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  1. Recognize this resin?

    this is kauri
  2. Recognize this resin?

    it is impossible to recognize all types of copal, many are similar, while others are very particular and are immediately recognized
  3. Instrument varnished with my product

    My yellow varnish on "new product" section of the magazine "The Strad" february 2018
  4. Instrument varnished with my product

    various types of copal, no longer in commerce. Small quantities with which I will produce a very limited amount of varnish.
  5. Instrument varnished with my product

    Yes , after i exposed this linseed oil to the sun for 3-4 month . In this manner , the oil , begin clarified and purified . Is the best linseed oil for pictorial art .
  6. Instrument varnished with my product

    For combination you mean varnish mix? this varnish is also excellent as a ground , and can be mixed with iron rosinate varnish ( brown) and madder zinc rosinate varnish (orange)
  7. Instrument varnished with my product

    Hi thanks , 24 hour
  8. Instrument varnished with my product

    New Varnish : It is a zinc rosinate from precipitate ( Rosin dissolved in alkaline solution of water and potassium Hydroxide wher then the rosin is precipitated with a zinc salt , technically is a modified rosin ) The yellow color is given by a hydroextract of a reseda luteola , a plant that provides a very resistant yellow . The oil used is raw flax oil cold-pressed clarify to the sun . It can be used as a ground or for color layer .
  9. Cobalt dryer

    Hi Michael , i use "sikkativ nr 203" of kremer . It's especially produced for oil varnish . 3-4 drop oh this in 100 ml of amber varnish ( 25 ml amber+25ml oil+50 ml turpentine oil ) is enough . Is a mix of cobalt , manganese and zirconium , mix of different metal salt allows a balanced drying throughout the film thickness
  10. Instrument varnished with my product

    I saw the photos now, excellent shine
  11. Instrument varnished with my product

    thanks Carl , when you want , contact me for assistance
  12. Applying Vernice Bianca

    I think it's a good appetizer to eat. I tried the vernice bianca and found it really bad, never dry and sticky, I would never use it again. Now I use a zinc-rosinate oil varnish that I find extraordinary .
  13. Instrument varnished with my product

    I have your own idea
  14. Instrument varnished with my product

    Viola by Ornella Ceci ground varnish : zinc-rosinate oil varnish color layer : zinc madder rosinate o.v. and iron rosinate o.v. Final layer : amber oil o.v. Polish : wax tripoli polish