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  1. You are correct, I cleaned it up some and took another photo with better lighting, it doesn't go to the 'bitter end', but has a rather gentle transition, it had me fooled. Are these worth anything more than your standard "old violin" usual price? The internet seems to be all over the place with these (and some seem quite high in my opinion).
  2. Hi! Wow, it's been a while! I hope everybody has been staying out of trouble in these pandemic times! I got an old violin that made its way to the workshop, and I was hoping someone could shed some light on its origins/maker/age, any information really, it's greatly appreciated! It's stamped with what seems to be the letters f a c under the [poorly] repaired button. It's had A LOT of repairs! The neck seems to be a legitimate graft, and the scroll is carved all the way to the very end. Here are some pictures... Thank you!
  3. Just having some fun with some bridge fails!
  4. The 'mystery' in my opinion is simply that people refuse to believe mere mortals could have built them. That's so cute!
  5. I guess your dog hungered for knowledge! I don't think Ancient Egypt and violins mix very well, they are so separate in ...everything!, that more than likely the result would be extremely gaudy!
  6. Ebony dust does get everywhere, yeah, the stuff is a nightmare!
  7. Yeah for the sake of keeping it from being several hours long, most shots have to be at some form of fast-forward speed. But that's why we have the pause button! I'll keep in mind the suggestion about the peg string holes. I tried all sorts of different blades and bridge knives and all that, and and settled on using x-acto knives with a fresh blade each time for bridges and soundposts (I can get 3 or 4 out of each blade before I swap). I even made a beautiful fancy bridge knife but ended up never using it and always reaching for the x-acto instead.
  8. Well, the DIY violin kit is finally finished! Be gentle with me, Murphy's Law dictates something had to go wrong, so... ...see for yourselves.