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  1. Kev luv. Georges was a very talented, hard working, innovative man. I love his dedication to basically put aside snobs, who, never did an honest days hard work in their lives, but also set up a new benchmark for the later guitar construction of gretch, etc. As his instruments are creative, superbly constructed, and intricately constructed. That IS Fact. Hero worshippers of The Cremona institute of stick in the muds, are as prevalent here as they always have been. Dinosaurs with no talent, who had and still lack ethics, morality, respect and humility and the fact is that the vast majority are jealous bigoted, nasty ignorant Heron Allen self opinionated cranks and dangerous too, as they usually have too much money and time on their hands. Your Great Great Grandfathers work was superb, and also his instruments sounded very very good. Warbling vibratoists, still playing Vivaldi, Mozart and the same old middle ages caberet acts, emotionally detached, or Suzuki Julliard automatons will live on, and critics and collectors of instruments that never get played are on this place. I would love to hear this instrument's voice.
  2. A "Guarneri" for only $301 overall?

    Bush the pegs, graft the neck...And try to sell it on eBay before Christmas! Now that is the beer talking XXX
  3. Perhaps This Viola?

    I just want to know what is it with violists and French violas? Everyone seems to like them in the Philharmonic orchestra. I'm seeing bigger violas now played by mainly small statured violists.
  4. Thinning varnish

    Mmmm...never mind. I was joking, Evan. Do you know Pont Robert? My lot are from there. Xxx My Grandmother was born in The Royal Oak there. My Grandad, John Morgan was born at llanyrvyll, Ty Mawr. His father, Evan Morgan was a farmers' Bailiff...he was 103 when he joined the heavenly host of the male voice choir. Nain, his wife was only 99 years young. They moved to Ochymyneth. That's one scary place up there. Very...scary....Ooooo...Aaahhhh...They became pig farmers. And on the top of the mountain are extinct volcanoes filled with dark, still water. Bottomless...many have fell into those sisters, none survived....
  5. Thinning varnish

    Dave I have a life. If you want to bolster your ego, I'm not insulting you as well. I don't brown nose. Don't lower your self to these individuals. If they come on here, publically to have a personal attack, with respect, don't join in. If anyone wants to privately message me with their axe grinding then let them. I'm not going to waste my time with attention seeking pecking party I am on this so called forum to learn and help, if I can. End of. And for those who are upset by me defending myself against their disgusting vile filth attacks. If you can't cope with insults then please don't deal them out. Ipso Factorum.
  6. Thinning varnish

    I actually don't want to be a victim of this rubbish. It's not my fault. You lot look at this persons picture. He scares me. Evangelist type photo. Weird. V. Weird. white spirits dissolves or thins spirit varnishes. Basically. I'm bored now. I'm serious now. If you want to get personal with me, go ahead. I'm trying to de mistify all of the rhetoric mumbo jumbo. No other adgenda. And as for medication, I'm finishing off my restoration varnish, then, I'll oil my tongue with a vodka lemonade tincture. xxx
  7. re-gluing the fingerboard

    I don't know if you are aware that you talk like royalty but anyone who can put pretty pictures up to provide evidence that they can do a simple job of simple woodwork can also ...erm...fake? Then henpecking parties get dangerous. So put up or shut up, idiot boy. And don't insult me.
  8. re-gluing the fingerboard

    If nails were good enough for Toni (no mates) Strad, they are good enough for you. Bish Bosh, jobs a goodn. Children shouldn't play with nail guns. Or matches. If you can't fit a neck into a violin without using nails, well, wear a big hat...
  9. re-gluing the fingerboard

    Superglue is great. I'd advise getting some instead of animal glue. Hot hide glue is slippery and when you clamp it, it takes five clamps along the fingerboard and by the time you finish wedging cardboard under all the clamps, the fingerboard has moved so much that it's so wonky, the glue has jellified and as for I use superglue. It's best. And, it is easy to remove from that area.
  10. Thinning varnish

    A Evans the Apothecary! Bobel Bach! The sons of Glyndwr burned down their own places than the Holiday cottage Sias bradwr! At least you insulted me poetical like. We invented the crwth and close four part harmony, so lechyd da. Rwy'n mynd allan am awyr iach! Dyna'r Arch - dderwydd! Nos Da
  11. Thinning varnish

    Another one. It's you who are making a song and dance about it! Venetian Turpentine IS not gum turpentine. Gum Arabic is gum. Right, simplicity. Fat over lean. Venetian Turpentines ARE the FAT. Spirit Turpentines are LEAN. If you dilute Fat with Alchohol, it breaks up but will rise to level. This is because A Solvent containing ethanol as with spirit of Turpentine attacks the sugar in the fat and breaks it's chemical elements causing dispensation, which, in simple terms, stops it's ability to attach and build a hardened attachment to a carbon but as it dissolves as it attacks, it is only a temporary situation as it's chemical constitution dissolves fast. Fat will again build up and very quickly attach - so adding solvent, ether, over and over will basically cause the fat to again build up So as you find out, when you leave your oil varnish coated brush in spirit turpentine too long on the window ledge, within an hour, it's gluteny and even worse with lots of crystallization of grains of hardened fat. Eugghhh. Oh I need a wee. I'll just make you some proper varnish. This is too late for a bloody chemistry lesson. Just to add, love the Bean! Firstly nobody has answered my acid test question. To put you out of your misery, here is the answer:- H20 first. Hydrochloric acid dropped in using a pipette. Why? Hydrogen Chloride undiluted has high density of per volume of hydrogen in chlorides than in hydrogen atoms in oxygen, nitrogen, solution. Meaning that...oh my god, look it up. Water is less volatile as it's hydrogen oxygen and other tetrocarbons are more spread out and more stable as the ammount of volatile atoms are more stable away from eachother. Hydrochloric acid is dense and the volatile hydrogen and chlorine heats up to quickly causing it to turn into hydroteyrachrorine gas, then you run away....
  12. Thinning varnish

    Sorry to be pedantic but you said that you watched Roger? Do the thinning but you don't really know exactly how. I'm working at the moment so can't waste my time. However, if you don't even know the correct way of thinning then stop telling people how to do it. You said that you don't use turpentine, fair enough. Then you are no expert on this subject. I'd like to stop people like you from inadvertently killing people. I know who did make that varnish on the poster's photo. I recognise the glass bottle and white plastic lid. One of mine. I have a photo because I know you.
  13. You should not be able to be allowed to post on here. Trolls should be banned. Go away now.
  14. Thinning varnish

    If any such experts on here want to try arguing with me over this, don't. I don't know what you're heads are full of. I don't want people to die. If you cannot answer this then don't make varnish. If you were asked to make a ninety percent H2O to ten percent hydrochloric acid solution in a glass jar would you:- 1. Put the water in the measurements jar first, then add the hydrochloric acid 2. Using a pippett, drop the hydrochloric acid into the glass jar before adding the the H2O 90 percent? Anyone who can correctly answer this? I'd love to know the consequence of the incorrect approach.
  15. Thinning varnish

    You could be better off making some more. You have done it before. I do not advise you to heat up turpentine unless you want your face taken off. There are recipes on the internet which you need to approach with caution. Volatile chemicals can kill you. It's a slow process used with mask, gloves and no gas flame nor water baths in glass. A slow drip process of two warm aga plates which are very low in heat. If you want to die horribly. Honestly, it's bloody dangerous stuff. Please be aware of this anyone who is reading this. The fumes are enough to put you down. I was a laboratory technician. I would rather not have anything to do with home spun theorists and get experts to do it for you.