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  1. Hi everybody, I need your opinions about the bass bar. 

    I am making a new violin, form model is Guarneri Kreisler 1733.

    My used sound plate wood is 20 yearly, very dry but very soft and flexible on X and Y axis. My used thicknesses are on middle 33 mm and on the top and end 25-26 mm. And sound plate is 62 gr. 

    The structure of the veins are narrow (1-1.2 mm), flat and regular. (I will add photos)

    Now, I think about the bass bar making. I have to make a strong bass bar, but the bass bar won't interfere with the flexible of the top plate.

    So, I did make bass bar thickness 6 mm. And I think I'll make the highest point 12.8 mm and end portions 3,8 - 4 mm. 


    So, while this is the case, how can I make te bass bar form shape ? 

    I saw on luis claudio manfio's violin, he make a flat shapes bass bar. 

     Is that what I should do? or any different shapes, or original ? 


  2. Hello to everyone, 

     I have questions about the violin plate tuning.

    Firstly ; what is the modes ? And what is the A0, A1, B0, B1, B-1 ?

    What is the tab-tone and why to use and how to find ?

    What is the #2 - #5 modes ? and how to find these ?

    What is chladni patterns ? How to use on violin tuning ?

    What is the tuning frequencies ? 

    Tuning methods ?

    How can I tuning the plates ?

    Finally; How can I tuning the bridge? 

    I finding application examples.

    This is my end of year assignment. Please help me..

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