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  1. I think some people here probably haven't heard any guqin live performance. Guqin is a very quiet instrument. I doubt playing ten guqins together can not make a louder sound than a acoustic guitar. Look at the system of a guqin. How the string tied on a guqin make it sound quiet too. That's why I think guqin is a string dinner table that the wood is really important. How the strings put on a violin is another interesting method to make things work like a violin. And also makes lots of variable elements to make a good violin. Another thing is what Harte has said. When I apply something by brush on maple rib, it is easy to go though a 1.5-2mm maple rib since maple has lots of endgrain. If the wood is remove for the post patch or edge, the minerals may come from inner seal by brush.
  2. I have the basic one, dictum handmade English model and French dsp handmade setter. The basic flower head setter is too soft . The other two expensive batman head are better and harder but I spend hours to thin them on a grinder. Their original diameter is around 4mm!
  3. Domica

    Moisture Meters...

    Benetech GM610? Less than 20 bucks.
  4. I use tuning fork to tune the A. Then I tune the other strings by ear. If I have no fork. I use a FFT app AKlite to tune the A.
  5. The top and back of a Chinese guqin are as thick as a dinner table. The top of a guqin is made by Chinese parasol(梧桐) that really needs rain, water or something soaking and long period of sun tanning to remove acid and tannin. But the weight, dampling factor and Young's modulus are what violinmakers don't want. In my experience in playing good new guqin and listening some hundreds years old guqins playing in front of me, they have totally different sound. To me, the material of guqin plays a major role to make a good guqin. Try put a tuning fork on different dinner tables and hear the sound. In the book 洞天清錄,it says if you get the old wood, you may make a guqin better than master Chang and Lei( strad and del gesu in guqin making). But making a good violin is not only wood. In the same book, metal,copper , clay, bone powder ground is mentioned. But guqin ground and varnish are thicker than wall. Some Cremonese ground is thin and the pores are open. The book also says whatever how you treat the wood, it's not better than natural aging. i am curious what cremonese makers have used on the neck and inner size. How do you know the minerals are not from the long time playing dirt or copper fingerplane, ancient sand paper?
  6. The verita black block plane is great! I have both standard and low angle. I like to use the standard plane with a low angle round cap. The low angle one can add handle to become a bench plane.
  7. Hi Prasad, It bases on what you want to do in the future. Make violin for hobby? Job? Repair?How about your background? Half year is a short time that you will not know what you are doing. Many violin making school students in their first half year are still learning how to use the tool.
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