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  1. I have fello makers and restorers in Liverpool UK. I sold my cello, I restored to a fellow luthier, Jan Shelley. If you want I can get it off him and sell it to you. I wanted it back for a while now. He says he will sell it back to me for £500. As he has worked on it himself after buying it for a pittance from myself. It's very well worth the price as it's had top notch restoration on it. It's a Galliano. More likely not. More likely a Florenzian from late 1700s. I don't really think I can play cello. I can't but on that cello I can. What upsets me is that I would love to get it back off him for myself as just restored a Tourte cello bow, and I spent so ling on the cello. It's big. Very easy to play and it took me many months of day in day out restoration. No back cracks, however, the centre seem had to be drawn back together, the neck was broken and Jeffrey Holmes, as well as others told me how to repair it successfully and I managed to do so. If this is worthwhile me keeping I would but I don't have time to become a cellust, shamefully. I would love that instrument back though myself. So it is good. Very good. Ya!
  2. I think her cello looks very good. Anything looks good in black and white though so it's not being funny it's just that it would be better in colour.
  3. I know David. I should be on show at The Albert Hall...actually, I am going back to work. No, not selling on eBay, but playing either violin or viola. Maybe both, female multi tasking doesn't stretch to the ability of successfully playing a violin and viola at the same time. I'm available for weddings, funerals, Christenings, public houses, train stations, oh yes, orchestras, folking folk bands, The BBC...maybe not that last one. Just to make it very clear I do not involve myself with playing Mahler.
  4. No! Talent has to come with concienciousness, dilugence, determination, passion, hard bloody work and, what men hate, but grow into human beings by. Failure.
  5. Nice one, Viola luv, some really stupid, dangerous lads out there. On here too. When do men grow up? Not one. But male cat ladies do, usually by being caught out by their women and dumped. or messing about on here! Lol!
  6. The difference between them is that many anecdotes and stories and facts are missing. I know because the original was in the William Brown Library, in Liverpool. I read it and he really knew alot about Stradivari's homes and quoted from certain people who where around. Such as The Bergonsi family, and other sources like parish record office paperwork he was very happy to quote apparently ver batum, regarding the sad, criminal act of his remains being egsumed from The Catholic church, can't remember the name, for heresy, because he was not a good, in that parish's eyes, man, so also about his time in Florence, and the place catching fire the roof, and him being burnt very severely, trying to save his varnished instruments, also his children and wife receiving burns, some first degree burns, as the roof top was of thatch, he says that Stradivari lost a child to that fire. And saved most of ninety or so instruments. I should have kept that book as the wisdom and unscrupulous behaviour of our library of rare documents suffered from exploitation too. poor Stradivari He was convinced I read, also of Stradivari's infamous ground, was obsessed with his belief it was albumen, animal fat and mineral ground to seal the pores, stiffen the wood and honey was mentioned but he was not sure enough as he became rather confused at times over specifics, regarding the use of fish glue, and then he was more confusing regarding templates of various dimensions so, well, I should like to see that original reprinted book, as he seems to believe that Stradivari was a double edged character. He was convinced that he was not treated fairly by his fraternity, nor the Florence influences and the woods, and practices he used, in build quality, Sacconi desperately hangs his hat with as to Stradivari's singularly perfectionism in every detail of everything that made those Florentine instruments thicknesses breadth and depth, of the quality which was made so very very highest level craftpersonship. A Good read. I'd say, Saconni knew maybe the most about the man.
  7. Hi Bill, luv. I reckon you are right. It's so against the back end of mortice, I reckon a soft solder iron is in order. I'm busy cleaning up my house, as well as varnish finishing 2 violins, in this damp weather, and being disabled (not moaning, just saying) I am busy as a very busy bee. So, I reckon to put heat against the thing, then tap hammer it forwards angle to break it as the brass is quite thin, though brass is hard enough to need a good heat at weakest point. Once that thing is off using a good quick few taps, it'll shatter, then I can drill cut the actual swine, the angle against the end at 68 degrees, plenty of hard padding. Heat will just cause more swelling of the carbined steel so best angle tap see if it frees a bit and use a baring hard steel inserted into the angled drilled hole in the screw at 55 degree and it's going to cool down first, then tap it force it slowly towards coming out of it's jamming position, then as soon as you can feel it freeing, it'll come good outright twist at end.
  8. Whilst cleaning out my fish again full of cold me so v. Tired. I know that drilling into the screw is a stupid overkill, even with the brass eyelet out of the equation, it's going to be too hard to get through that solid steel. However, I have an embryonic idea. If I get a purchase on the screw after heat drilling at it's weakest point whilst wrapping it around the mortice with masking tape, like a buffering cradle, then wrapping stiffening sticks, to support the actual underneath of the stick at mortice and putting it in the hair jig. Then after I drill, or tip end soldering, get a 68 degree angle cut against the weak twine screw deep enough, I can maybe, using Bills advice on moving the screw down the mortice, with tap hammering, using a, well a tap hammer and a smal finely honed flat ended screw driver at that angle to see if the screw can be tempted to shift towards the exit of the stick end! If I can jolt itself towards without the encumbrance that's the trouble causer:- the brass eyelet which needs removing due to it's proximity inhibitating position but end against edge of end mortice channel then I can go to the top of the class, well A for effort anyway. Then I can get on with sleep food and actually finding the effin frog....AaaaaH!!!!! Then cuddling my fur kitten. And I will do it with photos too. So in the future if some poor, barstard who doesn't deserve to be given this situation, never caused trouble for anyone, always looked after others, never swore on purpose, or set fire to cats, went to church, Synagogue or Mosk, loved and cared for his or her mummy, daddy, sisters brothers, ferrets, whippets, hedgehogs, who wrpt at Lassie films, and apologised for everything doesn't end up in a high security mental hospital for the criminally insane, after this attempt, then God be blessed.
  9. Brad, luv that's the trouble, it's stuck with the wood tight as nun's corset, and the wood is very hard Brazilian and very slim in radius. I've written on here to you Bill luv, but I am being moderated so its not gone public yet. X
  10. Hi Bill luv, so sorry for being thick but what do you mean by a small abrasive wheel? Also, do you mean using it to cut actually through the brass eyelet until it has a parallel groove enough into it's side, then, with the flat headed small screwdriver, insert that into it and twist a quarter to actually split the brass eyelet, or loosen it so I can de thread it by its top bit to basically let it out of it's screw threaded eye, so then move it away from the but end position, enabling the screw itself to be extracted from it's rusted in solidly rusted in situation where it has no way of coming out without either hollow drilling into the wood or then soaking it in vinegar, and then clamping it and twisting it from into the mortise chamber? I think I might be missing a lot of brain cells lol! Will that screw come out without breaking it apart? Or tap hammering it out in the mortice using a lot of padding? Should I use oil, should I use heat, should I use vinegar? Should I just keep tap hammering it carefully like until the screw shifts down shaft towards the end so then extracate its protruding end with pliers twisting outwards carefully?
  11. No Brad luv, I've done gone been there as the photo shows. I mean NOT drilling in at the end. I mean at the screw it self after getting rid of the brass eyelet screw from around the main steel screw then drilling, I mean drilling using as was said, a dentist drill bit on my rotary drill to break the screw, or, seeing as said to just leave brass eyelet, and break as just said using a dentist drill on dremel and break the screw at the closest position without marring the screw so as to twist off brass eyelet, as it is moveable as I said, from side to side on screw thread, not towards or backwards along the screw. So if I can break the screw cleanly, I hope to get the eyelet off of the screw at the break, then able to remove the embedded foward end towards the nipple end of the bow. Then remove the remaining part embedded in the upper end of the mortice using above said process. Or processes without splitting the actual stick at the nipple inside end, which at the moment is not split, however I have seen so many bows which have split due to twisting a frog around with stuck screw and eyelet. Then I will put up photos as doing it. I'm going to set aside a day for doing this and photographs of it, as well as tools, explaining the process as I am doing it. It's helpful chaps like you that can show me, and give me the help needed to attempt with care, this procedure, then the remedial work to tidy up my mess of my first mistakes as in, asking about it and understanding. Cheers, lads a chicks xxx
  12. Stradivari used rotten wood, but violins are and were made up from different woods
  13. Really? I find that the great unwashed can see crap when they see it and want the best. If you look at fancy photos, it's still obviously obvious that a newly handmade violin with superior looks takes a blink of the eyes to see reality and quality, compared to obvious Chinese junk.
  14. Sorry David luv, not to answer you till now. Yes, you are right, in little Britain ppl breed cats, dogs, instead of selling crack, being taxi drivers or going on the sick benefits. I'm not blaming them at all, this Island nation has lost it's ability to construct, mainly because construction was lucrative in the wars, so Scotland lost steel making, warship construction and Napiers fine gun metal workers, mining operations finished due to using atom splitting nuclear power plants. I think we have 4 nuclear plants. Selafield 1 and 2, can't remember the others, all completely overtaking electricity supplies formerly using gas oil reserves of which offshore we have plenty of reserves, our oil rigs churn out tonnes every second, natural gas, offshore still doing a healthy profit. Liverpool is the chief import exporters in the EU. We export and import a third of all international goods, including live animals (horrendously btw). Haleeood branch of the RSPCA was closed down this April/May. It held thousands of dogs, cats, horses, ponies, wildlife, and was shut down because of government funding and issues of animal welfare. Thousands of strays, lost, dogs, cats, unwanted kittens, where kept alive and that was horrendous it closing, as the staff lost their jobs, as they took in any living animal and had a programme with the PDSA to give poor people free neutering's and money tokens for free inoculation of any pet, so vets associated with and who worked with them also lost their pittance paid money. If you can imagine the scale of number of deaths of animals there because of local council thieves who control everything and we pay higher council tax than Londoners. The ever funless imaginary world of New Labour. We have internment camps for illegal immigrants who survive the journey only to be beaten up. Good on you and your sister Carol is a good girl. Xxx