wanted to try cello again. Thanks for any help or info. Paul
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