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  1. I was asked from the beginning to show the layout of my varnish, I took photos and videos and wasted my time, I was insulted and when I proved that the mistake was my client's, after which I was still insulted for on the other hand, since they can no longer attack my products. I only ask to be excluded from this forum in which I joined around 2017 . I don't think the quality of the people who populate it is the same as it was then. I don't want to waste any more time.
  2. With all due respect, you are not reading the thread , do you want to deny the evidence?
  3. The fact remains that someone accused me in this post that my varnish was bad, I demonstrated with videos and photos that my varnish spreads perfectly, now having no other reason to attack my products you are attacking me. Another reason why I request to be excluded from this forum.
  4. You called me a drunk, don't be politically correct, I didn't offend you if you don't think that calling a person a drunkard you are more alcoholic than me, because you don't remember what you write, you seem dissociated
  5. it was good until a few years ago, I've been a member for a few years, then the "upstarts" arrived and they want to teach me how I should apply my varnish, so I don't think I should be part of this group anymore
  6. Jackson , I have already had to demonstrate again that I was applying a varnish that I had applied 4 years ago and of which there was a video , I had to take the same violin and apply the same varnish again ... this is already offensive , as if I I had in that video from years ago I faked something. It's humiliating. There are other manufacturers of Varnish .. Oldwood 1700 , Joe Robson , Hammerl ....and others that I can not remember , just choose them . I would like to be left alone, several times I have proposed to sell my business because I'm bored, I'd rather be a bricklayer because I'm bored with so many fake craftsmen without any humility. I renew my decision to be excluded from the forum
  7. I have already asked the admin the procedure to unsubscribe , because I can not find it . I no longer intend to stay on this forum. Even to remove any doubts, I'm not here to advertise myself, the defamations of certain little characters don't scare me and they don't damage me financially. I still sell my varnishes and I know as always I am free to say what I want because I do my job honestly.
  8. As you can see from this screen shot on instagram , the meaning of Nestor's post was not to seek help on varnish application, but to seek a "clash" with me. Having said that, I greet you, and I unsubscribe from Maestronet, I find that the level of users has dropped a lot in recent years.
  9. When you have no more arguments, you descend to insults, or rather to defamations. You are very similar to Nestor. You tried to defame me on the products and you failed, then you tried on "professionalism" and you weren't able to do that either... you are Trolls, not even that talented. If you want to try to insult again, go ahead.
  10. You are one of those who claim to treat a seller badly and that the latter should also suffer. I'm sorry I am one who defends himself, if you like BDSM practices then you have the wrong forum and profession.
  11. This is how I behave with rude customers and stalkers. I don't care about your opinion. Happy not to sell you my products.
  12. The varnishing video. I think I don't have to prove anything anymore. However, I repeat that the instructions provided by each varnish supplier must be respected and oil varnishes, by their nature, cannot be used like spirit varnishes. This is my last message I take this opportunity to say hello to all friends in this forum. Nunzio DImunno
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