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  1. I brought the 'Anton Schroetter' cello back to life! Most of it was already posted on its own topic... ...but I'm posting it here too to keep a copy on my 'bench' thread too. Now for some photos... Turned out to be quite a nice cello! And I made a tiny little video with the sound sample this time. Thanks everybody for their help as always!
  2. Well, I brought it back to life, and made a little video because I wanted to try out a new software I'm using.
  3. Post some pictures of it after you've repaired it, Jacob? I'd love to see the 'before' and 'after' shots.
  4. Hey folks! Something a bit different today! (at least I think it's different) I was hoping the experts could weigh in on the provenance/attribution of this violin I came about today! Sorry the pictures are a bit crude, they were taken on the go. The label says "Charles Mezin, Paris", and I actually think this one maybe perhaps who-knows might be indeed French. What do you think? The scroll is carved all the way in. Thanks as always!
  5. Won't beer cause rot and mold and stuff with all that yeast and sugars? Use whiskey or gin, heck, even vodka, this way you might also sterilize the thing in the process!
  6. That was such a lovely playing even with the low-quality recording!
  7. Vuillaume more-often-than-not tagged his instruments on the inside on the upper treble bout on the back plate with a very flamboyant signature, easy to see with an inspection light and a dentist mirror (or an endoscope). Sometimes he wrote other things in there too, and sometimes his name is stamped somewhere inside. If you don't have those tools to look inside, take it to a luthier to have a peek. If you don't find any of those markings inside then 99.9% chance it's not a real Vuillaume. If you find something - specially the signature - then it might be worth looking further into it but you'll need someone in person to examine it for a proper assessment and appraisal.
  8. Neat! Got a sound clip of it being played?
  9. Well, what's your budged first of all? And unless someone is giving away a properly setup violin with good strings, there will be expenses associated with anything you get.
  10. It is in pretty good shape! And nicely even on all strings even on higher positions (but I hate the Dominant strings). Now how does one sell one of these things.... ...other than eBay...