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  1. FoxMitchell

    Fox's Bench

    21st Century luthier! I'm not looking in through the end-pin hole! That's barbaric!
  2. FoxMitchell

    About violin bridge tuning

    So, ....different program, but can anyone tell me what am I looking at here?
  3. FoxMitchell

    One-Piece Ribs Violin ID?

    It has no blocks at all! ...well, the neck thing, but does that count as a block? I don't know about the thickness throughout, but at the lower block area it's about 10mm thick
  4. FoxMitchell

    One-Piece Ribs Violin ID?

    It's American?? I was betting on the usual Dutzendarbeit! That's awesome.
  5. FoxMitchell

    One-Piece Ribs Violin ID?

    So this one comes from the pile of "not worth the repairs but has sentimental value so let's at least get it looking nice"... It's a 4/4 with a through neck and a one-piece rib that seems to be routed out of one single piece of wood. Has no blocks of any kind inside! The scroll flutting ends at 6 o'clock, and the purfling is painted on. Check out the pictures! Does anyone know anything about these? Thank you!
  6. If you can get it really really cheap.... How much are they asking for it?
  7. FoxMitchell

    Button in back neck heel.

    This is a Yita? They are really letting themselves go, aren't they? If it sounds good and plays good then that's all that really matters. I don't think these instruments will lose their 'Chinese stigma' anytime soon. (besides, have you seen a well-played antique instrument? Those things have more scratches and scuffs and often repairs than you can shake a stick at. A few imperfections here and there are nothing on an instrument that automatically comes with depreciation simply for where it comes from! )
  8. FoxMitchell

    Unusual Neck Repair

    Radical alternative for the training tapes?
  9. FoxMitchell

    Don Noon's bench

    Oh it's Wormie's brother! Well-done, Don! Congratulations!
  10. FoxMitchell

    Fox's Bench

    I can be very, very silly...
  11. You always make such beautiful scrolls, and take such artistic pictures of them!
  12. FoxMitchell

    Accumulating violins. It's a Sickness !

  13. FoxMitchell

    What Did this Poor Viola Do to Deserve This?

    Just Superglue it in!