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  1. Hello I am also exploring some yellow retouch pigments at the moment. It seems like Cadmium Yellow (PY37, 77199) stands out from the list in Weisshaar and seems to check out in Mayer, Doerner, and Wehlte. Kremer has a range of Cadmium Yellows. According to Doerner it should not come in contact with Lime. Tartrazine Lake (PY100, Yellow #5) is available HERE as a cosmetic pigment. Anyone know if this would have the same supplier as artist pigments? I may give them a call.
  2. That was my experience as well. I visited several times in the late 1990's when Bob Sheldon was the curator. Once he felt confident I was trustworthy, he pretty much left me alone to play and examine the collection. It may have helped that I am also a professional string player. When the new curator came, I noticed the same things mentioned. She seems to have done a better job of making sure the collection is maintained.
  3. Perhaps the rib taper is fine tuning the center of the air cavity... Any takers?
  4. He made several violins, went to war and did not come back. Perhaps he would have become known with the gift of time: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-leeds-40175696
  5. Feng Jiang Felix Krafft Ben Ruth The competition seemed very professional.
  6. Tool and Die makers deal with high tolerances that are hard to achieve in woodworking. Steel is much more stable that wood.
  7. Now or in 1500, Violin makers can tend to be outliers ahead of their time in the search for materials.
  8. Does anyone remember the data regarding how thick on average the visible layer of a bare, smooth surface of spruce and maple is? (ie how far down can you see into the wood cells without anything on it). With a thin thoughtful size of shellac for example (of which I am a fan) how exactly does that change the perception of depth?
  9. I am pretty sure the Otto Benjamine ML-300 is Eastman. The price is equivalent to the VL305 so my bet is it is essentially a VL305. Eastman also does special edition violins for M and Arts in the more advanced student models.
  10. The 'Strobel' at Music and Arts, aside from the instruments supplied by H. Core, are an Eastman. The Eastman model 80, 100 and 200 can have some crossover with the higher numbers having better fittings, etc. A number of shops have Eastman make them a line of instruments with their shop brand name on the label. In the case of M. and Arts, they seem to have two suppliers for their shop brand 'Strobel'.
  11. I believe Music and Arts also gets a 'Strobel' violin from Howard Core.
  12. Yes. My sense is that the Alberti enables you match the correct taper with ease of cut. I feel like the design is more accurate.
  13. I am also a huge fan of the Albertis. In my experience, pegs cut with Herdim shapers do not match holes cut with their reamers. Pegs shaved with the Alberti do match holes cut with my Herdim Spiral reamer.
  14. I agree, the trick is to get sufficient color into the ground without affecting its natural look.