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  1. Ahhh, I'm very sorry for your loss. Loud Willy! Lol! Great name, meezes are very loud mouthed but they purr like an engine, it's very therapeutic. This Sooty character is very purry, furry and I rescued him too. Glad you are a cat lady too. Xxx Jerry P, and Josh Hernry, I've heard of him, thanks Dwight luv for the links. Here's my Poppy who I rescued too. I can't believe she's still gone. I used in read to her in bed.
  2. Hi Evan, luv. I know I would like to ask you for advice but, I would rather not. I know how to finish a violin as well as start, middle and er nd but I am not sure yet that you would stick your neck out and put examples are your crafting of a violin and it's varnishing up. I am a woman and have. So here goes. As long as ppl put a colourless varnish to give depth to the underlying wood figure, and the carving is not bloated by coloured varnishing and, that the micro millimetres of layers, give everything depth and translucency within the under layers, then your eyes are deceived until someone goes and slaps some French polish, or rubs out the chanteuse of seeing coloured layers as a homogeneous depth, well, basically if everyone wants to know what to put on top of their coloured layers, just plainly speaking with respect, if you want a piano, then rub out the final layer and use button polish. If not, use oil based yellow Damar based oil varnish. Don't rub it out. Leave it to dry slowly with plenty of air. Apply with a varnish sponge. It keeps your important wood finishing skills intact and if you don't mind, stop slagging off me and women. Okay? I will post a photo of my finish in detail just to prove that I am worthwhile maybe listening to without being attacked. I actually make violins you know luv. X
  3. From China? Or red maple? One piece backs from red maple aren't easy to carve unless they are softened. They tend to split, if dried out. I tried carving a piece from Canada off someone and it was no use, it bit down my tools very quickly and needed a wooden chisel hammer for everything. It's like working against the grain and too tough, waste of time. Maple or Sycamore is dependant on softness against hardness isn't it? If it's well moisture content without being soaked okay, it's still brittle. And ruins tone. I have some Fine Cut logs tight sized but as the tree was being topped slowly, bit by bit Brough down. It's split naturally outwards from it's heart. I'd rather that it will be a two piece back than a one piece shattered backed in the future.
  4. Hi Dorian luv, I did ages ago but went on here to try and find a thread concerning soaking hardwood in anything and was warnings, I did and I panicked and got it out and ran away with fear as it distorted as if you can see that at the titsy end, now buggered up of the bow. Can't I just get my dremel and an attachment drill head behind the eyelet screw as it's right up against the end of the already marred mortice? And burr into it at angle with using buffers of shamgered aluminium tin can lid thingys I have made. They are great. Tubbs swore by them, then hit someone else if it went wrong, fell out of the pub, and cuddled his shop cat or bundle of horses hair, dependant on how drunk he was lol! X photo of the head. It's a hammer head, it's nicely cut, sorry again about the photo. Its sharper cut thsn it looks on the picture.
  5. Snow violins which where sold on eBay years ago I bought two, first one sounded good and played almost perfectly but was very graduated, thinly, had a paper layer of coloured spray type varnish and the maker died I was told. I sold them for £250, both. They are great as long as you realise that this maker, is dead. Long gone. V. Sad. Mean it, I am not being sarcastic at all. He was the raised grain, making teaching master. They had everything apart from the weight, depth and fullness of tone.
  6. And if we buy it, whether or not to varnish already off the shelf or billets, I would hate to think that anyone cutting down ancient forests would not be crushed to death by a freak accident, you understand that comments are not taken with senses of humour by ppl on here. You know...You have to not be cryptic in a pathos enriched comment. Just buy my wood. It's real...wood.
  7. I tried as you can see, by drilling and damaged the edges of the mortice. Oh well its only some cheap rubbish bow, so who cares. I can keep it to play twinkle twinkle little star. I wonder if I try taking photos in daylight, I can get a better shot. I am getting a new phone at end of this month so better photos.
  8. Hi Dwight luv, who is Jerry Pasewicz? Sorry for my ignorance of this man. BTW I see you have a Siamese fur baby. How gorgeous. Have you still got him or her? My Meez Poppy, was run over 4 months ago by my next door neighbour. I am still devastated. Siamese cats are SO loving and loyal and intelligent, sensitive fur lovers. Back to this bow. I've made a mess of it. I seen to have completely lost it lately. I don't know! I asked about getting the brass eyeletted screw holder out as it's wrapped around the actual screw. The bow is worthwhile to me, can't read the stamp I think it says Jerome Thoubillaire Lamy. So faint. It's v. Hard Brazilwood octagonal and a decent enough bow to save. For me anyway. Thin pickings to get sorted before I get unable to work. Here's some photos. Sorry for the bad quality of them.
  9. I've read the post you have tagged and I see 2 VERY IMPORTANT big information gaps, which are:- 1. THE BRASS EYELET AND HOW TO GET THE THING REMOVED FROM AROUND THE SCREW AFTER DRILLING IT AND CRACKING IT IN SITU? 2. AFTER DRILLING INTO THE ACTUAL SCREW WHICH IS RUSTY AND HAS EXPANDED AND IS IMMOVABLE, AND THE DRILL HAS CUT THE SCREW IN HALF, HOW WAS IT REMOVED? Sorry not shouting I just wanted the questions I asked to stand out, for future reference as reading on a small iPhone screen is eye sight unfriendly. Thanks everyone x
  10. Hi Blank Face luv, thank you for taking time to find that thread. I will read that later when I have cleaned out my fish tank and put a dye on my hair. I digress, lol, yes I know it's very very difficult because I had a go a while back on a bow ending up with drilling into the frog from the slider so the top down into the ebony frog and I got to the old copper eyelet screw, even with a diamond headed drill, it took ages to drill into it to crack it, and the ebony around the drill bit was smoking and it caused a big hole in the frog and some splitting of the frog! Sickening isn't it! I hate those old screws, they were rubbish, to big and too hard metal. Thanks for your help x
  11. Hi Pruess, luv. I should have said that there is no frog on the bow in question. I do have another violin bow in same condition which DOES have the frog still attached, which is also a very nice violin bow. However I will keep things none confusing and stick to the bow without the frog. I will try taking a photo but I stood on my Lumia Phone it's still working but I can't get good enough photos at night. Probably should fix this phone first!
  12. Hi everyone, I can't find anything to attach to my drill that can get this screw that is solidly jammed in a violin bow I have. It's a decent octagonal violin bow full size but very tiny end nipple. Nothing will shift it and it's old, end button snapped off to the hilt flush to the nipple. I don't want to damage it. It also has the eyelet still attached broken down to the point where it meats the round screw eyelet itself and is extremely hard metal, brass. Any help appreciated.
  13. I understand Jeffrey. I'm sorry for any insults and arguments towards members on here. I will behave myself. xxx
  14. It seems I am not allowed to post. Can I not post anything anymore then? I'm being moderated. I feel very sad that this forum has become so wicked. I defend myself that is all. Others are allowed to post comments of the most vile kind and they are given free reign so why do I get moderated for good?
  15. I like the cello. That's the investment instrument. What is the sleeper? Gagliano? Oh well I wouldn't want to buy sight unseen with a single Tarisio expert piece of paper if I wanted to invest in a collectable, made by a faker. I'd like to go there just for the crack. And to actually get out of the house and have a browse, some booze, nevermind, it's bingo that night....