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  1. J.DiLisio's Bench

    It's looking good!
  2. Americana

    1859 to 1861 would be 33 stars, but if it's from 1858~1859 then 32 stars would be Ok.
  3. Guns and violin making

    Pardon, I need to butt in on this one. I believe the idea there is that at the supermarket you can get meat from some animal that has already been killed, without going out there and killing one of your own and adding to the slaughter when there's already perfectly fine meat there to get.
  4. Guns and violin making

    Stradivari didn't own firearms! Maybe that was the secret? (sorry, I know it's a serious matter!)
  5. Guns and violin making

    I have been arguing this point for years: No civilian in this country needs an assault rifle! No civilian needs a weapon capable of mowing down a dozen people in a nation where society hasn't collapsed! ...and Glyphosate is a freaking horror show that Monsanto managed to convince everyone was safe because that's what these monster corporations do, and look what happened! Roger's bees are all gone!
  6. Is there a Sound Post "General Rule/Tendency"?

    This is the general rule I was taught...
  7. Fox's Bench

    Thank you!
  8. Fox's Bench

    In one word, Photoshop. You can get a really nice white background if you have excellent lighting and a good camera and white wall/backing, but I find even then on a home setup you might get some shadows or texture or an off-white on the background, so I clean those up on Photoshop. One must be careful though not to want to 'correct' blemishes on the violin that way. There are various tutorials out there on how to clean-up or altogether replace a neutral background on an image. Google for replacing image background.
  9. Fox's Bench

    Thank you! I look forward to filling this thing with my works!
  10. Fox's Bench

    Alright, now my first actual violin post here! Might as well start with the one that started me on this path of messing around with violins (besides just playing them!), the old German one that was subject of my very post on this forum: It was such a joy to work on this, from restoring the little chip on the corner, to touching up the varnish, to making my very first bridge, I learned so much and I'm thankful for all the help I got! And it turns out it's not a bad fiddle! 'Meditation' from Thais (Old German Violin).mp3 (pardon the poor recording, it was done on my phone. Also try not to mind the screw-ups ) I always loved the way Tariso makes their photos of the violins on their archives, so I decided to start making mine like that too from now on.
  11. Fox's Bench

    Hi! After posting on this wonderful forum for a while, and getting really into the whole 'violin restoration' thing, I figured I would make myself one of these bench topics in the makers' gallery! I don't presume to call myself a luthier, that would be a disfavor to the profession! I'm just a craftsman messing around with violins! So I'm going to start the topic with a photo of the corner of my workshop dedicated to the violins... There is where the magic happens!
  12. They sound pretty good to me!
  13. A place for everything

    Your place looks amazing!
  14. Old Saxony Violin?

    I think it's beautiful! ...and I don't have any Amati copies in my collection! Is it for sale?
  15. Hamberger Adjustable Soundpost for Violin

    As a tinkerer, I admit I would love one of the adjustable soundposts, for the exact reasons of trying "many different post positions/relationships without having to take the strings off or cut a new post". ...but the price...