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  1. Well said, Bill. See them.all panicking, those who are the auctioneers, and dealers, and there is no reason for using ivory anymore, nor bone, nor Ebony, nor horse hair from slaughtered Siberian horses, as they can grow tails of which can be cut, in single hank sizes, alive, which would make the price sky rocket for bow hair which is correct, as well as ethical on every level. As for gut strings, I was asked by someone who wanted to know how they were made and if I had any going cheap. So I began explaining the process in detail and when I got to the sheep's intestines needing to be very fresh and hot and so the animal was still alive at evisceration, the phone went dead... I rest my case. As in, I do care about how mass slaughter is cruel enough but again and again, I keep wondering why keep prestige alive and kill off endangered species by signing that petition? Ivory is being sold buy the ton. If you sign that, then you should be made to work in a slaughterhouse. Too many of us on the planet. China throws out millions of ivory goods daily globally using dollars and euro, Ebony, ivory, tortoise shell, etc. Stop them by not buying it. Use alternatives which are better, safer, more stable and then people who are still living in the middle ages might become endangered species.
  2. Now that shows eloquence and Violadamore luv, and has earned you a gold star, as well as Whit of the month. I actually laughed out loud. (I'm being sincere)
  3. Hi Dave luv, naah, I don't do beer as it tends to make me a bit nasty. I start biting the heads off sheep. (I'm joking). Hang on, beer or lager? Beer in Britain is a Tankard of stuff that folkies try to drink like Wobbly Bob. Lager is what football supporters drink in cans, like Fosters, etc. I stick to Vodka and lemonade. If anyone ever tried to force a shot of Dark Rum, I definitely would finish off invading Poland. (Again I am joking) And here is proof of my transformation after imbibing a rum and black...
  4. Sean Connery, yep, have you seen Hell Drivers? A British sixties film with him in, Pat McGoohan, (The Prisoner. Number 6) AndThe Best Actor EVER! Welsh, of course. Sir Stanley Baker. What a man! He was real. Look, I won't have that about work. Us Liverpudlians work bloody hard. There's always lazybones but they are scroungers. And they are everywhere. We built The Ships and the women of Liverpool work till they drop down. Get your facts straight before calling British people lazy.
  5. Sorry Jeffrey, I was a bit emotional. I found out from doing my family tree and found out my GG grandfather was born in The English Channel in Iowa, he was Third Generation Cree and Walker. His Grandfather was William Walker, Born in Hudson Bay area AND I am George Walker Bush's 2nd cousin. Sorry but that is appalling. Not the Cree Indian obviously...
  6. The funniest film, but would have flopped without Marty Feldman. Cornballs as in Yanks, are cheesy, and the film was on the BBC so no adverts So Viledamore, do you scare the horses? Or are you as gorgeous as me? I reckon that Britain won the wars because of the BBC and not wasting time advertising every two minutes, just makes me hate yanks so bloody much, always wasting time, ignorance, inarticulate drivel spouting on and on about how a dry weave top sheet changed some unconvincing Hollywood clip on teethed crank, ruining everything and making me swear like a Docker at the silly cow. The film was held together by A British comedian and those cheese ball actors, who are totally up their a holes and lack irony, pathos, whit, would have flopped it without Marty. And I will try to explain why. Yanks are ignorant, big mouthed, cheesy, self absorbed bigots, crass, rude, loud, lack cognitive awareness and self consciousness. They are cheesy, hammy, vomit making stilted, bigoted know it alls. They are not funny. None. Hardy needed Laurel to get the performance in context with the actual realism. That is why your best Directors where British. Hitch called actors cows. They needed herding. We British know when the party is over and work starts. That is why we won the wars and studied at the school of self doubt. That violin is crap vtw. The red Golfredo Cappa thing. I wouldn't have it in the house, looks like a London bus spray painter had a go at the varnish.
  7. I love that film. It is so bloody good. I was watching that on BBC 2 the other night. No adverts, which is how Britain won the war, wars. Because wasting time listening to bullshit babbling by yanks causes me to swear like a Docker! And, Marty Feldman is funnier, and gave the others a good reason to be grateful for his mastery at the art of realistic, adult mastery of the true art of comedic pathos, whit, and that is why youyanks love our comedians, as you are very cheesy, always, any of the cheese ball yanks in that film would have flopped it without a doubt. Fact. I despise adverts, and yanks who really are just not funny, they are all cheesy.
  8. This is a genuine Giuseppe?I'm confused now. Is this photo of a copy or of a genuine Messiah type original?
  9. at Hi Cossman luv. Have you got YouTube? Well, there's a good video some Russian lad has put up there when Amati family, Stradivari and Guarneri violins and violas, really very good footage of these instruments in the flesh, so to speak, as they were being exhibited to the public. You get a goodlong look at the Guarneri's without the needless chit-chat. Can't remember what his video title is, something like a display of Amati, Stradivari and Guarneri. This useless typing on here. I give up. I will look for it now and link it but I am being moderated constantly so this post won't apparently appear for a few days. Ask The Strad magazine for a copy print. Why not? If you don't ask you don't. Get! xxx
  10. Hi all, I use pins made from pernambuco from bow blank offcuts. They can be shaped very finely without splitting. Well, almost no splitting. What pins did the Cremona lads and girls use, does anybody know? Also, how wide at the nut including the edges of the pegbox was on a Stradivari violin, and a Guarneri Del Gesu violin? I am just about fed up looking for dimensions, widths typically Cremonese when they were all using the same pattern? Or, did the makers in the quadrant use their individual measures for the scroll dimensions? Here is a scroll from the violin I'm varnishing. My varnish has gone nobbly, but I haven't rubbed it down yet.
  11. Herman, bingo. Unfortunately, horses gone, that land sold off, as that was many years ago, about 30 years. Still miss Hercules the Third I'd rather have all that back than a fiddle. A violin is as good as this one is no squirrely amateur. Neither is it's owner. Me. Okay?
  12. I think I don't really need a follow up. Read comments from mostly everyone speculating on their opinion that it was fabricated in the Markneukirchen violin school. Meaning, I probably agreed because it looks very similar in build, design. Still looking around £7000. The concensus is as vaguely familiar as per on here. Many fantastic craftspeople worked with German constrictionary users. Same as normal. If it doesn't have back plate pins, it's a piece of German origin. I installed a self fitting bridge due to plate pressure. And even with a clunky bridge, it's safety across it's bridge area to disperse the pressure off of it, is the reason. The peg holes are in need of reeming, and I was in a hurry to get it playing good enough so I rushed the peg installing, and should have cut shorter the D string. An oh so whatever moment. A harder, or thinned out cut out bridge makes it's sound crap. Honestly this is one deep sonorous player and needs this bridge for a great sound. It's a powerful beast. It's oil varnished, quite quiet under the ears not bright, has resonance like no other violin and plays like driving a cruise ship. One hell of a projection, narrow nut width, unforgiving on bad intonation but smoothly and graciously goes through any number of dynamics and chronimic shifts with precision, works well with a French bow, more lightning on the Devils' trill. Like having a viola without the sloppy scaffolding string wolf notes. It's a working musicians instrument. I can play about 32 notes in 3 seconds. I need a chin like Coney Island though! No hollowness AT ALL. As good as a Stradivari. I recon he would have been impressed with it's revs.
  13. Seriously Violadamore luv, music of all kinds brings out emotions, and imagery in the minds of all living things. It's weird, the human voice is tuned from ancient brain to middle C. Must go and listen to Stravinsky Rite of Spring. When I heard that it's quite unnerving.
  14. Who is Petula? My name is Georgina when I'm shouted at, everyone calls me George, the violin is called Timmy, the dog, you know Famous Five. Last minute George is what the Philharmonic and various other orchestras. I'm having lashings of Ginger beer as we speak. I'm a Walker not Morgan, my late Mother was Welsh, Marjorie Morgan. From Wales, Pont Robert, now Powys, used to be Montgomeryshire. Here is me at the vans with Hercules The Third. And his family. Very Welsh. And here is Pont Robert general store. You are questioned about being!
  15. No they didn't all have pins in the back, Martin, Cappa?
  16. Well, I can tell you all that it's .....a violin. The pins are mahogany and on the front plate. German? Factory? Cremonese? Guarneri? Nope. German construction, small scroll, superb work. Graft. Yes! Rosin, my fault, mainly.
  17. What? Intelligence is measured by listening to music? Jazz was mentioned. I studied jazz. It's like saying every instrument player knows logical analysis of brain functionality in the mid cerebellum after a severe blow to the pre cerebral right frontal cerebral cortex!? ! A brain surgeon may understand but there's piss all he can do about it....Nor would learning the bassoon make you a human computer. Another topic consined to the mad box. I'm a composer of music It takes bloody hard work and dedication son.
  18. I thought that it is time to show you a few arty crappie photos from this phone of my Giuseppe Guarneri. It goes without saying that I expect Fake to be thrown at the thing. It's not a fake.
  19. Molten Tar? Why? Anyway, how to get back to varnishing. The varnish is not the main thing, although everyone keeps banging on about it. Basically, let's say, it's the methods that you find work for you individual like. All Cremonese instruments have now got obvious signs of linseed oil darkening, so much that it's obvious that was used copiously. The ripples on the back of various Cremona violins and the diahoiria brown colour in the end grain of the maple stripes, is obviously oil and nothing like that of the Betts, Blunt, Messiah, etc. Who would be proud of hideous daubed on shit brown and vile yellowing, as is the case of a good few Strads, Amatis, Del Gs?! Many don't get shown, unless they have been Frenched up. Rubbed down, spring cleaned, patched, primped, etc. Slavish copying is pointless but Joe public want a fictional violin for a fictional price so we end up doing far more varnishing than those Cremona lot did. Meaning, that there are so many years age, wear, and deterioration, that copying them is not my idea of fun. I have been at this violin for too bloody long....
  20. Pine resin is toxic. Turpentines are toxic and are from pine resin. linseed oil needs a drying agent or is viscose and poisonous too. So yes, it really is a concoction of which if ingested, would poison you and is flammable when mixed up and heated, as it reacts with oxygen and heat, so does pine resin. Naturally dangerous. I would not try a 1:1 either. As said, stays tacky.
  21. Hi luv, thanks for the information about this stuff. Sounds like hocus pocus ro me, in that everyone who calls themselves a luthier, a seriously good lute maker, knows alchemy and the secrets of time travel, the afterlife and how to build the perpetual motion machine, as all violin makers seem to know everything about everything. He is being obnoxious, and rude, luv and as reading other comments, I seem to not be alone with the same opinion. Very eloquently put, and I commend you sincerely, with your succinct account of the history and ephemeral qualities of the mystique of this erm concoction, and the concoctors' false sense of reality. I scream too, aww xxx
  22. Hi Mary, welcome to you and I hope you are doing as well as can be expected, I am very sorry for your terrible loss. God bless you, luv XXX Craig got into work on bows, didn't he? Well, if you want me to finish off any bows he never completed, or anything else just let me know. I can be of use not that I am that wonderful at making frogs, but I do have a go and get you some help, money wise xxx
  23. I will be 50 on Saturday. I work alone live with my pets. Here is a. Selfy with my violin with me. I have another violin I made and used my own ancient violin varnish which is a recipe I create. It's had many fine layerings. I hope this upload works. Taken from my crap phone. I use ground layerings of different mixtures and ammounts of Venice Turpentines, Natural colour on this one, glad am I that I am alive lol x
  24. After reading about Addie dying, I think as a Welshman, you need to understand that I don't think I am perfect or have some great knowledge so much for asking a simple bloody question. I don't know what approach to take, just about it that's all. I don't get on with red and only this fella can let me know or I am taking a chance if I use it on top of another varnish. That's all, luv. Okay?