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  1. Your glue is hanging out in your neighbor's backyard again!
  2. That it is! Maybe he's stomping on it? Amazing! Thank you!
  3. Hey! I got this one now hanging around the workbench, with this "schutzmarke trade mark" label, and also a "refurbished by Brian Epp" label. It has lower corner blocks but no upper corner blocks. Anyone knows anything about these? Thank you!
  4. I've been thinking about doing a video, but there is so much better material out there already, stuff like Davide Sora's videos (heck I learned to carve scrolls watching his videos); my process is far too sporadic and often inefficient and time-consuming, so much that I don't bother to document most of it.
  5. Violin making might be slightly addictive! Here comes #4! ...eventually.
  6. We have two winged people floating right next there, and that's even before we address the size of that scallop shell, so I'm not entirely sure normal Physics is a concern.
  7. I'm tryyying not to have too much random stuff posted here, but hey, this is music-related, kinda, and.... the word 'violin' appears several times throughout? I made a new video but it's not about making violins, that's what I'm saying.
  8. I actually just noticed on the tag from the antique place I got it from has scribbled "German, 1930", so that kinda matches.
  9. It's not bad, it's just been mistreated, the poor thing! And yes, that is totally a mother-of-pearl dot. Saxon! Don't think I've had many of those around before!
  10. Points for originality?
  11. And another unknown in the shop is this very orange cello with no markings indicating a possible maker or era! It does have a very big end (eye?) on the scroll, I thought that seemed unusual. Does anyone have any info on what this cello may be and what time period it may have come from? Thank you!
  12. Hey folks! I got another unknown in the shop, and was wondering if it might be familiar to any of our experts here! It's quite a bulgy violin, has had extensive repairs (most of them done very poorly), has all the blocks, and a mysterious '1708' scribble on the inside on the back. Thank you!