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  1. Someone's bidding $450 for it? Do they know something we don't?
  2. "Vuillaume a Paris" Violin ID?

    I made the decision to restore it when I learned that the current 'repair' work was done by some third party unrelated to the original owner, sometime in the early 80's. Some might say that is still part of the history of the instrument, and I agree from a technical standpoint, but fact is the work is crap. This instrument (crappy in itself as it may be) deserves better. I'm trying to get some better accounts on what comes to names and dates, and photographs would be indeed an amazing find, but a lot of detective work is involved so progress has been slow.
  3. "Vuillaume a Paris" Violin ID?

    That was an ordeal, but I managed to get out the mysterious glue! And so many freaking nails! Question, wasn't there a time when they stopped making them with integral bass bars because the new routing machines couldn't cut them conveniently or something like that?
  4. First Time Violin Repair

    Well, start out by taking out the strings/tailpiece/bridge and the soundpost so you take stress off the top (and put everything in a little bag so you don't lose them). If your local hardware store sells some variety of spruce, you can buy wood there for cleats, but there are plenty of places online that sell luthier-grade tonewoods. There are bunches of videos on YouTube about taking a violin's top off, and then about gluing cracks like that, and for a great article about cleats check out The neck might be a whole new level of problems if they used the wrong glue (a problem I'm fighting with one I'm repairing too!). If it's properly lined up and stable, you might want to just leave it alone.
  5. "Vuillaume a Paris" Violin ID?

    Oh joy, the neck is glued in with a mysterious rubbery white gunk!
  6. "Vuillaume a Paris" Violin ID?

    Nah I won't. They'd better not be 'original', and 'historic', because they went into the recycle bin and I'm not digging them out!
  7. "Vuillaume a Paris" Violin ID?

    Time to open this one and see what's under the hood! Are we still going with Schönbach? ...look at all those nails! I've taken 6 nails out of it so far!
  8. Atypical construction violin

    I would love to hear what this sounds like!
  9. Just for fun - violin ID

    That is A LOT of gunk!!
  10. I have one with the exact same problem of the broken button causing the neck to be wrong awaiting for me to have time to do all those complicated steps to restore it!
  11. One Very Loud Note (A5)

    Hehe, he could use some cuffs sometimes! He's a sweet kitty, ...unless you try to examine his teeth or clip his claws, those are the two things he absolutely won't have any of! But he does help me with my music, so...
  12. One Very Loud Note (A5)

    It's nothing dramatic, really: I have a cat who doesn't like to get his claws clipped, and he managed to land a lucky strike right across the tips of my fingers while trying to escape the very procedure that would make it so he couldn't scratch me. But that means I can't play the violin either, so yeah, I'll report back when everything is back to normal functionality.
  13. One Very Loud Note (A5)

    Thanks for the responses, folks! The sound is just loud. It's still a pure and clear note, it's just noticeably louder than the neighboring notes. I have injured my index and middle fingers so I'm taking a few days without playing anything, but as soon as I'm back in action I'll try the suggestions and report back! Thank you!
  14. One Very Loud Note (A5)

    I have a violin with a peculiar quirk: The strings are all evenly balanced and it plays well, but one specific note, the A on the E string on first position (A5) is disproportionally loud! It's painfully loud, in fact! I have tried adjusting the soundpost, it doesn't seem to do much to tone it down; tried also making a new bridge for it and that actually made it even louder! Strings afterlength is where it's supposed to be. Anybody ever had something like this? Are there any solutions for it? Something else to try perhaps that doesn't involve opening it up?
  15. Instrument varnished with my product

    It's looking good, Carl!