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  1. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter!
  2. Looks beautiful! Is that color just from UV tanning or have you put something on it?
  3. Kyle Webb's Bench

    Looks beautiful!

    What's with the ebony stripe at the end pin area?
  5. Caption this...

    Where did you find this??
  6. Steve Rodriguez's Bench

    It looks so pretty! Any chance of a sound sample?
  7. D.I.Why?

    Well, I for example am still wondering how thick my cello cleats should be.
  8. Brand Id.

    They look like alchemical symbols.
  9. Advice Needed for Cello Repair

    Weee! Cleats time! I got the X and the Z sizes for the cleats, but I'm not entirely sure about the Y axis. How tall/high/thick should they be? I've been following the instructions from Triangle Strings on cleats, and they have cello sizes listed all the way up to before the last step. It says then to make the cleats 1.5mm high. Is that for both violin and cello or just violin?
  10. The Bress Bench

    Heal well, Jim! By the way, I love the wooden sword on this picture! What was it for?
  11. DIY CNC for violinmaking

    Looks impressive!
  12. Don Noon's bench

    That wood looks amazing!
  13. Tone change after 5 years - a datapoint

    Oh yes, a lot of investment in time and effort and materials involved. I remember that study! Did they ever do a follow-up or maybe they're waiting for more time to pass?