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  1. Has anybody yet said here that the first thing you do if you find your stolen property for sale somewhere is to call the police?
  2. Not only your instruments look and sound beautiful but you also take beautiful photos!
  3. Just a little something to show I'm still alive, and carving!
  4. *shakes an angry fist at the internet*
  5. Yeah, I don't really care about the violin, neither would I pay that much for it. But the fact that I was deliberately ignored after I gave the guy the info he wanted is what's annoying. And he had the audacity of using my photos. Oh well.
  6. I had a feeling this thing would end up on eBay or Craigslist... The part(s) that upsets me is that I offered to buy it, but the owner never returned my messages once I told him what I had found out about the instrument, ...and then goes ahead and uses two of my photos on the listing, without permission.
  7. I wanted to do a shout-out to Thomastik because they really impressed me! (even though I'm a loyal Warchal user) I put some Vision Titanium Solo strings on a violin, and overnight the D string started to unravel! So I wrote to Thomastik, and they sent me a replacement string (free of charge)! I think it's awesome that a big company like Thomastik-Infeld actually cares about their customers like that!
  8. I got this one to work on, and a quick Google search didn't reveal anything useful about the label it has (that or I can't google properly), so I was wondering if you folks had any information on it. To me it seems to be 'better' than the 'usual stuff'. (don't mind the clamps, it only occurred to me to take pictures after I put them on to glue an open seam) Thanks for any info!
  9. Pff, Dominants... Overpriced coat-hanger wires.
  10. Vernici Liuteria stuff is amazing. I didn't use it on my first and regretted it, so the second one is getting that!
  11. Hehe, I love it! Mopani? I'll have to look into it.