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  1. The inscriptions are of the local violin shop names and website, and I didn't wanted to impose that I was trying to advertise. I'm trying to buy a violin within the budget, but I can't decide what is best deal. Slightly better sounded but unknown violin or known Eastman, John Juzek,etc for similar price.
  2. I have a budget of $1200 for a violin, and was looking at Eastman 305. I tried 2003 Eastman 305 with a used pernambuco bow, and it sounded really nice compared to my 1983 Suzuki 220. But my local violin shop had and recommended 2015 Carlo Moretti, which I also tried with pernambuco bow, and it seemed sounded little better than Eastman. Of course, I don't have trained ear as I'm only on Suzuki book 4. I think this Carlo Moretti was a rental, as I can see some wear. Also, inside, it had this local violin shop label with handwritten Carlo Moretti, serial number, and date. When I